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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 44




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 44

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"A heart throb?" Kathleen repeated. I know she doesn't understand what that meant.

"He's going to be a lady's man, girls are going to go crazy for him, we'll make sure to lock him up" I said and my parents Burst out laughing.

"The only one you should lock up is Mary over here, she's not up to one year and she's already a throbber, who's not willing to stay intact" my dad said and I laughed.

"Anyways,  Joseph, I'll be here on Friday, right now your father and I needs to be at Liam's house, his son's wife just gave birth and well it's a whole party there." my mom smiled.

"Liam has a grandson already, how come he didn't tell me." I scoffed.

"Because he just recieved the news himself yesterday on his way back from the hospital.

"Oh" I said.

No wonder he was in a hurry yesterday.

"Maybe you'll get to see Liam's child next time, for now, just stay with your child" my mom smiled.

 I escorted my parents to the door and my dad picked up the gift bag he dropped earlier.

 "'Anyways, stay happy, I'll be back soon" my mom said. Opened the door and walked out with my dad.

Kathleen turned to me and dropped Mary down.

"Your parents are so nice." she smiled.

"See, and you were just changing clothes for nothing" I laughed.

"So that means they like me right?"

"of course, didn't you see how happy they were." I smiled.

 Kathleen and I paused and stopped talking when Mary started to walk on her won step by step even though her body was wobbling.

 She walked from where we stood and almost made it to the living room but she fell down not going any further.

"Mary's so cute" Kathleen laughed.

"is it just me or is she getting fat?" I turned to Kathleen.

"She is" Mary nodded in agreement.

"And is it just me or your skinny days have finally be over." i smiled and Kathleen rolled her eyes.

 My hand slid down and went around her waste and i pulled her closer to me.

 She haven't start her tummy binding and it's already going back to its place, I guess she doesn't need a tummy binding anymore.

  We were about to kiss when a knock came on the door.

"We'll get the door later." Kathleen groaned and kissed me.

 I smiled through the kiss and pulled back.

"We can't leave our guess standing, and besides, it's not like none of us is running away" I said and walked to the door.

 I opened the door and saw ymir standing under the sun with a smile. The sun has turned its direction to my house.

 Kathleen walked past me and walked outside right where ymir was standing and suddenly she started to glow.

She looked down at her body and then at ymir.

"How come this isn't happening to your body?.. I thought we all glowed under the sun"  Kathleen asked. And I didn't even think about it seeing ymir stand under the sun.

"That's because I don't want it to, seems like you don't really know about your ability." ymir shook her and walked inside. 

 I pulled Kathleen inside and shut the door. 

"How's my nephew?" Ymir smiled. 

She seemed different today. Happily different. 

"Ymir..." Kathleen called and she turned. 

"Joel is fine, tell me, how is it, you stood under the sun and nothing happened to you?" I've never seen Kathleen so eager to want to know about something so much. 

"That's because, I didn't want it to" Ymir replied. 

"How can someone understand that?" I chimed in. 

"Exactly, I don't understand what you're saying Ymir, because you don't want it to?" Kathleen was confused, and so was I. I wanted Kathleen to move around the day too, walk under the sun and be normal. 

  "I kind of found out We glow under the sun immediately after we discover our sirenic ability, but then again, we only glow under the sun because of the hidden scales we have under our skin, you should see how our scales or any fish scales shine under the sun, scales naturally grow on our skin in the form of tiny crystals and that, combined with cytoplasm, creates the characteristic metallic lustre." 

"Cytoplasm?" Kathleen looked like she'll pass out from all those English. 

I smiled at her. "It's like a cell in the body". 

"How do you know so much?" Kathleen asked Ymir. 

"I study, when you live in a place where your kind doesn't live, you learn about yourself and them before adapting." ymir smiled. 

She sure is very smart. 

"Maybe I'll try studying too" Kathleen gave a small laugh. 

"You shouldn't try, you should" ymir stated. 

"Yeah, and maybe I'll be question free" I stated and Kathleen glared at me. 

"Anyways, my point is, since our scales are hidden under our human skin, we're ninety nine percent still full siren, and it glows under the sun, now not glowing under the sun is like a full choice, a whole new decision. Cause if we have the ability to make people do what we want, we also have the ability to control our body, and using our ability to shut down our glowing skin is also like abandoning fifty nine percent of our siren self, cause once you choose to shoo away your scales, and transform into a siren, then you'll realise you have no scales at all, and it will be hard to cope under the water. So compelling your scales to go away is like abandoning your kind, are you up with that?" ymir asked.

"If I can be human any day, I won't think twice of saying yes." Kathleen smiled.

"Okay then, just go under the sun and just think of your scales gone and that's it".

Sirens have so much we need to learn, this is really shocking. 

 Kathleen opened the door and as she stepped out under the sun. She starts to glow, she was like her very own sun.

 Suddenly she started to get brighter, I would say brighter than the sun, I was getting scared for a moment, cause she was now unable to look at and all of a sudden she stopped glowing and her skin became normal, just like how it's supposed to be.

 Kathleen quickly ran inside and hugged Ymir.

"Wow" she smiled happily. "I didn't know we could do this"

"Yeah, I never knew either, cause we always try our abilities on people, what if we tried it on ourselves, I thought and it worked." ymir smiled.

Kathleen turned to me. "Now I can come with you to the mall and everything will be fine".


 That afternoon Ymir stayed for lunch with us and Kathleen wouldn't stop talking and everywhere became silent when she asked Ymir.

"And also where do you live now?"

Ymir's quietness made everyone quiet.

 She finally spoke up. "I live with uhm... Greg"

 Her face seemed flushed as she shoved a big steak in her mouth not bothering to cut it small.

"Who is Greg?" Kathleen asked.

"Greg is... My boyfriend" she replied.

 Kathleen blinked twice and she looked at Ymir.

"And he knows about your identity!" Kathleen stated.

"He does" Ymir smiled to herself.

"When did he find out? Was he cool with it?" Kathleen asked.

"Well see, we've been together way back before you met Joseph, but suddenly I heard how your mom and sister are in danger and I had to live, I really liked Greg, and for the first time I didn't want to forget me or miss, and slowly each day, I studied my compelling ability and used it on him, I know it will be dangerous if I left him because of my ability I used, but I didn't want to lose him." Ymir sighed.


The story though.

 I immediately took out my phone and went back to my history, after scrolling past the countless history, I finally found my encounter with... I clicked on it and decided to the see the name of the person who posted the story, the username was reading *Gregggg455* of course it's the same Greg, she is the Ymir I read about.

I dropped my phone and looked up at ymir.

"But still, compelling someone to fall for you is not very nice." I said to ymir.

"I know that" she sighed. "And I didn't make him fall for me, we were already in love with each other but, I just made him not forget me." ymir expound.

"Not forget him? He almost committed suicide, he had to Recieve therapy" I scoffed.

"H..how do you know about that?" Ymir stuttered.

"Because Your sweet Greg, almost went crazy for you And after receiving therapy, he shared both of your stories anonymously for people to read, but good for you, he didn't regret ever meeting you, the story was supposed to be romantic, but it was scary, if he had truly loved you, he wouldn't forget you, you shouldn't have mess with his head Ymir" I explained.

 Ymir got up immediately.

"I have to go" she said.

"But you're not done with your me--

"Another time kathleen" Ymir said, thanked me for the food and walked away.

 Kathleen looked at me and shrugged.

  Kathleen turned to see Mary holding a spoon and about to put it in her mouth.

"Drop the spoon Mary" Kathleen said sternly.

Mary looked up at her.

"Drop it" Kathleen said and tapped the table.

Mary looked at me and then turned back to Kathleen.

"Come on, let's go, drop the spoon" Kathleen ordered and Mary dropped the spoon and starts to cry.

 Kathleen burst out laughing and I shook my head.. Seeing Kathleen laugh amused Mary and she stopped crying. 



That night after watching Kathleen give Joel his bath, I took him in my arm and he was wrapped in a fine cotton towel.

 Seeing how I was holding Joel standing by the bathroom mirror, Mary starts to cry wanting me to hold her too, and she stretched her hands up at me and open and close her fingers eagerly.

I shook my head at her and stick my tongue out at her playfully, she seems to find the gesture annoying and screamed louder. 

 Kathleen burst out laughing. 

"Mary, come over here" Kathleen smiled. 

Mary turned to her and looking at me one more time, she crawled to Kathleen. 

Kathleen grabbed her and kissed her cheeks. 

"Daddy's very mean isn't he, now let's not mind him and take our baths without him okay." Kathleen smiled and kissed Mary's nose.. I shook my head and walked out of the bathroom with my son. 



Kathleen and I were the ones awake, the house seemed quiet with Joel and Mary asleep, Mary especially, Joel isn't much of a crier. He tends to be super quiet. But Mary, as she grows everyday, she's just getting stubborn. But still she's very loveable.

 Kathleen got on the bed beside me and starts to tie her hair at her back.

 I sat up and cleared my throat.

I should do it now. I thought.

"Kath" I called and she turned to me.

"Yeah?" she smiled sitting down and shoving her legs under the blanket.

"I know, I'm not holding a ring or anything or not holding any special event, but will you marry me.?" I asked.

"Whoa" she stated. "That just made my tummy churn" she laughed.

"But sure, yes, of course, I will, I mean I do, why would I say no" she laughed and I smiled.

"Thank you" I Beamed.

 She straddled me immediately on the bed and kissed me.


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