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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 43




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 43

Writen by Ruthie Lee


Holding my two weeks old baby boy in my hand, I heard my name from the resting room upstairs and head upstairs.

 Joel's eyes were wide open and was looking around.

Babies around his age sleeps the whole day, but no he's just so different.

 I walked into the room and saw Kathleen smiling with Mary.

"You won't believe me when I say Mary took a step all by herself, all the way from here to over there." Kathleen smiled pointing the distance Mary has walked.

 She was starting to look like herself again. She was eating properly, sleeping properly, I don't really let her do anything, the only thing she do is feed Joel, I never even let her hold him. Her too skinny figure was the worst, I wanted her to be herself again.

"She should be able to walk, she's almost twelve months" I smiled.

"You think?" Kathleen smiled and I nodded.

"Okay now, I want you to see for yourself, tell mary to come meet you over there." Kathleen stated.

I sighed. "Mary, come to daddy" I smiled at Mary and she just stare at me.

"Come on Mary, go to daddy" Kathleen persuaded.

"Don't tell me you're shy, come on sweetie, Joel's waiting to meet you." I said and let out a smile.

Mary giggled happily and starts to walk towards me all by herself, her body and legs were wobbling, but she made she got to me.

"Good girl" I smiled down at her.

 Her hands stretched out to me and  I held Joel's body well and grabbed Mary with my other hand.

 Mary sat on my arm and looked down at her half brother...

 She touched his face and immediately pulled her hands back to herself laughing.

"he's cute isn't he." I smiled at Mary.

 "The fact that he looks like you makes him super cute" Kathleen chimed in.

"Well I know you're wrong cause you're super beautiful and you passed it down to Joel." i smiled.

"How come I don't see me when I look down at him but you" Kathleen's smile was capturing.

"Oh and guess what, my mother will be coming over pretty soon." I changed the subject immediately it hit me.

"Your mother?" Kathleen seemed thrilled.

"You know, I haven't really tell her about you, or you being pregnant and then giving birth, she'll probably choke me to death if she finds out without me telling her, so I'll be breaking the news to her tonight." I explained and Kathleen nodded and took Mary from me when Mary reached for her.

"I think Mary likes me more than you" Kathleen smiled..

"That's because you spoiled her to." I smirked.

"No I didn't" Kathleen gasped.

"Yes you did."

"Oh so, that's why you're trying so hard, so Joel can like so much." Kathleen rolled her eyes.

"If that is what you think!" I arched my brows.

 Joel starts to move and was about to cry I think.

Kathleen looked down at her chest, I'm starting to get soaked "He's hungry." Kathleen smiled. 

"Oh" I said.

Kathleen dropped Mary and room Joel from me.

 I gave her privacy to feed Joel and went to make dinner, not that none of us cares about privacy.

 I prepared dinner and by then, Kathleen had already put Joel to sleep and had placed him in Mary's crib, the crib no longer belongs to Mary but Joel.

  We had chicken fried rice that evening and of course Mary and Kathleen seemed to enjoy the meal more than me. Mary's basically eats everything we eat now, she's not a baby anymore, I mean she is but she'll be one year soon. She has complete twenty teeth.

She's growing up so well, even though some of her mates are still being breast fed, she's still doing better.

"I love you soooo much.." Kathleen breathed out after dinner. 

"Just say you love the food. Don't use me as an excuse" I scoffed and she laughed. 

"Okay, I love you both, but I love the food more." Kathleen laughed and I rolled my eyes. 

She definitely didn't look like someone who just gave birth, she still acts cute, juvenile, she's funny and still ask a lot of questions too. Ymir has been coming here lately though, acting like an older sister to Kathleen, playing with Mary. She's like almost part of the family. 


 I glanced at Kathleen who was busy telling Mary to let go of the plate so she'll clear the table, I sighed to myself and shook my head. 

What the hell am I waiting for. 

  That moment a knock came in at the front door and I went to answer it. 

Nobody usually knocks on this door, but lately I think I will count it up to a hundred times, that I've heard that door being knocked over by none other than ymir or doctor Liam. 

 I opened the door and wasn't surprised when I saw Liam. He seemed to be in a hurry. 

"Here! It's getting late, this is what you asked for, I'll be off then" Liam said shoving some papers in my hand and rushing to his car. 

 I closed the door and Kathleen quickly walked up to me...

"What's that and who was that?" she asked curiously. 

"That was Liam." I replied looking down at the papers carefully. 

  Days ago doctor Liam had take a blood sample from Leo. 

"This is Joel's birth certificate" I smiled and Kathleen took it from me immediately grinning from ear to ear. 

"Wow" she breathed out. 

"Wow indeed, and this is the result for Joel's blood test" I said and my lips curved into a happy smile.

 Kathleen's blood test result clearly read that she wasn't human, it showed in between a Nile tilapia and a human. But looking at Joel's blood test it was showing how human he was.

 I took the certificate from Kathleen and smiled. "I'll go put this where exactly Mary's own is."

"Do you have a birth certificate" Kathleen asked.

"of course" I laughed "Everyone does"

"I don't" Kathleen frowned.

"Well that's no problem cause we'll make one for you" I smiled. 

"That's great" Kathleen Beamed. 

 She looked down and then up again. 

"But i don't have a birthday, the way we calculate our age is not the way you guys do." Kathleen shrugged. 

"How do you mean." 

"We get a year older each time the moon is full" Kathleen expound. 

"What the hell, who the hell implemented that messed up rule." I scoffed. 

"Neptune" she replied. 

"It's as stupid as him, anyways you can share my birthday! I'm August twelve" I smiled.

"perfect. And If I'm twenty six, I think you should be around twenty two?" I don't know but she looks twenty two to me.

Kathleen seemed excited over that and that night she slept soundly with Mary beside her.

 That night I called my mother.

Her voice seemed like she was just waking up from a deep slumber.

"Hey mom" I said very lowly.

"Joseph? Why are you calling so late." my bad, she sounded very sleepy.

"Sorry, I just want to talk to you about something, mom I have another son." I quickly said.

"Another son?" my mom didn't seem too surprised. "Let me guess, is it from that Kathleen girl"

I was stunned.

"How did you know Kath, I've never told you about her before." I stated.

"Liam told me about your sweet Kathleen months ago, I wanted to come over to see who she was, but I didn't want to be named as a nosy mom or a pushover, I just believe you know who you want best." my mom words made me smile.

"I want you to come over mom, and you can be as pushy and nosy as you wish. You're my mom anyways" I said.

I could feel her smile. "Go to bed," she said and hung up.



 "Is this dress okay?" Kathleen asked arranging her, it's growing long again, but well, she's pretty either long or short.

"Just toss a shirt over your body and you're looking good" I sighed.

"But your mother is coming over, how do you expect me not to look my best" she said shoving me over and unzipping the dress on her body.

"You've changed almost four times kath, you look great" I said stopping her from moving and zipping her cloth back up.

"look, my mom will love you" I smiled...

"You think so" she breathed out.

"I know so"

I took her face in my hands and kissed both her cheeks, she smiled and nodded.

 The suddenly opened and my mom walked in, for all the reasons in the word, she believes she's not supposed to knock.

And wow she got here real fast.

 Kathleen seemed nervous all of a sudden. I held her hand and walked up to my mom.

"Mom" I smiled at her and my eyes immediately dart to my father who was walking in with a wrapped gift box.

"Dad" I smiled.

"Yeah, Joseph, go get me a glass of water, your old man's thirsty" my dad said dropping the gift bag on the floor.

 I was about to go get it but Kathleen chimed in. "I'll go get you a glass of water"

 Kathleen left for the kitchen and my parent's eyes never left me as they asked.

"is she the Kathleen?" my mom asked.

"The one who just gave birth?" my dad added.

"Yes she is." I replied.

"When did you guys even meet, everything is happening so fast or am I growing too old and now you have a second child" my mother scoffed and I laughed.

"We've met way back before Liam could tell" I Lied.

"So that means she was pregnant for before Suzanne left you?" my mom asked.

"Seems like it." I Lied.

It's better to lie this way than her being caught.

"So you both cheated on each other, you guys are the worst together, I never really like Suzanne from the start" my mom said and I laughed.

"You're happy aren't you?" my dad asked and I nodded.

"More than happy." I smiled.

"And that's the only thing that matters, now where is my little pumpkin pie" my dad asked.

"Ever since she starts to walk on her own, she's been walking and sneaking around the house lately.

 My dad found Mary at the back of the couch and grabbed her immediately.

 Kathleen came back with the water and handed it to my dad in the most polite way, and seeing Kathleen Mary reach for her leaving my dad.

"Gracious goodness, you're beautiful" my dad laughed staring at Kathleen as he took his water.

"Thank you" Kathleen glanced at me.

"She sure is" my mother smiled.

"Th..thank you Mrs... Mrs..

"Oh please, call me mom," my mom rolled her eyes, and I could tell Kathleen almost burst with excitement hearing that.

"Now where is my grandson?" my mom asked...



"Are you sure he's a boy?" my dad asked looking down at sleeping Joel in his crib.

"What? Are you indirectly saying boys can't be pretty?" I scoffed making Kathleen laugh and Kathleen also making Mary laugh too in her arms.

"boys can be pretty, but what your father meant is, Joel has a feminine beauty. He is sure going to be a heart throb." my mother smiled.

"A heart throb?" Kathleen repeated. I know she doesn't understand what that meant.

"He's going to be a lady's man, girls are going to go crazy for him, we'll make sure to lock him up" I said and my parents Burst out laughing.

"The only one you should lock up is Mary over here, she's not up to one year and she's already a throbber, who's not willing to stay intact" my dad said and I laughed.

T. B. C 


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