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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 40




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 40

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"Good morning" I said.

"Good morning dear Joseph" Doctor Liam said and he seemed to be in a really good mood. More of an exciting mood.

"And may I ask why you're in such a glorious mood?" I smiled.

"Oh I'm so glad you asked, the girl in which I drew her blood yesterday, I went back to my lab, even though you didn't accept my result saying my computer produced fake result, I still managed to work on the blood test and you wouldn't believe what i found out about it. "

Oh no.

"You could have just left the case, I mean--

"I wanted to, but I'm glad I picked up the test again. And I was shocked." Liam smiled  taking out some papers from his bag.

"Here", he said and  gave me two different kind of papers.

 He brought out an extra paper and placed his brief case on the couch. The smile he held was more than I've ever see from him.

 He told me to look down at both of the papers.

"Now look, this a blood test result from a human, and this other paper is a blood test from a fish, this is just a common Nile tilapia fish blood test results. Now look at the lady's blood test result I drew out days ago" Liam smiled and placed Kathleen's blood test result in front of my eyes.

    "Now if you study this three results in front of your eyes, you can see how the lady's result is almost the same to the fish result and the human result, And believe me, this is huge." Liam laughed.

"I... I don't think this is correct, maybe you should recheck." I stuttered.

"No can do" Liam laughed. "I already checked this results more than twice, four in total and it kept saying the same thing I couldn't believe my eyes." Liam smiled.

I didn't know what he said, I just watched as he smiled gloriously smiling at more papers he took from his bag.

"Is that copies of Kathleen's result?" I asked.

"Yeah" He smiled looking at them.

"Can I see all of them?" I asked.

"Yeah sure" He gave me the papers taking off his glasses and cleaning his eyes with his handkerchief.

I took the remaining copies from him and tore it into pieces.

 He was dumbfounded by my action.

"Why did you do that?" he finally asked.

"It was an accident" I smiled.

"Well that seemed beyond an accident, it's a good thing I had to back the file up in my computer." Liam breathed out a sigh.

"Well how about you delete that file immediately you go back to your office!" I smirked.

"Why...? Why would I do that?" Liam asked blinking rapidly.

"Personal reasons." I smiled.

Liam looked at me carefully, he moved his grey hair back and smiled.

"Do you know something Joseph?" Liam scoffed.

"Know something, what do you mean, know something?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Joseph I've known you all your life. You can't possibly keep anything from me can you?" Liam asked sitting down.

"And what can I possibly keep from you?" I threw back the question.

"I don't know, but I think you do!" Liam stated.

"What are you implying?" I scoffed.


Doctor Liam paused when he noticed Kathleen walking into the living room. 

"Joseph..." Kathleen called walking up to me with sleepy eyes. 

"Miss Kathleen!" Liam suddenly smiled and walked up to Kathleen. 

Of course Kathleen recognized him and put up a warm smile immediately "Doctor... Li..

"Doctor Liam" Liam helped and Kathleen smiled. 

"How are you and your baby?" Liam smiled. 

"We're both fine." Kathleen smiled. 

"Good to hear" Liam smiled.

"So I checked your blood and the test resu--

"Kathleen!" I called cutting Liam off. "Can you uhm... Give Liam and I a moment?" I smiled at Kathleen and she nodded and walked away.

"Why won't you let me talk to her." Liam was furious.

"Look, Liam, I know you as not the inquisitive type, and I just called you here to tell me how Kathleen will be doing if she's going to be alright, what is actually wrong with her, but here you are telling me about how you mixed a fish DNA and a lady's DNA, just tell me what to make her feel better." I sighed.

 Liam seemed discouraged by my attitude and he sighed and opened his briefcase fully.

"She didn't seem to be going through stress or anything, she's very healthy, but I don't understand why she got so tired that here, but I brought some shots for her that will totally make her feel better, I mean she's pregnant and women and their type of bodies. If you want i can come here, every Tuesday and Thursday to give her some treatments that will help her with her stability, cause she's more skinner than the last time I came here" Liam shook his head.

"No kidding." I sighed.

"When my son's wife was pregnant-

"she almost weighed one hundred pounds in one month, you've told me that story a million times Liam" I smiled and he laughed.

"What I'm just trying to say is, she might get more skinner than this but it's just her body and the baby will be okay." Liam said and I nodded.

Even he sees how skinny Kathleen's getting.

"How is dear Mary!" Liam asked.

"She's asleep and fine." I replied.

"I remembered when Suzanne was pregnant with her and how she always--

"You do nothing else but always remember." I cut him off and he laughed.

"Anyways Jojo I'll be leaving after miss Kathleen take these shots." Liam smiled.

"I warned you not to call me that anymore when I turned fifteen, I can't believe you" I shook my head Negatively.

"And you should know by now that I don't listen to what you say." Liam added and we both laughed.

    Though Liam was way older than me to be a father, he was like a best friend and a family too, he was just a doctor who helped my mom through her pregnancy days for me, and suddenly became our own private doctor and now he feels like family too.


  Kathleen came back to the living room to take her shots doctor Liam got for her, while the syringe was piercing into her hand she didn't even flinch. And when I got a flu some years ago and had to take some shots, I almost cried and Suzanne just laughed at me.  


 After giving Kathleen the shots, she gave her some pills and told her when to take them. 

Before Liam left, he asked me. 

"Do you know anything about the test results?" 

"I don't know what or where you're trying to get to but can you drop that Liam for me..." I said and he sighed. 

"But this is huge, how can a human blood reads a human and also a fish and believe me when I say no body has ever disc--

 Liam stopped talking when he read my eyes.

"Alright, I'll drop the case, it's stupid anyways" Liam sighed.

"Yeah it is, cause if I can read your mind you're basically thinking you've discovered something new, but what if you got some fish blood into Kathleen's blood and now you're ranting about how this and that are fish, are you trying to say Kathleen blood is abnormal?" I arched my brows at him and he laughed.

"Of course not. You know what. Let's not talk about this anymore, send my greetings to your parents."  Liam smiled before leaving.


 That night right after dinner, Kathleen took out her pills and I thought she was going to swallow it with the help of water, but after bringing out the different pills and amount she's supposed to take she threw it all in her mouth and starts to chew it, before I could tell her about the swallowing which was way easy.

 Kathleen faced squeezed tightly and she turned to me.

I laughed. "What's wrong?"

"It's bitter." she squeezed her face even more.

"I understand, you haven't taken pills before, but pills isn't candy, you didn't even let me tell you how to take them." I laughed.

 She grabbed the water in front of her and gulped it in one go.

Kathleen breathed out a sigh. "That's better." she smiled.

 "Yeah, water makes everything better." I smiled too.

"But do you think all these pills and portions I'm taking are going to help me? You know I'm not like you guys." Kathleen.

"Not like us?" I scoffed. "We're a the same Kathleen" I let out a warm smile and she Beamed.

 Mary made a gag in front of us and we smiled at her too.


 That night we slept soundly and the next day, Kathleen seemed to be fine again.

 Days turned into weeks and Kathleen's stomach grew more than it was supposed to, it was scary because it seemed unreal, every Tuesday and Thursday, I had to go meet doctor Liam in his office to get Kathleen's pills because I was afraid of him coming to my home and seeing Kathleen's stomach grow Like it was already completing the eight to nine months stages.

   From my views, the pills Kathleen took was really helping cause as the stomach grew she grew skinny but not a day, she felt weak, I still kept my words and I supported her with every bone in my body, though I was worried.

 Weeks turned into months and that's we lived, everything at home was for Kathleen, she eats like a lion and changes mood every single Second, she was mostly happy and half angry, whenever she was angry Mary was the only person who could calm her down, cause anytime she would be angry, Mary would never fail to smile at her, it was like Mary was reading her.

It was like deja vu of Kathleen's medicine every single day, but still yet I enjoyed her company and never liked to imagine what the house would be like without Kathleen or Mary here. 



 Kathleen and I celebrated when we noticed Mary's teeth has gotten to eight, it was four at the bottom and four at the top, it's been two months now and whenever she's alone, she's always trying to stand on her own, even if she can't stand without holding on to something. Kathleen stomach became scarier and so did she, it was like her skin had dried against her bones, I always try to think it was nothing, doctor Liam had stopped prescribing pills for her saying it was for the best and I didn't for once dare to look at Kathleen like she was going to break even if she looked that way.


  It was sunny afternoon, Kathleen, Mary and I were in the living room, while Kathleen and Mary were bonding like real mother and daughter, I sat on the couch with my phone having a text conversation with Martins.

 I knock came on the door and I went to attend to the door. It was Ymir, it's been ages since she came here.

"Where is Ymir?" she quickly asked "she hasn't given birth yet right?" she rushed her words.

"No she hasn't, its just three months why would she give birth." I scoffed.

"I'm sure her stomach's bigger than your head, it should have been the perfect explanation for you that, the baby inside Kathleen's stomach will be out in any days n--

Ymir and I both heard Kathleen's voice from the living room and we rushed to her immediately to see her on her feet panicking, underneath her open  legs, the floor was a bit wet.

"I think I peed" she said in a panicked voice.

"It's not pee, your water just broke."  Ymir stated.


T. B. C.

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