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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 42




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 42

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"It's a boy" the nurse smiled taking the boy up and showing his bloody body and his skinny legs. His loud cry covered the whole room and I couldn't contain my relief.

 "Kathleen it's a boy" I smiled and looked down at her.

 Kathleen eyes were closed as it seems like she was asleep.

  How could she fall asleep so quickly.

"Kathleen" I smiled and looked down at her more closely, I released our hands and immediately hers fell to her side. 

 "Kath?" I called and noticed she wasn't breathing

 "Kath..." I called again and turned to the nurse who just delivered the baby.

She's not breathing.

The nurse read my expression and stood up immediately to see what I was talking about.

Kathleen seemed like she was asleep, but you can't be asleep and not breathe.

 The nurse tapped my shoulder telling me not to worry, she quickly tidy up in between Kathleen's blood legs and pulled the blanket sheets over her body.

 Doctor Liam was needed and he walked into the room immediately.

 He checked Kathleen's heartbeat using his stethoscope. And he glanced at me worriedly.

"Don't tell me you didn't hear anything." I was panicking, my voice was louder than the baby's voice.

"I'll check again." Liam said and placed the stethoscope against her check. He shook his head Negatively.

"Don't tell me she's Dea...

"She's not,she might have passed out" Liam interrupted me immediately.

"She might have passed out due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain. Many things can cause oxygen deprivation to the brain, including low blood pressure, sometimes stress," Liam stated and he looked like him and his team came well prepared as they quickly brought out an oxygen mask and placed it over Kathleen's face. They connected it to the oxygen gas, and placed Kathleen's head comfortably on the pillow.

"Goodness this baby is gloriously beautiful" I heard one of the nurse whispering behind me.

 I sighed, to be honest, Kathleen's even more important.

 Kathleen's hand suddenly moved and in full speed, a syringe was going into her skin.

Kathleen starts to breathe, and I breathed out a sigh of relief as the oxygen mask looked like it was getting steamed.

 I was so glad.

"See.. She just passed out." Liam smiled at me, but as he turned he breathed a sigh of relief.

 "All this will be best if we take her to a hospital, I mean get her hospital records down and her baby's that will be--

"No, it's okay!" I quickly interrupted. "Kathleen doesn't go to hospitals, she recieves treatments at home" I added.

Liam looked at me awkwardly.

"She gets skin reaction when she gets under the sun" I Lied.

Well skin reaction is better than a glow up under the sun.

"Okay then, I don't really know the main reason you don't want her in the hospital but I won't force you, I'll respect your choice." doctor Liam smiled.

 Kathleen's eyes suddenly fluttered open and she tried to sit up seeing her baby, but she was told to lie back.

"seems like she's okay now." Liam smiled.

 One of the nurses tried to take the oxygen away from her mouth but Liam opposed the action.

But agreed when he recieved a glare from Kathleen.

Looks like she's herself again.

 Kathleen slowly, very slowly, she sat up on her own and reached for her baby boy, who was now wrapped in a soft cotton cloth.

"He's beautiful" Liam smiled.

"He has your eyes Joseph and the rest of his features belongs to Kathleen." Liam added and I rolled my eyes.

 Kathleen turned to me with a smile.

"What should we call him?"

"What do you want to call him?" I returned the smile.

"Can I call him Jospeh?" Kathleen smiled down at the boy.

Liam laughed hysterically receiving a glare from me.

"No, his surname is already Joseph" Liam smiled.

Like seriously, Kathleen and I are the ones having a conversation here.

"Liam, I'll really appreciate if you're less nosy." I smiled.

"Sorry, juat pretend I'm not here." Liam laughed and walked up to one of the nurse.

"And no, you can't call him Joseph," I smiled at Kathleen.

"But when I look down at him, all I see is you." she smiled,

"Doesn't mean you should call him Joseph" I sat in front of her. 

"But... How come he looks so much like you, its making me want to cry, he's so like you." Kathleen smiled.

She looked like she could really use a nap that will take years. She really looks, tired pale and skinny.

"How about Joel?" I stated.

"Joel, I like it because it's similar to Joseph" Kathleen Beamed.

"Then Joel it is, and also as his godfather, I also give him the name Robinson" Liam smiled.

"And since when did anyone give you the title godfather to my son?" I asked Liam and he laughed.

"Well I gave myself" he Beamed and I shook my head.

 Of course he should be Joel's godfather.

I turned to Kathleen. 

"Okay then Kath, meet our son, Joel Robinson jospeh" I smiled and Kathleen smiled the more.

 One of the nurse walked up to us.

"Okay then miss Kathleen time for your Joel's breastfeeding, we shouldn't waste any time."

 Ymir walked inside and seeing the baby boy in Kathleen's arm, she lets out a cry smile.

 Walking up to Kathleen and wiping her tears, At that moment ymir seemed like the most happy person on earth.

"She's so beautiful" Ymir smiled.

"She's a boy" Kathleen laughed tiredly.

Ymir sniffed and smiled even more. "How come he looks so much like Joseph" ymir laughed and Kathleen nodded happily.

"He's my baby ymir, I gave birth to him." Kathleen eyes became glossy.

"He belongs to jospeh and I" Kathleen tear almost dropped and I wiped it out for her.

"Do you know what this means, my happiness is complete, I don't need anything else." Kathleen sniffed.

"I know that, I'm so sorry for doubting you, you're way stronger than me, You giving yourself the hope and encouragement you needed was the strongest thing ever, I'm so glad you didn't listen to me." Ymir sniffed.

 The nurses told ymir and I to back off and telling me and doctor Liam the room because Kathleen was about to breastfeed Joel. I mean she's my girlfriend, do I have to leave the room.


 Liam and I sat alone in the living room.

Liam handed me a sheet of paper which he had write down something. 


"Here, this is a schedule you need to follow in order to keep Kathleen well healthy and figured, this are the foods she needs to take on a weekdays, as for today immediately we leave, the first thing she needs is rest, resting for forty eight hours should be best and after two weeks, I'll make sure to get another nurse that will help with her stomach binding." Liam explained and I nodded.

"Thank you! You've done so much for me Liam"  I smiled.

"That's right, what would you have done without me." Liam grinned teasingly and I laughed.

"Not that I'm trying to lurk into your private lives or anything, I'm not trying to be nosy, I don't know what happened to you and Suzanne, but you and miss Kathleen, you guys are perfect together, make sure you don't let her go okay" Liam smiled and I shook my head Negatively, laughing. "you sure are one nosy doctor"  I rolled my eyes.

"Teach me how to not be nosy." Liam smiled and my heard turned when I heard a familiar voice...

 It was Mary, saying some baby words to get my attention, she was practically yelling.

  I walked up to Mary and grabbed her with a smile, she smiled at me immediately.

  I later walked into the room where  Kathleen was still nursing her child and the nurses were packing their stuff and all.

 Kathleen lips crept up into a weak smile as she saw me walk in with Mary in my hand.

 Ymir held the happiest smile...

I sat in front of Kathleen and looked down at 'our' son, someone could hardly tell he was a boy. His eyelashes were too girly to begin with. 

"Are you okay?" I asked Kathleen and touched her face. Her body was warm.

"I am" she nodded..

     I noticed how Mary was looking down at Joel like she was looking at something she hasn't seen before.

Kathleen noticed and smiled.

"This Is your baby brother." Kathleen smiled.

Mary didn't understand so she just smiled as Kathleen smiled.

She'll understand soon.

 Joel soon fall asleep and was placed beside Kathleen.

 Kathleen complained of being thirsty and after a bottle of water she still complains how it wasn't enough, that she wanted more. The nurses seemed thrilled as she finished five bottles of water at that moment.

They were all speechless.

Well I've seen this happen before. There's nothing to be surprised about.


 I took Liam's instruction and let Kathleen rest well.

  Kathleen, Joel and Mary were asleep that evening when Ymir walked up to me.


"Hi" she smiled.

"HI?" I replied.

"Now you have two beautiful children." Ymir smiled.

"Thank you" I returned the smile.

"Im sorry for being such a bad influence to Kathleen, if she had listen to me, Joel wouldn't be here by now, it wasn't until the last moment it hit me that, Kathleen has legs here and her case was totally different from my mom, who wanted to give birth to a human child with a tail."

 Ymir sighed and looked up and then side ways, causing her long hair to swing behind her.

She was definitely the Ymir, I read about days ago, she was a perfect fit to the description.

"If sirens can't give birth to human baby, then you're as big as a human, how ever did your mom give birth to you?" I asked.

"We're pretty much fishes, so we give birth like them, we mate, the female eggs goes through fertilization inside her body thanks to the male... And when we are Born we're as big as my finger." Ymir smiled showing me her index finger.

No way.

"We're born tiny, but yet we still grow up to be big enough like humans, I don't get why human baby deliveres tend to be so hard, I almost got scared for Kathleen, but I'm glad she's fine, I can totally breathe in peace." Ymir said and breathed a sigh of relief happily...

"Anyways Mr. Joseph, I should get going!" she smiled.

"Would you mind staying over for dinner?" I asked.

"I'd love that, but I'm already running late." she smiled.

  I wanted to ask her more questions, questions like, who is she living with? If she's the Ymir u read about.

 And she and Kathleen are like refugees here on land, so how is she coping without anyone's help.



 That night Kathleen woke up and had dinner, and after dinner she nursed Joel.

 Joel's has had his eyes open wide and could only stare at his mother chin.

 Kathleen looked more than happy as she nursed her child.

Mary sat in front of Kathleen and carefully watched Joel, Kathleen noticed the stare and laughed.

 She grabbed Mary's hand and let her touch Joel's soft hands.

 Mary suddenly pulled back her hand like Joel was something she can't touch.

"Do you know" I started and Kathleen looked up at me. "That babies can have their eyes wide open but can't see a person face perfectly until the person is like ten inches away form the face, and everything around them is all white and black, they don't see in colours until they get to 4 months and their vision starts to get colour."

"I hope Joel gets to be smart like you" Kathleen smile-sighed.

"You're smart too, so it's not a bad idea if he actually gets that smartness from you" I smiled.

Kathleen laughed lightly, "You don't know what you're talking about sir, Joseph, I am way far from smart".

"Joseph" I corrected her.

Kathleen rolled her eyes and I laughed. Mary suddenly came up to me and rested her body against mine, taking a perfect look at her half brother.


T. B. C

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