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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 48




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 48

Writen by Ruthie Lee


                        MARY'S POV.


 Ellen parked her car in front of her house I guess, it was big, but wasn't like ours.

 We all walked out of the car and Ellen smiled.

"Here, we're at my house now." Ellen smiled.

"We can clearly see that" I scoffed.

"Oh Mary, I've suddenly gotten used to your rudeness" Ellen shook head and Joel smile.

"I'm not rude" I said as we followed her to the door.

"of course you are" Joel said lowly but I heard him.

"Uhm, hello, you're brother you're supposed to be on my side" I said and nudged him. He ignored and walked inside the house immediately after Ellen.

 I closed the door behind us and Ellen took off her backpack.

"Mom, I'm home" she announced throwing her backpack on the couch.

"Please occupy the couch, make your selves comfortable" Ellen smiled at us.

"We're not here to make ourselves comfortable, we're here to get me a book" I rolled my eyes.

"Well thank you for your hospitality" Joel smiled and pulled me towards the couch.

He forced me to sit after sitting down.

 Ellen disappeared and came back later giving me a new textbook.

"Good" I smiled.

"A little thank you would have been okay" she rolled her eyes.

"Well it is not today" I tilt my head.

"Thank you" Joel said to Ellen.

"Awwn thanks Joel, it's nice to see Mary has a nice brother, hope she doesn't influence you with her crazy attitude" Ellen said and laughed.

I glared at her and she stuck out her tongue for me.

"Such a child" I scoffed.

"talking like you're sixty four" she scoffed back.


 "Ellen" we all heard a voice behind her and turned.

"Oh hey mom, these are my friends" Ellen smiled.


The woman looked at us and trust me there was this familiarity I was seeing in her face.

 Joel and I both stood up to get a better view and the woman smiled and paused seeing Joel and I.

"This is Mary and this is Joel!"

"Mary?" The woman repeated.

"hello" I stated.

 "So... You wouldn't mind telling me your full name will you." the woman suddenly laughed.

"Mary Eleanor Joseph" I sighed. 

I hate saying out my full name. And then there's the Eleanor, I heard my real mom gave me that name, such an eerie name.

"Eleanor" the woman smiled.

"Yeah it's a weird name right?" I sighed.

"No... No, I think it's a beautiful name." the woman smiled.

"And I think it's an ugly name" I rolled my eyes.

"At least try not to roll your eyes, you're in front of my mom" Ellen pointed out.

 Ellen's mom was smiling at me and it felt weird.

Her smile.

"You look beautiful" she smiled.

 My heart softened at the compliment at that moment.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"Oh, so you do thank people" Ellen teased.

 "You know you can always come to pay a visit any time you want, you and Ellen are close friends right?" Ellen's mom asked.

"Of course we are." Ellen smiled.

"No we're not, she's just forcing a friendship that's not happening, she spilled orange juice on my text book and that's why I'm here" I expound and her mom laughed.

"You're quite the talkative aren't you".

"And I think you two should be friends, you're both pretty similar" Ellen's mom laughed.

"Well Ellen's not much of a nice girl" I shook my head.

"Speak for yourself, you're way worse" Ellen rolled her eyes.

"Are you both sure you're not twins?" Joel suddenly chimed in.

"Eww, that was the most dumbest thing you could ever say" I glared at Joel and he gave an apologetic look.

"And you must be Kathleen's son." Ellen's mom muttered to herself but we all heard it.

"Kathleen's son... Wait, how do you know our mother's name" I suddenly asked.

"Well Kathleen and I go a long way back, or should I say no way back, cause we were never friends." the woman laughed.

"You're both so pretty" Ellen mom added and smiled  at us.

"Thank you" Joel said this time.

"Okay mom, my friends have to go now" Ellen said getting the door.

"Like I said we're not friends" I said to her.

"Well Joel are we friends or not?" Ellen asked Joel.

"We are" Joel nodded.

"Then tell me what's wrong with your sister?" Ellen asked.

Joel shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

 Since we didn't bring any car, we took a taxi home.



I walked inside and saw my mom standing by the window, was she watching us leave.? 

"Do you think it's weird that, Mary and I almost kind of want to have some kind of resemblance?" I asked my mom taking off my uniform jacket.

"Well I thought it was weird until she stood in front of you and you both suddenly looked way more alike, don't you think it's weird?" Ellen shook her head Negatively.

"It's not weird" my mom turned to me.

"What's wrong with a mother and child looking alike" my mom sniffed.

Is she crying?

"Mom... What's wrong?" i walked up to her.

"Nothing, I'm just feeling a little under the weather" she dried her eyes.

"What's wrong with a mother and child looking alike, mom what do you mean by a statement like that?" I asked. 

My mom hesitated for a while and after looking up and down at me she sighed. 

"Mary, she's my daughter!" 

"Your daughter? I don't understand" I shook my head. 

"Yeah, she's my child I gave birth to her" my mom stated.

"Wait.... What?... How? Like she's my sister? Or..." 

"I haven't really told you that this is my third marriage have I?" my mom asked and I shook my head. 

"For all I know dad is my step dad and you left my real dad when I was seven months old, isn't that just it, how come this is your third marriage, was dad the second?" I asked my Mom nodded. 

"And Joseph was the first" 

"Joseph?" I repeated. 

"Joseph, yes, Mary's father!" my mom sighed. 

"Okay, mom I think you should rephrase on this story more." I said and my mom nodded. 


 My mom told me the story from the beginning and how she foolishly made a choice by leaving Mary and Joseph behind, but she was also glad that she followed Henry cause she wouldn't have had me. My mom said she was never at peace when she was with my real father so she left him taking me away, she was barely doing fine as a single mom until she met andrew and he's just the best dad ever. 

 Realising how Mary and Joel are half siblings and how Mary and I are have sisters, it was kind of like one of those soap operas but somehow it kind of felt exciting to me...

 That makes Joel and I related too, wow this is... Big. 

 When I walked into the class, seeing Mary for the first time, I don't know why or how she attracted me so much that I wanted to talk to her, but turned out, she was very rude, she looks totally acts different from her looks. Looking at her when she's quiet, she's very pretty, she looks calm and you'd totally want to have a friend like her, but the moment she speaks, you'll realise she's very rude. But according to what I've learned people who are like Mary, who acts rude and intimidating, acts only that way so they won't turn out to be the victim, they won't be or feel intimidated by anyone, people like that are mostly the weak ones.  And that's why I intend on my being friends with her, she acts tough but she's not. 

And now hearing she's my half sister, it's just ear nuzzling. Just my first day and I've already seen and heard so much.

Suddenly I couldn't wait for tomorrow.


        *MARY'S POV*


"why are guys back so late" my mom asked immediately Joel and I walked in.

"We had a bit of accident" I laughed nervously.

"An accident?" my mom gasped. "Are you hurt?" she ran up to us grabbing my hand checking for invisible injuries.

"An accident doesn't technically mean we were run over by a big school bus or we were crushed by something, I meant, a book incident"

I smiled as my mom breathed out a sigh. I love how she worries, it shows how much she loves us. I love her so much. 

"So are you both hung-

Before my mom could complete her words Joel walked away and up to his room.

"look at him, always walking out on my conversation, action so quiet like he doesn't talk," my mom said looking at Joel's direction and making me laugh.

"Well he acts all mysterious but I caught him and his girlfriend today" I smiled and my mom gasped...

"Joel had a girlfriend?" my mom repeated.

"Yup" I grinned mischievously.

"This is big news, we'll talk about this over dinner." my mom laughed and walked away.

 I took the stairs and head to my room, before opening my room door I could hear some noises coming from the inside. Huh?

 I slowly opened the door ready to snack whatever was making that noise.

I opened the door and Samuel froze on his spot.

"Hey sis" he grinned.

"What are you doing in my room?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Uhhh nothing" he quickly put his hand behind his back and smiled.

"Let it be at nothing" I said and placed my backpack at the corner of the room. I removed my jacket and place it on the bed and before I knew it Samuel got on my bed.

 "Get out" I said to him.

"Mary, do you have lip gloss?" he asked.

"Lip gloss? Why are you asking about that?" I turned to him.

"Nothing!" he said nervously.

"You can't ask about something and say it's nothing, If you don't tell me I won't lend mine to you" I said.

"Well, Janet said that if I put on lips gloss I'll look super handsome" my ten years old brother said and I paused and turned to him.

"Sarah? Lipgloss?" I repeated i sat on the bed opposite Samuel.

He looked away not looking into my eyes.

"First question. Who's Sarah?" I asked.

"No one." Samuel said and I pulled his ear.

"Ouchhhhh" he groaned.

"If you tell me I'll stop pulling"

"She's a girl in my class you don't know her" Samuel said. I let go of his hear.

He glared at me through his pretty long lashes and I rolled my eyes.

"Don't look at me that way, and Sarah said you'd look handsome with Lipgloss on and suddenly you're in my room looking for Lipgloss".

"Mom said she doesn't have any, and you're the remaining female in the house so." he shrugged.

"Remaining female, you're a girl too you know, Mom accidently gave birth to you a boy" I said and smacked his head as his eyes eyed my drawer. "Don't you dare think I have Lipgloss in there, I don't apply make up, now get lost" I said and he jumped down from the bed.

"Wait" I said and he paused

"Do you like this Sarah girl?" I asked Sammy cunningly.

"What? Eww no!" he quickly said.

"For you saying no, literally mean, oh yes." my eyes widen at him.

"No it doesn't" he defended.

"of course it does, Joel is having a girlfriend, and you on the other hand is having Sarah, wow this world is magical." I rolled my eyes.

 "Sarah is not my girlfriend" samuel groaned angrily and walked out of the room.

"she sure is" I yelled after him and laughed.


 That night during dinner, dad came home from work early and we had dinner early.

 The table was quiet until mom suddenly started.

"So Joel, I'm not prying, but I heard you have a girlfriend, you wouldn't mind telling me her name"

I almost laughed as I watched Joel's expression. He looked at his food like he just saw a ghost.

He looked up at me and I winked at him.

"let me guess, you heard that from Mary?" Joel asked my mom and she smiled.

"Oh well, just tell us her name" my mom persuaded.

"Her name's Sarah" Joel sighed.

My mom and I gasped at each other. "so she is your girlfriend" I smacked the table happily.

"She's not, but instead of beating around the bush, I decided to let you know what's not true, yes I was talking to Sarah, the girl you saw me talking to but she's not my girlfriend" Joel expound and my mom sighed.

"For once, can your words be immodest"

"How can you say that" my dad suddenly said to my mom. "He should be as modest as he can be including his words"

"Oh please" my mom rolled her  eyes.

"You're the same" my mom added and I nodded agreeing with her.

My dad glared at me. "she's right" I shrugged at my dad and he sighed.

"Wait? Sarah? Your girlfriend's name is Sarah, wow what a coincidence, Sam's girlfriend's name is Sarah too" I stated with a small laugh.

My mom fork dropped from her hand and my dad turned to me in shock. Well only Joel was expressionless.

"Samuel has a girlfriend?" my dad asked.

I looked down at Samuel and he looked like he should be swallowed by anything at that moment.

"uhmm... No" I quickly said and my mom breathed out a sigh.

Samuel looked up at me and I almost laughed,as his face as gotten red.


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