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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 38




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 38

Writen by Ruthie Lee


Days and weeks passed and Kathleen ate more than her usual self, 

 Well she's pregnant and there's nothing wrong with a pregnant woman eating more than her appetite, just that Kathleen was more than a woman. 


"You'll probably become fat one day!" I tell her seeing her spread jam across her bread one night.

"Too bad, I'm still the same!" she smiled. 

"That's because you throw up everything you eat immediately after eating." I rolled my eyes. 

"It's not my fault." she said grabbing three loafs of bread and walking up to me with the jar of jam in her hand. 

 She sat beside me and placed the Jam on my thigh and after opening the loaves of bread, she spread jam against all of them and they all disappeared in one go. 

"Whoa." I laughed. 

 "What?" she asked, her mouth full. 

"You might blow up one day," I said. 

"Your words are always one days. I'm going to get fat one day, I'm going to burst one day" she mimicked my voice and laughed to herself. 

"Funny enough." I stood up. 

"Where are you going?" Kathleen asked. 

"to bed." I replied. 

"But it's still early." she smiled. 

"That's why you have to go to bed too, cause tomorrow you might wake up by this time again." I said, not that she has actually woken up by this time. 

"And besides, Mary's all alone, even though she's asleep, she needs company. You can come join us later, after, you're done with your feast" I tell her. 

I was about to go to my room when    I paused again and turned towards Kathleen. "And make sure, you throw up after eating before you come back to the room, cause I don't know it feels like a daily routine now." 

Kathleen glared at me and I laughed and walked away. 

 Gradually, Kathleen and I were becoming inseparable, I mean we are dating now and she's carrying my child, somehow the thought of her being a siren doesn't scare my mind at all and somehow it feels like a normal thing. 

 Deep down I did hope her being won't affect the baby. She hasn't feel any pain since Ymir came here, and it was only two times Ymir showed up here and never showed up again. 

 Kathleen days seemed to be happier. 

 I changed into my sleeping attire and taking a sneek peek at Mary from her crib, I smiled and got on the bed. 

 Thinking of Kathleen, I smiled. Well I'm becoming more attach to her and it feels lovely. Just like how I felt when I first met Suzanne. 

       Am I falling in move with Kathleen? The thought made me scoff and all of a sudden, the door burst open and Kathleen walked in. She smiled seeing me and gently closed the door, so as not to wake Mary up.

 Kathleen got on the bed with me and I sat up.

"You're sure you're not feeling irritated after eating?" I asked to be sure.

Cause she always complain about how irritated she was feeling after every meal and she'll end up puking.

 "Don't worry I feel fine and full, bread doesn't make me feel that way" she smiled. 

"Good to hear" I smiled and she laid down on the bed and breathed out a sigh. 

 Her hands laid down on her stomach and she turned to me with a smile. 

"Look!" Kathleen Beamed slowly raising her shirt up. 

 She exposed her stomach and let's out a giggle.

"It's growing now right?" she asked. 

I nodded seeing the bump the kid has created it's mother's stomach. 

"It's nice carrying a baby." Kathleen smiled . 

"You think so!?" I asked and she nodded. 

"Because it belongs to you and its a Blessing."  she smiled and scoot closer to me, she pulled me down causing me to lay back down on the bed. 

I pulled her shirt down letting it cover her stomach again.  

Kathleen leaned closer to me and placed her head on my chest. 

"I love your scent!" she smiled. 

"But Kathleen" I called and she looked up. 

"How do you think it's going to be?"  I asked. "You can't go to the hospital for treatments a normal pregnant woman recieves and how are you going to deliver?" I asked. 

"When the time comes, we'll talk about it, I don't like being reminded" Kathleen said quietly clutching to my clothes tightly. 

"sometimes." Kathleen sighed. "No every time, I wish, I was never born this way, then I would have met you and then every thing would have been normal". 

 She was started to talk sad. And now she's starting to hate herself again. 

"Don't talk like that, cause if you were born a human you would have left me like Suzanne did, or worse we wouldn't have met, everything happens for a reason, just so know. What you just have to do is accept your fate and don't try to avoid the rough and steep path, instead take the path and that's the only way you can finally breathe out a peace of your fate." I explained.

Kathleen raised her head up "So, are you saying, we're now at the rough and steep path?" Kathleen asked and I nodded.

"And we're going to overcome it, trust me." I said.

"I know" she smiled. 

But overcome was an overstatement. No doubt I liked... Loved Kathleen for who she is now, but neptune was not on our side. 

 The next day Kathleen woke up and she couldn't move, she could move but she said she was weaker than a snail being crushed rock that was still alive. 

She seemed pale and I was freaking out. 

 She had breakfast in bed and I had to feed her cause she could hardly raised her hand. 

 Kathleen that seemed always cheerful was dull throughout that day without moving an inch from where she was, during nighttime she hugged me tightly again before  falling asleep. 


 The next day Kathleen seemed to be herself, but she still did some things very slowly. 

 I noticed her movements, her smile, she was there, but still she wasn't there, but at least she was better than yesterday. 

 I was worried and I had no choice. 

I called my family doctor over, I didn't care the risk I was taking but I had to. I mean we trusted him, and I do too. 

 Kathleen seemed kind of insecure and uncomfortable when the doctor had to draw her blood.  Well my doctor had no idea what he was gotten himself into, but I don't care if he knows or not cause the only thing I want now is to make Kathleen alright. 

  My doctor seemed confused when he came back with the test results the next day, he Said he didn't understand what the result was reading, he knows Kathleen was pregnant but he did manage to give her some shots which he knows will help, I didn't say anything to him and made sure to convince him his computer must have been broken or something. 

 The shots did seem to make Kathleen feel better and she was herself again. 

 Days passed and Kathleen and I were happy again, it was like a happy ending. Mary getting more attached to Kathleen and Kathleen growing more fond of Mary and Kathleen falling for her unborn child the more. 

  I kind of noticed Kathleen was getting skinny, I thought it was my eyes, but it wasn't, her collarbone went deep and the night we almost made love again, my hands roaming around her body, you could easily feel her bones.  And at that moment I had to stop. 

She eats more than she could carry, she eats the perfect balance diet, I always make sure she does and she takes the perfect rest. But I don't understand what was eating her up. 

Is my Kathleen alright? 

T. B. C

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