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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 49




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 49

Writen by Ruthie Lee


                         +Mary's pov+

The next day, Joel and I drove to school alone, surprisingly Krystal didn't come to our house to tag along.

 We got to school as I parked our car. Joel and I walked out of the car to see Krystal walking inside the building.

"Krystal" I called and she turned.

"Oh Mary, hi, good morning" she smiled.

"You didn't ride with us today" I said.

"Well yeah" she smiled. "Angus gave me a ride on his motorcycle this morning" Krystal explained shyly and low key pointed at the Angus for us to see. He was the Romeo from yesterday 

"Oh, that's nice, it's very nice, you should ride with him more often" I smiled...

"Sure, I'll see you both later" Krystal said and walked away. 

One down Joel to go and soon I'll have this car all to my self.

"What?" I looked at Joel as he kept on staring at me.

"Nothing" he said.

"Mary" I heard someone call out my voice and I turned to see Ellen running up to me with a wide and cheerful smile.

 "Great, here she comes" I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"You like Ellen, stop pretending" Joel suddenly said.

"What are you talking about?" my eyes narrowed at him.

"You're acting like, you don't need a new friend, she's trying her best to be nice to you, but you just keep pushing her away, if I see a friend like that, trust me I won't let them go"  Joel expound.

"And dad always says, how you're so quiet and mind your own business, I guess you do mind on other people's business" I smiled.

"That's because I'm around you all you all the time and I have to, and I'm just stating a fact, friends like that are the best" Joel gave a small smile.

"How are you so sure, you don't seem to have any friends, you don't talk to anyone except for Krystal and I and should I say Sarah?" I arched my brows at him and he sighed and shook his head.

"I'm just saying, don't push Ellen away, she's sweet" Joel nodded.

"I already have friends, I don't need her" I stated. 

"You call those gossip freaks your friends? I wasn't supposed to say anything but, they talk behind your backs a lot" joel stated.

"Friends talk behind each other's back, it's normal" I shrugged.

"It's not normal and how come whenever I catch them talking it's always about you, I'm not saying you should break up with them, I'm just telling you, Just give them a little distance" Joel ssidb

 He pulled both of my cheeks. "And smile more often, so people won't start thinking you're being raised by someone who's supposed to be under an anger management"

I removed his hands from my cheeks. "And you should talk more often, so people won't think you're a freak." I snarled and he smiled...

"I do talk, only when necessary and I'm just stating a point, you're pretty when you smile" Joel said and walked away.

 I watched him walked away and saw as girls waved at him from different corners.

 Someone's arm suddenly linked with mine and I turned to see Ellen beside me.

"HI" she smiled.

"I thought we ended the whole friends thing when I took your textbook" I rolled my eyes.

"Friends thing? Seriously girl, you need to loosen up" Ellen said and tapped my shoulder.

"Come on, let's head to class" she added and pulled me before I could even oppose.


 With our arms still linked as we walked through the hallway Ellen turned to me. "So my mom really liked that I made a friend like you, so you should visit more often, what do you think"  Ellen smiled.

"Why do you want to be friends with me so badly Ellen?" I asked...

She shrugged. "I don't know, I like you, I guess".

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Don't think the awkward way when I say that" she rolled her eyes.

She suddenly smiled. "And don't you notice how we look a little bit alike"

She noticed.

"I don't" I Lied.

"I can tell you're lying, but anyways you can come over at my place whenever you want" she smiled.

"No thank you" I stated.

 We saw Joel putting some books back in his locker down there in the hallway.

"Hey, Joel" Ellen called cheerful, she let's go of me and walked up to Joel.

 Joel turned to her and gave a smile...

"Ellen" he called.

Ellen turned to me. "You see how nice your brother is to me right? You should be the same" Ellen said and poked my shoulder.

"So we're totally friends right?" Ellen smiled at Joel.

"of course" Joel nodded focused on his locker.

"And you'd totally come over if I ever invite you to my house again right?" Ellen asked and Joel nodded.

"You see! Your brother, he's so nice, I met you first but your brother and I are friends already" Ellen shook her head.

"So?" I rolled my eyes.

 "Okay, I'll see you girls after class" Joel said and walked away.

"Come on" Ellen said and linked our arms again.

 I sighed and walked with her, she's so hard to ignore.

 As Ellen and i made a turn to the last flight of stairs, we heard some girls talking.

“Didn't you see the new girl! She's already friends with Joel, I saw her talking with Joel just now”

“I think it's because she's friends with Mary, that's why she's friends with Joel already”

“should we make friends with Mary be able to talk to Joel too!" one of the girls laughed.

“We could, but have you met Mary? She's unapproachable.” 

“if the new girl can talk to her why can't We.

  I'm unapproachable??

  Ellen and I passed the girls and they suddenly became quiet.

 We made it to class but I told her to go in, I excused myself to the bathroom, well nature did call me at that moment.

  After peeing, I was about stepping out of the bathroom and was about to wash my hands in the front sink when I heard footsteps and familiar voices.

"Mary is such a pushover." I heard Viviane's voice.

"No kidding" fauna said.

I stayed back instead of walking out of the toilet.

Well I guess this is the moment when you hear your friends talking behind your back.

"I mean who does she think she is, getting on the table yesterday and yelling don't give me any more letters blah blah blah, such a drama queen" Hannah said and laughed.

"Just because she has a cute brother doesn't mean she has to act all high and mighty, too sad she's not the one receiving it" vivianne said and they all laughed.

 I was feeling... I didn't know how I felt at that moment, hearing my friends talk behind my back.

"One time I did have a crush on Joel, but I couldn't breathe out loud that I did cause she was probably going to hate me, I mean just because we're her friends doesn't mean we can't like her brother, I mean we're human too, and she doesn't even let us speak always acting like she owns the world, I'm sick of her attutude"

Oh my God Hannah.

Fauna added "Honestly the only reason I became friends with her was because of Joel, but look at where we are now, honesty if it weren't for us, she wouldn't have had any friends"

"With an attitude like that hers, who would want to be friends with her" Viviane snarled and they all laughed again.

 I heard the bathroom door open and someone else walked in.

"And you guys call yourself friends?" I suddenly heard Ellen's voice.

 I opened the door and walked out shocking my so called friends.

"Oh, Mary, you were there all along?" fauna voice shook.

"Yeah, and I just found out that I don't really have friends" I shook my head, glanced at Ellen before walking out.


I got to class and held back the tears, I mean I don't really cry at stupid stuff like this but yet again, I want to cry at this but still I didn't want to cry because it felt so stupid.

 I breathed out and sighed. Am I really unapproachable, am I really pushy? How in the world do I act all high and mighty.

And now thinking about it, they became friends with me, just because they wanted to be close to Joel. Three years in high school and I'm finally realising my friends are fake.

  My *friends* walked into the class and we all made eyes Contact, they removed their eyes shyly and walked to the back, where their seats were.

Well that's it. It's over for all of us. 

I won't die if I don't have friends. 

Ellen walked into the class and to her seat.

"How are you?" she asked.

"Why are you asking that, I'm probably fine" my voice was low.

I know she just witnessed my friends and I sudden fight and that is making me feel even more embarrassed.

"Don't think about what just happened, they don't deserve you, I've given them a piece of my mind already" Ellen said and I looked at her.

They... Don't deserve me?

"Seriously girls like that are worse than puke" Ellen added and shook her head.

 I sighed and grabbed my pen as a teacher walked inside the class.

"Good morning everyone" our homeroom teacher smiled and everyone replied. 

"So this information will be passed on soon, but just know that there will be a parent forum on Friday and I hope all your parents make it here" our teacher smiled and everyone nodded. 


  During lunch break Ellen cheerfully pulled me to the cafeteria even though I told her I wasn't hungry.

 She opened up and told me how she loved how my friends are no more my friends.

 We both sat alone beside the window at the cafeteria, as we start to eat, I noticed Joel has entered the cafeteria because his name in whispers could be heard around.

Joel wanted to sit alone at a corner in the cafeteria, but Ellen suddenly waved to him so he could see us, Ellen ended up attracting others eyes but she didn't care.

 Joel walked up to us and Ellen beckoned him to sit down and he sat down beside me.

"So? Noticed your sister isn't sitting with her bratty friends today?" Ellen said to Joel and he glanced at me.

"Did they fight?" Joel asked.

"Yes they did" Ellen laughed.

"And you find it amusing?" I asked.

"Yes it is" Joel and Ellen said at the same time. Ellen laughed while Joel let's out a smile.

I rolled my eyes.

 The three of us became quiet, well for a brief moment until Ellen said.

"Mary, what would you do if you suddenly find out we're sisters?" Ellen asked and I looked at her.

"That's something awkward to ask."  I stated.

"Well, I'm just saying, like you've seen our resemblance haven't you" she sighed...

"I haven't".

"You both do have a slight resemblance" Joel stated.

"See... Even Joel sees it, so how do you explain that" Ellen smiled.

"Look millions of people can actually look alike without being related." I sighed.

"Yeah but mostly from different part of the world, but we both look alike and our houses are like only zero miles apart" Ellen scoffed. "But still what would you do, if suddenly you found out we're sisters, just answer the question" Ellen smiled.


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