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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 45




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 45

Writen by Ruthie Lee


  "Mommy, I don't want to go!" My three years old Mary cried as Kathleen wore her a rainbow coloured backpack in front of her new school.

"You have to go to school, okay, and when you're back, I promise, we'll get you your favorite toy" Kathleen smiled but Mary shook her head.

"No, I want to go back home." Mary sniffed, her hair was all over her face because of tears.

"Mary!" I called and she looked up at me.

"Come on" I said and stretched my hand towards her. She held my hand, thinking I want to take her back to the car, but no, I pulled her towards the school and she let's out a loud wail.

 Well I've always been the good guy at home, well today, I'm being the bad guy.


Even though Mary was set and sitted in her new class, she wouldn't stop crying as she sat at the corner of her new class watching Kathleen and I leave.

"Should we go back and get her?" Kathleen asked looking all worried as we made it to the car.

"No, everyone goes to school, my parents said I cried for a week when I started school, so it's normal" I said opening the car door for Kathleen.

"But still, she's crying so much" Kathleen sighed.

"She should cry" I nodded and closed the door immediately I got in.

"How you feeling back there buddy?" I asked my two years old son sitting quietly at the backseat of the car, seat belts surrounding his body.

He didn't reply me, so I asked again. "How are you?"

"Fine" He said quietly, his voice was super low.

Joel isn't much of a talker, he's still a child but still, he's always very quiet,  he hardly talks or play , sometimes he acts like he's even shy in his own home. But I'm glad every little thing makes him smile. And every month we get his hair trimmed cause it grows way more than it was supposed to grow. If we should leave his hair that way, people will easily mistake him for a girl.

 But then again as for Mary, Mary is one heck of a talker, she acts so much like Kathleen, always asking so much, eating so much and just so stubborn that I had to wonder if they weren't actual mother and daughter from their past lives.

Kathleen and I got home that day and Kathleen took joel out of the car.

The three of us walked inside and Kathleen breathed out a sigh of relief.

"I feel so sad for Mary" Kathleen breathed.

"She'll get used to it." I said.

 Kathleen touched her hair and turned to me. "I should go get my hair trimmed" she said.

I glanced at her hair which was now getting to her waist.

"sure" I smiled.

 Kathleen walked into our room and walked out with her purse.

"want to come with me baby?" Kathleen asked Joel, but he shook his head Negatively.

She shrugged and turned to me. "Mary wouldn't think twice and would have bursted out a loud yes".

"I'm he has his reasons" I smiled and walked closer to her.

"He's two years old, what reasons should he have." Kathleen scoffed and I laughed...

"Anyways I'll be back soon."  Kathleen kissed my cheeks and walked out of the house.

 Her adaptation to this place was more than what I expected. She adapted quickly and seriously now that she can walk freely under the sun, you wouldn't walk on the same street with Kathleen with her not greeting the whole neighbourhood, everyone knows Kathleen.

 I turned to my son, who was being extremely quiet on the couch.

 We made eye contact and I smiled at him.

 He looked away, making me sigh.

 Kathleen said, she wished he was more like Mary but no, he's perfect the way he is. I was almost exactly like him when I was young. 

 I sat down beside him.

"You hungry?" I asked but he shook his head Negatively. 

 I stayed quiet too and he let's out a sigh and lay his body on the couch and his head on my thigh. 

 I smiled and pushed his head back. He's such a sweet heart. 

  That afternoon Kathleen couldn't wait to get down from the car and grab Mary from school. 

I parked the car and Kathleen quickly rushed out from the car and rushed into the school. 

"isn't your mom overreacting?" I snickered at Joel but he said nothing and just stared at me. 

 I stayed in the car a little bit and was about to walk out later when Joel stretched his hand at me. 

"Don't go" he managed to say. 

 I paused and smiled, he doesn't want to be alone. 

"Okay I'll stay" I smiled. 

 Seconds later Kathleen and Mary came walking towards the car. Mary face had dry tears and a lollipop was in her mouth. 

Kathleen Beamed as she got the car door for Mary and as Mary sat beside Joel. 

 Kathleen got into the driver's seat and turned to our kids.

"Did you like school"? Kathleen smiled at Mary. 

"No" Mary shook her head. 

"Don't worry you'll get used to it" Kathleen smiled. 

"Do you know" I chimed in. "Mary, people who go to school becomes the tallest, if you go to school, you'll up to be very tall". 

Mary seemed interested in the lie I was creating. 

"Don't you want to be tall?" I smirked. 

"I want to, I want to be tall and big like you and mommy" Mary stated.

"Good, now if you go to school everyday, you'll be bigger and taller than any of us" I smiled. 

"I'll go to school every day" Mary said and I smiled. 

 Kathleen gave me a look and I laughed. 

 I started the car and I heard as Mary let's out a whine...

"What's wrong sweetie?" Kathleen turned to look at her. 

"Joel is looking at my lollipop." Mary said. 

"That means he wants some, go on, share with your brother." I stated. 

"No..." Mary cried. 

"Mary, share with your brother or I'll invite Mr. Cee to eat you" I stated. 

 Mr. Cee is actually a doll Kathleen named that she bought for Mary, and Mary was actually scared of the doll cause it had a weird looking shape and the name Cee was written on the body. 

  From the car's front mirror, I saw as Mary stuck the lollipop out of her mouth and handed it to Joel. 

 Joel took the candy from her, he looked at the lollipop carefully before shoving it in his mouth. 

 He brought it out and handed it back to his sister. 

 Mary took it back happily, and after enjoying the lollipop for a while she gave Joel and he enjoyed it to. And that's how they took turns till we got home. 


 I was preparing lunch while Kathleen was brushing Mary's hair,  Kathleen just gave her a bath, and I kind of noticed Joel wanted to do everything Mary did. Cause while Kathleen was taking Mary's bath, he stood beside Kathleen and you could he wanted the same thing. After Kathleen brushed Mary's hair Joel sat down in the same Mary had sit down so Kathleen would brush his hair. Kathleen smiled and did so too immediately. 

We both gathered around the floor table and the meal was more amazing when it's the four of us.  

 As we ate, a knock came in at the front door and I stood up to get it. 

 Seeing Ymir standing in front of the door with her daughter in her hand, she smiled and I told her to come in. 

 As she made it in the living room Mary sighted her from where she was seated and quickly got up from where she was seated and ran to hug 

"Aunt Ymir" Mary's loud and happy voice filled the house and ymir couldn't help her smiles. 

Joel stood up and I watched him clearly. He wasn't really familiar with ymir, but he kind of knows her, he wanted to do the same but as he stood up, he just watched Mary and ymir and later he sat down. 

Seriously I would love to know what going on in that child's mind. 


Kathleen and ymir were in the living room downstairs having their  usual conversations, while the kids and Ymir's six months old daughter Krystal were in the resting room, well which is no more a resting room but the kids playing room. 

 I was walking upstairs making a call with Martins and setting up the date for the party. 

Well see Mr. Gilbert has been a great help for my firm and now it's more than a firm, we've made more than our usual sales for the past three months now, ever since Kathleen became our model for all our brands. 

See this is what you get when you have a pretty wife.

And to celebrate for our big sales, we're throwing a party for the company workers, staffs, and their families and friends. 

   Martins and I figured the date out and he assured me he was going to text the whole company about it. 

 I stood in front of the room the kids were in and watched them play, Krystal held a stuffed toy and suddenly shoved it in her mouth, you could imagine how beautiful Krystal was. 

Sirens genes are crazy. 

"Don't eat that, it's not food." Mary said taking the doll from Krystal's mouth and letting her cry. 

"Here" she gave the doll back to Krystal and Krystal stopped crying and shoved it back in her mouth.. 

 Mary ignored her and went to play with her other stuffed toys. 

 I turned to see my son seated quietly at the end of the room watching Mary okay. 

 It was like he wanted to play too but he didn't know how to ask, he didn't know how to join. 

I cleared my throat and got all the attention I wanted from the kids. 

"Daddy" Mary smiled and Joel turned to me and I saw as a little smile crept up his small lips. He never fails to smile. 

"Mary, will you share your toys with your brother?" I smiled at her. 

She nodded and looked at Joel. 

"Come here" she ordered and Joel stood up immediately and walked up to her. 

His small legs gently bent as he sat down beside Mary. 

"I'll have this one and you, this one, okay!" Mary smiled giving him a doll. 

Joel didn't seem to mind which doll he gets, maybe he wants to have some time with his sister. 

 I walked out of the room and to Kathleen's and I room.

What more could I ask for...


 Mary and Joel shared a room upstairs and that night Kathleen and I went to tuck them in bed, we that every night. Both of their beds were at each coners of the room and after tucking both of them in, we turn off the lights and go to bed.

 That night as Kathleen tucked Mary lastly, she said.

"Now give mommy a kiss." Kathleen Beamed as Mary sat up and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Joel suddenly sat up on his bed and slowly he called. "mommy.."

 Kathleen Turned to him and walked up to his bed.

 "Yes baby" Kathleen smiled sitting down beside him.

Joel shocked Kathleen with a kiss on her cheeks too and Kathleen's head almost explode.

I laughed. This story is written by Ruthie lee. 

"What is this. Is this some kind of kissing competition" I scoffed.

"Okay, here you can have as many kisses as you want" Kathleen said and kissed Joel all around his face causing him to smile.

"Mommy, I want many kisses too" Mary whined from her bed. Kathleen shook her head with a smile and attended to Mary.

 Finally we left the kids after turning off the lights and living the door open.

We walked downstairs and to our room.

 Kathleen was about to get on the bed when I grabbed her.

"I think you're forgetting something, you did a whole kissing up there and you're about to leave me here?"

 Kathleen laughed and didn't hesitate to quench my taste as her lips pressed on mine immediately.


T. B. C

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