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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 46




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 46

Writen by Ruthie Lee


                        . Joseph's pov.


 "Happy birthday sweetie" Kathleen smiled at Joel who seemed like he could pass out from the stares he was getting.

"How do you feel turning seven?" I asked Joel and he smiled.

"I don't feel anything" he shook his head.

"Can we cut the cake already" Mary was getting impatient.

"Mary... Be calm" Ymir reprimanded and Mary pouted sitting down beside Joel, her eyes fixated on the cake.

"On your birthday you didn't... You didn't let.. Anyone... Anyone have your cake" Krystal, Ymir's daughter chimed in. She's five plus going to six soon. 

 Mary and Joel's birthday are only a month apart, though Mary's only a year older than Joel, technically it's not actually a year, it's almost a year, but it's not, because of the outrageous way Joel was born. But it's still a year and Joel clearly knows Mary's his older sister, he has his respects for her and Mary clearly knows she's the oldest, she also acts like the oldest. Thinking about our days back it all feels like a dream.

"On my birthday everyone ate my cake, what are you talking about" Mary said angrily to Krystal.

"Calm down now Mary" Kathleen laughed.

And yes Mary's very hyperactive, she gets really angry, not even Kathleen or I can calm her down. She cries when she wants to and yes joel is still the opposite.

  Mary's birthday two months ago was crazy, she cried after the party, why? Because she didn't get to cut her cake properly. We invited all her friends from school, some neighbours downtown the house was filled, but with Joel it was different, he said he didn't want anybody, just us, his parents, his sister, Ymir and his cousin Krystal. That day I had asked if he was shy of people or anything but he declined saying he wasn't shy or anything.

I mean he's already opening up to me about most of his stuffs, and he's very smart for a seven year old boy.

  "Tell mom to let you cut the cake." Mary whispered in Joel's ear. It was a whispher but we all heard it.

 "Fine, we'll cut the cake" Kathleen rolled her eyes and grabbed the knife.

 Mary held a smile as she Kathleen cut the cake and gave everyone a piece.

"You sure love cakes, don't you" I said wiping the sides of Kathleen mouth she had suddenly smuge cake on.

"Yes I do" she smiled.

"This is so good" Ymir smiled.

"Yeah very good" Kathleen agreed.

  "I'll get the drinks from the fridge" Kathleen said wanting to stand up, but I stopped her and pointed to her stomach.

"You're pregnant, remember?" I said and she laughed nervously. "oops, my bad!"

 I got the drinks and we all drank till our stomach screamed stop.



     Living like this was the best, when you have a loving wife, great children, what more could you possibly want. 

 Strangely even though Joel's pregnancy was just three months, Kathleen actually got pregnant for our new baby at exactly nine months. 

Ymir said it was because her body has fully adapted to the human way, I mean she breathed our air, ate our foods and it was like her sirenic self was vanishing...  Though Kathleen still had our child at home. 


 Looking down at our baby boy, i glanced at his sleeping mother and  turned back to him, to see his eyes observing the room. 

He's one month old and I couldn't love him less. He was called Xavier and was the total opposite of Joel.

      My kids grew up healthy and happy and well the house was always quiet, as Mary grew she became less hyperactive, but still didn't fail to get angry easily. 


At twelve Mary complained how she felt awkward sharing a room with her brother, Joel didn't seem to mind though, and he didn't really care when Mary moved out of the room and to another empty room. 

I mean they're both growing up and they both need their own private lives. 

 At fifteen Mary got her first phone immediately she graduated from middle school and though Joel was still in middle school, we got him one too. 

 Joel was still as quiet as ever, I mean people change when they grow up but he's still the same. Not that I'm judging him from being the quiet guy, I like how quiet he is and how he didn't change one bit. Well I love my kids all equally. 

   As Mary got to high school, she kind of distanced herself from everyone, suddenly became quiet and spent more time with the TV or her phone. 

 Joel, the same thing, he would lock himself in his room and I guess play with his phone. 

   Well Mary got to her final class in high school and Joel's class was behind her and that's when Kathleen and I starts to see an everyday drama about them. 




 I walked out of my room and hurried down the stairs quietly so no one would hear my footstep, I made it to the living room in success but I heard my name behind me.


I froze and turned to see my mom walking out of the kitchen.

"Where are you going? You're clearly dressed in your uniform! Are you off to school without your brother!" she scoffed.

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously mom, do i have to go school with Joel, he's seventeen, he's not a child."

"You're both children" my mom smiled.

 Joel walked down the stairs with his backpack and his headphone around his neck.

 I groaned and rolled my eyes...

"If you really hate going to school with me. You can take the car and I'll walk to school." Joel said as he walked down the stairs.

"If I could, do you think I wouldn't have done that" I rolled my eyes.

"Well I don't mind." Joel shrugged.

"You should mind." my dad said out of nowhere, seriously, he's a pain in the ass...

"I don't get what's so wrong with you and your brother driving in the car together." My dad stated giving my mom a kiss on her cheek...

They shouldn't that in front of us, it's not eyes warming, but eyes disturbing.

"You wouldn't understand" I said and grabbed the car keys from where it was hung,

"Here, you're driving" I stated and placed the keys in Joel's hand.

 The front door opened and Krystal walked in breathing heavily.

 "Good, I made it in time" she smiled.

She goes to our school too.

"Great, Krystal is here too" I sighed and shook my head.


 My parents let's Krystal drive with us to school, I get that she's our cousin, but still, riding to school with Joel is already a pain and now Krystal.

  I took the passenger's seat and Krystal took the back seat, while Joel drove us to school.


We all attend a private school, where looks, class, smartness and beauty matters. I mean I do possess all those attributes but standing next to Joel and Krystal, I don't really feel beautiful.

  And my parents, good thing they didn't hide the truth from me, my mom's my half mom, that makes Joel and Samuel my half brother and Krystal my half cousin. I don't know who my real mom is and I seem to care who she is, I love my mom, she's a total opposite of my dad and clearly I love her more.

  We parked the car at the school's parking loft and walk out.

 And just like expected people started whispering. The whispers that I never liked.

*Are you sure they're related? Joel looks totally charming and looks nothing like Mary.*

"Mary's pretty but compared to her cousin Krystal, she's nothing*

 *Joel is so handsome*

*Krystal is so pretty *

*Joel is so hot*

*Joel is extremely charming*


Kill me.

Well too bad my real mother wasn't that pretty like my mom and like krystal's mom, no kidding how my mom and krystal's mom looks extremely and extraordinary beautiful. Where the hell did they get their pretty gene. 

 Joel quickly put on his headset and walked to his class like he was hearing nothing. Oh give me a break, we all heard the whispers. Krystal felt awkward listening to the whispers too.

"I'm... Going to go to class now" she said nervously.

"Why are you telling me that? This isn't your first day in school, is it?" I rolled my eyes and walked away.

When you suddenly feel like an outcast.

 I got to class and to my seat, my friends from the back seat waved to me and I smiled at them. The four of us are friends but sadly we don't seat together.

Our home room teacher miss Ana walked in with a girl behind her,

A new student I guess.

 The girl kind of looked familiar, but clearly I don't know her.

  "Good morning everyone, this is Ellen andrew, she'll be joining us today, please give her your full welcome." miss Ana announced with a smile.

Lucky me. There was an empty seat beside me and Ellen sat down there. 

"HI" she smiled at me . 

I glanced at her. 

I shouldn't be rude. "Hello" I replied. 

"So, I'm Ellen" she smiled. 

"I know" I replied. 

"And you are?" she smiled.

No... Definitely not in the mood for this. 

 I stood up angrily and walked out of the class. 

  I walked into the girls bathroom and sighed, I just turned on the sink water and washed my hand for no reason. 

 First period will be starting soon though.  I'm just trying to not make any more friends this semester. 

 The bathroom door opened and Ellen, the new girl walked in. 

 She walked passed me and turned the faucet on the next sink. 

"So, I tried to be friendly and you ditched me, how nice of you!" Ellen said and I sighed. 

"Look, there are tons of people in the class you can be friends with, I don't know what you saw with me" I scoffed. 

"I saw nothing, I was just trying to be friendly. But guess what? I can be rude too." she snickered.

 I looked up at the bathroom mirror in front of us to see her smirking.

Looking at her and looking at me. We both kind of looked a little alike.


T. B. C

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