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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 13



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 13

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


😋Author's POV😋

When Eric got inside, he went to his room to get his hand cleaned up. Not too long it started raining

He let out a sigh and change his cloth, he brought out his phone and log in into his old account and was surprised to see Mina's message popping in

💬 Hello Eric 😢 sent 2 hrs ago

💬 Eric I miss you, I know you will be worried about me but my mom sold me out to CJ, I know it sound crazy but it is true sent 2 hrs ago

💬 I wish I could see see you and tell you everything 😢😢 sent 2 hrs ago

💬 Eric pls reply sent 2 hrs ago ago

Eric paused when he see the picture that Mina send to him, it was his picture after surgery

💬 hey Eric, this guy name is also Eric, he is quite cute right, I have a crush on him, I know I am just a random girl and he will never notice me but it is okay sent 30 min ago

Eric was beyond shocked to know that Mina is crushing on him, he smiled to himself as he was really happy just then something struck his mind and his smile faded away

"Mina didn't know that I am the one, if she knows then probably she won't be crushing on me.. I need to continue to live as this new Eric" he thought to himself then he quickly typed some messages back to her 



After some minutes, he went to the sitting to check the security cameras, it was really raining heavily

He checked the security camera to see if everything is okay but his eyes widened when he see someone shivering outside

It was the crazy lady, she was shivering and crying, her clothes was soaked and the rain was beating her

"Oh my goodness!! Didn't she see that it is raining?? Eric asked no one in particular


He grabbed his rain coat and an umbrella and quickly went outside, he unlock the gate and met the lady squatting down, when the lady see him, she stood up and quickly hugged him

Eric was shocked and he pushed her off, he cover her with the umbrella and escorted her inside


When they got inside, the lady started jumping here and there and was smiling to herself

Eric find it too difficult to believe that he actually let a crazy girl enter his house

"Hey.. Even if you are crazy, you should at least know that it is raining and look for shelter" Eric scolded but the lady didn't answer as she just kept jumping

Eric angrily walked to the lady and grabbed her by her wrist

"Hey.. I am talking to you" He yelled and the lady winced in pain

Eric released her

"Answer me.. What's your name name?? Eric asked

"I love you " The lady said and Eric was shocked

A crazy lady telling him he loves her is like a curse

"You save me so I love you " She said in a babyish tone " you're my hero, I love you " She smiled broadly and continue to jump up and down



❗Unknown POV❗

"Her name is Zheng Mina, she lives in gwanju with her poor mother and mute sister, she is a dropout and she is 19 years" The guy before me said and I nodded

"So what is special about her?? I thought "Why is the two handsome talented guy interested in someone like her??

" It turns out that her childhood best friend is Eric, the new guy in the industry, the guy had a surgery here in seoul making it difficult for Mina not to know him" The guy said and I thought for some minutes then I started laughing

"I have an easy way to get rid of CJ and the girl will be the one to get rid of him from the industry herself " I said while smiling to myself

"But it is quite impossible, for the girl to kiss CJ.. I think she likes him and also Manager Don got a voicemail from Eric saying he is going to get rid of him himself " The guy said and I started laughing hysterically

"Of course he will get rid of him but he won't be doing it alone, he will be doing it with the helo of Mina, his childhood friend " I said

Chen is the kind of guy that find it too difficult to trust people but for the girl to be living with him and also the girl saying he is her boyfriend then definitely, he trust the girl and I got a nice good plan to make it easy "

🌺Mina's POV 🌺

It was raining and everywhere was bored, I am tired of pressing phone, I want something more entertaining and I think CJ is a boring person but I have no choice

The only thing I can do right now to relieve the boredom is to talk to someone

I went to his room and immediately I entered, he quickly hide his phone and smile nervously at me and I looked at him suspiciously

"What are you doing in my room?? He asked

"Wait.. Were you perhaps watching porn?? I said and his eyes widened

"What the fuck!!! He exclaimed " Why will you say such a thing?? He asked

"Because you're hiding your phone.. Why are you hiding it?? I asked then I move close to him "let me see what you're hiding??

"Noo.. " he said and I pouted " hey look at that" I yelled as I pointed at the ceiling and he looked at it

I quickly put my hand under the pillow and brought out his phone, he looked at me and gritted his teeth

I looked at his phone and I was shocked

"Is this not my account?? What is it doing on your phone?? How do you have access to my account?? I asked looking quite angry "do you hack into my account?? I yelled

"I have the right to have access to your account because I don't trust you " He said and I glared at him

"You are invading my privacy, I don't like it.. I don't like it" I yelled and threw his phone at him, I was about leaving but he was too quick to pull me back making me fall on top of him on the bed

I tried to release myself from his grip but he pulled me tightly

"Hey what do you think you're doing?? Let me go "

"I will release you if you only tell me the truth"

"What truth?? Let me go"

I seriously hate this position.. Being on top of a girl

I tried so hard to stand up, my eyes met something on his wrist.. It was a scar

"You have a scar?! I asked

"Does that matter?? He said and then suddenly he rolled me over resulting to him on top of him

"CJ, what are you doing?? Get off me??

"Now answer me.. Between me and your crush Eric, who do you prefer?? Answer me truthfully " he asked looking deeply in my eyes

"Of course Eric, why will I choose a gay?? I yelled trying to push him off but it prove abortive

"So you choose Eric right?? then that's good " He said and let go off me

What has gotten over him??

"You can go " he said "I mean to Eric" he said and I was surprised

"What do you mean?? I asked then he suddenly held my hand and my eyes met the scar again

Why will a scar be on his wrist?? So strange...

"Where are you taking me to?? I yelled but he didn't answer as he started dragging me downstairs then he walk towards the door, he pressed the doorbell and the door opened

It was still raining

"You can go" he said and pushed me in the rain, my eyes widened and he quickly went inside

"CJ open the door, you can't lock me outside in the rain.. It is cold out here.. Plsss CJ" I yelled but there was no response "CJ open the door "

It was no use.. He can't hear me but what is wrong with him??

To be sincere, if I should choose between the guy Eric and CJ, I will only choose CJ because he is more caring and kind but I only said Eric because he was annoying me

Suddenly there was roar of thunder and I yelped in fear as the rain pour down heavily

"CJ pls open the door.. Plsss" I cried out

To be continued......

Hmm.. What is going to happen?? Hmmm

Who is the crazy lady?? Who is the unknown?? Why did they want to get rid of CJ??

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