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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 10



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 10

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

"CJ, what is the meaning of that?? You should be nice to my guest " Manage Don said but CJ only rolled his eyes

Mina was feeling uncomfortable as the guy won't stop staring at her


What are you doing here and how do you even get inside?? CJ asked

"In case you've forgotten about it then i will remind you, i am your manager so you gave me the password to your house " The manager replied

"Gosh.. I thought i changed it" CJ muttered to himself

"Are you CJ manager?? Mina asked and CJ glanced at her giving her a "shut up" look but Mina just ignored him

"Yes i am" The manager answered

"Ohh well nice to meet you, actually it was my fault that CJ didn't come to the concert, I sprained my ankle so he decided to stay with me " Mina asked

"Are you okay?? Hope you're not hurt anywhere?? Eric asked and all eyes was on him

Mina kept thinking if the guy know her or probably he is crushing on her

"And why did you care?? CJ asked "Mina go to your room now " he said looking at her and Mina pouted as she manage to stand up, she winced and Eric quickly stood up

"Are you okay?? He asked looking worried and CJ arched his brow

Mina looked at him for a moment and nodded slightly before going upstairs and Eric watched her as she climb the staircase until he couldn't see her again

"You brought a pervert to my house?? You can also see the way he is looking at my girl " CJ said

"CJ, you never told me you had a girlfriend and besides his name is Eric and he is one of your fans, will you pls stop being jealous of him "Manager Don said and CJ let out a sigh

" How do you know her name?? CJ asked and Eric looked at him

"How do you force her to be with you?? Eric asked while he gritted his teeth

"Like seriously?? CJ said trying to calm himself down "manager Don i am sorry to say this but can you tell him to leave, he is getting on my nerves "

"Err.. Well.. Eric let's go " Manager Don said and Eric stood up and walked towards CJ

"I am coming back for Mina " He whispered and CJ clenched his fist tightly

"Let's go... CJ you must come to the industry tomorrow.. Okay?? Manager Don said and went out as he was being escorted by the two bodyguards

When they got out outside, manager Don stared at Eric

"What is the meaning of that?? And who is that girl?? The manager asked but Eric kept mute

"Answer me"

"I.. I.. do.. dont.. Kn.. Know.. her" he stammered

"Then how do you know her name and why are you so worried about her?? He asked as he looked at him suspiciously

"Its just... Err... Err..

Manager Don phone started ringing and he quickly excused himself " i will be right back "

He looked around and picked the call

"Hello " He said

"Well... any news" the unknown caller asked

" I think CJ has a secret girlfriend " The manager said "And also i think the girl is special "

"What do you mean??

"I have never seen the girl before and the reason CJ didn't come to the concert was because he was with her and the most shocking and Interesting part is that the new guy which we plan to use to get rid of CJ seem to be interested in the girl also and i think he know something about her which he is keeping to himself " The manager explained

"Ohh i see... then the girl must really be special "

"Yes i think she is.. Perhaps she is a princess in the other world " Manager Don jokingly said

"How about you focus on Eric the new guy and think on how to get rid of CJ and i will take care of the special girl myself " The unknown caller said

"Okay okay " He said and then hang up

"I wonder who the girl really is " The manager thought to himself as he quickly went to meet others

"Let's get going " he said but Eric stopped and looked back once again "C'mon let's go " the manager said and Eric swallow his spit so hard that it hurt

Mina's POV

I was in my room pacing to and fro

Gosh!!! that guy is so weird but he is looking so cool and he is caring..

I think he is crushing on me

Aww that is so sweet...

I smiled to myself, just then someone entered my room and i looked up to see CJ

He looked at me for some seconds and left

What is wrong with him?? Did i do something wrong?? I thought and i quickly stood up from where i was sitting and followed him, the door of his room was open ajar and i quickly peeped inside

"Get in " he said and i slowly entered

"So you know that guy?? He asked

"Which guy?? Ohh.. You mean the cutie " i said with a smile "that guy is sooo hot and handsome " I said and i realize that CJ continue glaring at me

"I dont know him "

"Then why is he staring at you and why is trying to be nice to you?? He questioned

"Maybe because i am beautiful " i mumbled

"What do you say??

"Dont you see that the guy is fallen for me?? I am so so beautiful but you can't see it because you are.. are.. gay " I said the last part "gay" with a low tone

"Get this into your head, Don't feel too high that you're beautiful, beauty without sense is not beauty.. How can you be beautiful as a girl but you can't even cook and you're not a proper girlfriend material, you're an illiterate and you're not ready to learn.... And what do you think you're telling my manager some minutes ago giving him silly excuses huh?? He yelled and i bit my lower lips

"I.. I. was just trying to help "

"Help my foot... the moment you came into this house, i have.....

"Yes i know , i am making it hard for you, i broke your sister precious vase and i also make you miss the concert.. I really feel guilty and i blame myself for it, even if i dropout from school That doesn't make me an illiterate, i am also trying to help you " I yelled back

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair

"Enough, just get me water to drink" he said

"How about you peel onions then your eyes will automatically bring water " I said quite annoyed and was about leaving but he pulled me back

"If the guy is crushing on you then you shouldn't crush on him back unless you want to be crushed by me " he said and i jerk his hand away

"The guy is hot and cute so why should I not crush on him?? Huh??

"Because you're mine, i bought you so you're mine.. Mine only " he said and i glared at him

"Yes i am only yours because you bought me but i have the right to have feelings for whosoever i want " I said and to my surprise he started smiling

"Well. I find you so Interesting and trust me you will end up fallen and having feelings for me " he said and I looked at him with disgust

"I reject it.. Over my dead body.. I can never fall in love with a gay.. Yuk... "

"Well.. You had your first kiss with me so anything is possible " he said with a smirk and i quickly left his room

"I will never fall in love with you.. I swear " I yelled sounding pissed off

Who the hell does he think he is??

To be continued...

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