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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 50




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 50

Writen by Ruthie Lee



"Yeah but mostly from different part of the world, but we both look alike and our houses are like only zero miles apart" Ellen scoffed. "But still what would you do, if suddenly you found out we're sisters, just answer the question" Ellen smiled.

"I don't know" I shrugged..

"What can I do?" I added.

"It's not about what you do!" Ellen smiled rolling her eyes.

"I'm asking about how you'll feel? Will you feel happy? Or...

"I'll feel the same, less happy, less sad." I replied.

She huffed. "You're one tough one."

"And I already have enough siblings, I think that's enough" I stated.

Joel looked at me.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing" he shrugged and looked away.

"You and your gazes" I scoffed.

"Well, technically, you're speaking like you're tired of Samuel and I being your siblings" Joel said.

"of course I'm not, why would I be tired of the both you, it's not like any of you are pressuring me or anything, why would I get tired of any of you, I mean if I didn't have any siblings the house would be totally lame with just me mom and dad, especially dad, but then there's you and Sam, that's a big great difference" I rolled my eyes.

"Awwn that's so sweet" Ellen chimed in. "I didn't know you could be so sweet Mary".

"Don't sound like I'm not the sweet type" I stated.

"Well this is my first time of seeing you act or talk sweet, you've been nothing but rude and... 

Ellen stopped talking when Joel gave her a look. 

I get It, I've been rude. 

But if I don't act that way, people might not take me seriously.

"Mary can be sweet, back in elementary school she usually beats up people that bothered me" Joel smiled and I sighed...

"It was a two times thing" I said.

"It was more than three times, If I can recall" Joel corrected.

"The only one I remembered was when that stupid boy who eats his own boogers was throwing your bag all over the place" I said.

"Yeah and you beat him up and gave him a neck injury with your finger and remember Matilda?" Joel asked.

"Yeah Matilda, that good for nothing girl, I hated her so much," I replied.

"And remember when she took my notebook home and how I cried about it while we went home, and then the next day you smacked her across the face immediately we walked into school" Joel said and we both laughed.

"Yeah that was pretty good" I laughed.

"Wow, so you've been fierce ever since you were a child" Ellen smiled.

"Yep" I nodded.

"My mom said I've always been quiet, until I turned ten, plus she said I was so smart cause I skipped grade 8, the teacher said I was too smart" Ellen bragged and I rolled my eyes.

My eyes suddenly spotted my "friends" and I looked away. So much for trusting them.

 Ellen, Joel and I had lunch together that afternoon and later went back to class.

 Well it was all Ellen that day, we both hung out and it was... Nice, seriously to be honest her company was enjoyable. It didn't even feel like I had a fight with my friends.

 School was over before we know it and Krystal had already given me a heads up that she won't be driving with us anymore, well thanks to her  new boyfriend.

 Ellen and I talked as we waited for Joel. And suddenly a girl, a familiar girl walked up to us.

"Uhm... Sorry, uhm Mary" she stuttered.

"Yeah? How may i help you?" I smiled.

"Uhm, have you seen Joel, I kind of want to talk to him about something" she said and gave a nervous laugh.

"Wait, are you Sarah?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh wow, you know my name" she laughed nervously.

"Of course I do, thanks to Joel" I smiled.

"Really? He has mentioned me to you?" she asked and I nodded.

She had a flushed and excited expression.

"So are you and Joel dating?" Ellen suddenly chipped in.

Sarah turned to her. "Oh you're the new girl, the rumours are right, you both do look alike" Sarah said lowly.

"We do, don't we?" Ellen smiled.

 I glanced at her and she gave a small laugh.

"So answer the question? Are you and my brother dating?" I asked.

"Well... I don't know" Sarah wore a smile but she still looked pretty confused.

"What do you mean you don't know?" I asked.

"Okay, so he told me he liked me and... And...

"And?" Ellen and I said in unison and glanced at each other before turning back to Sarah.

"And this morning, we both... Kissed" Sarah said shyly.

"Oh wow" I blinked rapidly. 

"You... Go girl" Ellen smirked.

 We all spotted Joel coming out from the school's music block and Ellen and I glanced at each other.

 Joel spotted Sarah with us and held this shy look.

"What's up romeo" Ellen smiled at Joel.

"juilet has been waiting for you since the 90's" I added and Ellen and I both laughed.

"Come on Sarah, let's go talk elsewhere" Joel said and pulled Sarah walking away from us.

"Don't kiss too long, oops I mean take too long." I yelled and Joel turned to look at Ellen and I. He sighed but I could swear I saw a small smile.

"They're so cute together" Ellen smiled.

"Yeah" I smiled.

Who would have thought, Joel having someone he likes. How did he even confess, he's so quiet and keeps everything to himself.


That day I said goodbye to Ellen, I mean honestly, to be pretty honest i really like her.

  I said nothing to Joel as I drove us home.

 I got home and went straight to my room, I came back downstairs later, told my mom about the parent forum and during dinner when dad called he would be coming home late, I knew I could rant all I want.


"So and mom, this girl Sarah said Joel confessed to her" I said with food in my mouth.

"You are one to talk, I'm right here in front of you and you're comfortable talking about me with mom when I'm right here" Joel stated.

"Yeah it's fun" I smiled.

"Yes it is" Samuel added and I glanced at him.

"Anyways" I turned to my pretty mom and she smiled. "Joel and this Sarah girl... They... They..

I moved closer to my mom's ear  "they kissed"

My Mom gasped.

"They what? Why won't you say it out loud" samuel said and I moved his hair back.

"I promise when you turn sixteen, I'll tell you".

"No fair" he whined.

 My mom turned to Joel. "I don't know what to say"

"You don't have to say anything" Joel smiled.

"Of course I do, I mean, it's just so strange, you're so quiet we hardly know what's going on in your life, so glad to see you liking and confessing like a normal boy" my mom smiled at Joel and he nodded.

My mom added "Even if you did or didn't confess to a girl, I love you just the way you are, talkative or not" my mom smiled and Joel nodded.

"What about me mom?" Samuel asked.

"Hmm... I don't know, you've been pretty stubborn lately" my mom said.

"Mo....m" Samuel whined and my mom laughed.

"I love you too" my mom said and Samuel put on the best smile ever.


 I was alone in my room that same night, applying some face lotion ready to go to sleep when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in" I yelled.

 The door opened and Joel walked in.

"Yeah?" I looked at him tucking my self under my blanket.

"So... I uhm... So Sarah and I starting dating... Today" he stated.

"it was way Obvious" I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"And her birthday's coming up!" he replied.

"Ohhh" I smiled. "So let me guess, since she's a girl and I'm a girl, you wanted to ask if I would know what she would like for her birthday present"

"O..kay" Joel laughed. "You're freakishly good at guessing".

"And besides, I just met Sarah today and sorry you can't get anything from me cause, all girls are different, you know her better, you know what she wants, so how can I know better" I shrugged.

"You're right" he nodded.

"Yeah I am" I smiled. "So just make sure you understand before giving her a present okay! And make sure you add a note to her present, girls love letters and stuff"

"Well thanks, hope one day your boyfriend can send you tons of love notes" Joel said walking towards the door.

"Well, yeah, having a boyfriend is still something I don't see in me. But well one day" I shrugged and laid on the bed. "Turn off the lights for me will you?" i grinned and he nodded before switching the lights off; and exiting my room



 The next morning, Joel and I drove to school together and getting to school you could see some students with their parents and well today is the parents forum.

"Mary, Joel!" I heard and Joel and I turned to see Ellen beside her mom smiling and waving to us.

 Joel waved back but I just gave a small smile.

 Ellen and her mom walked up to us and after exchanging greetings with Ellen's mom she suddenly asked.

"How about your parents are they here yet?"

"Well my mom will be here soon, I don't know what's taking her so long though" I shrugged.

"Oh... Okay" she smiled.

"So Ellen you wouldn't mind showing me where this forum is taking place"

"Sure, I'll be back guys" Ellen said to us as she and her mom walked away.

 "If mom comes, let me know" Joel said and walked away too.

 I sighed and head to class. I bumped into my 'friends' as I got in immediately.

"Sorry" they all apologized in unison.

"Well just don't go on standing in front of the door" I smiled.

 I walked away and say down immediately.

 I was alone until Ellen walked into the class.

"Mary.." she called and I looked up.

"Your mom's here" she smiled.

 I stood up and as my mom walked into the class everyone stopped and stare. Yeah I get it people, my mom's super pretty.

"Mary" she smiled seeing me...

I noticed Samuel behind her.

"Mom... Why is Sam with you?" I asked...

"Well, he got injured at school and on my way to your school, I was called and went to pick him up and instead of taking him home, I brought him here so it won't waste my time" my mom explained.

"Let me see your injury" I said to Sam and he showed me his thumb. "that's not an injury, you should have stayed in school, troubling mom so much" I rolled my eyes.

And suddenly the whispering started.

*oh my God is that Mary's mom?*

*is she an Aphrodite?*

*Wow she's so beautiful and the boy behind her*

*Oh my, this one's way cuter than Joel, he might end up being a heartthrob*

I pushed the stupid whispering aside and told my mom to come with me, so I'd take her to the parents forum. The school board, principal, teachers and the parents were all in the school's auditorium, so the students had the school to theirselves, my mom left Sam with me but thankfully he was bothering Ellen not me.

I was too busy reading an article on my phone but suddenly Sam's question he asked Ellen took me off guard I had to look up.

"Why do you look like my sister?" he asked.

"Do we?" Ellen looked at me.

"Yes, well a little bit" Samuel shrugged.

"Well I don't know" Ellen shrugged with a smile.

"Why do you think girls wear skirt, why don't boys wear skirt too?" Samuel asked and Ellen rolled her eyes.

"Seriously Mary, your brother is a curious question freak and a talkative like you" Ellen huffed.

"Well excuse Sam and I for being related by blood" I rolled my eyes. 

"Its true, my teacher say I talk too much" Samuel chimed in.

"You do" I sighed.


Finally the parents forum was over and I was glad I get to hand over Samuel to my mom.

  Joel and I stood beside my mom and Samuel, and Ellen suddenly brought her mom to us to say hi, but suddenly there was a weird tension between my mom and hers, the stares they both gave each other.

"Kath..Kathleen?" Ellen's mom called.

"Suzanne" my mom smiled.

"How are you, goodness you still look as gorgeous as ever." Suzanne


"Well thank you, the same applies to you" my mom smiled.

"How do you guys know each other?" Joel asked.

"Oh well, Kathleen and I go way back." Ellen's mom smiled.

"Way back, you mean friends?" I asked.

"Well, the opposite of friends." my mom grinned at me.

"So I see, your kids are beautiful" Suzanne smiled.

"Thank you" my mom said.

"The opposite of friends?" Joel asked and my mom sighed.

"Suzanne, I can't do this, Mary.. Meet Suzanne, your real mother" my mom sighed disappointedly.

My real mom?


No wonder

everything makes sense now, the resemblance and her face familiarity.

"Sorry for not telling you when you came over to my house for the first time" Ellen's mom apologized, or should I say my real mom apologized.

"It's okay, even if you did tell me, it wasn't going to change anything, well you're my real mom, I understand, I'm sure you have a logical explanation why you left me with dad but then again, I don't want to listen to the explanation, it's okay" I gave a smile.

"Thank you for understanding" Ellen's mom smiled...

 I turned to Ellen. "You knew about this didn't you? 

The questions she asked. Everything!

But well I'm not mad at her or Suzanne being my real mom, I mean she's a mother to Ellen, and my mom too, but Kathleen is my mom too, my real mother. And at least I know how my mom is but that doesn't change anything.

"Well I did know" Ellen laughed.

 "Anyways Kathleen, honestly, it's nice meeting you again, tell Joseph, I said hi, and please Your kids are all invited to come to my house any time" Suzanne smiled.

"Same goes for Ellen" my mom smiled. And Ellen suddenly linked our arms together.

"in that case, can Mary and I have a sleepover tonight at our house.?" Ellen asked her mom happily.

"Of course" her mom smiled.

I've always loved sleepovers.

I looked at my mom for approval.

"You can" my mom smiled.

"What about me?" Samuel suddenly chimed in.

"You can sleep over with your homework in your room" my mom said Samuel.

"Aren't you one quiet boy" Suzanne said to Joel who haven't said a word in ages.

"Well he is" my mom smiled.


And just like that, it was like a shaking sphere ball was finally balanced.

The next night not only did Ellen and I spent the night together as a sleepover but Krystal and Sarah were invited and Sarah confessed how she loved sleepovers but has never been invited to one before. Seriously it was fun. Ellen told me it was great for her finding out she has a sister, even though we were just half sisters she had already considered me full one and she didn't care, and it was fun having a sister too who has similar taste with you. I've been surrounded with two boys in my life and I need a sister, and Ellen is perfect.

 My dad got to hear about it all but he did nothing.

Sometimes Ellen would come over or I'd go over to her house, it was like that. I hung out with Sarah and Ellen more. And Sarah one day told me she'd stop believing in rumours, that she used to listen to other people saying you're rude and all but all that seemed like a lie  when she approached me. Well I guess I used to be pretty harsh, but I think all that took a turn as my life changed and Ellen came in.


 That night we all gathered around the dinner table, me, my brothers, my mom and dad, Ellen and her parents too, Suzanne and Andrew. It was like a complete piece. My dad had called this dinner and seriously I couldn't ask for more.




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