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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 37




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 37

Writen by Ruthie Lee


"Stop trying to scare me" Kathleen said angrily through gritted teeth.

"I am not trying to." Ymir yelled.

"Then leave me alone, I'm pregnant for sir, Joseph or not, its none of your business. What if I'm taking a risk, it's my body."

"You're the only family, I have left Kathleen and I'm not going to let you kill yourself over something stupid like this, you're going to end this baby!" Ymir said angrily.

"End what? I am ending nothing!" Kathleen said angrily moving back slowly.

"Kathleen, you're making the wrong decision."  Ymir stated angrily.

"Maybe I am, but I don't care!"  Kathleen blurted.

"You're just so naive, just like how my mom was, I had no idea she was going up to the surface every time, and then she fell in love with a human, I didn't even know she was pregnant for the so called human until one day when I saw her feel the exact same pain on her waist, she knew she was pregnant and when I asked her she didn't bother lying, my mother thought she could bare the child and she hardly went to the surface cause she grew weak, I begged her to terminate the child, but she wouldn't listen to me, and as days went by she grew skinny, it was like the baby was eating her up and and two days before birth, she died, your mom knew about it, but she didn't bother to stop her sister, and made her choose the wrong choice. For I wasn't able to stop my mother, I'm going to stop you!" Ymir was optimistic she was but Kathleen wasn't.

 "Your mother made her choice and I'll make mine, thank you for caring," Kathleen said not looking at Ymir in the eyes.

"Why don't you try to understand me Kathleen, you're taking a risk. Everything the human body has, ours will be times three, we never grew up to have human genitals, so we cannot bare children like they do, the baby will grow faster than you expect and it won't be healthy, please try to listen to me Kathleen, I know you've been always stubborn, but please, grow up this time around Kathleen!" Ymir sighed depressingly.

Kathleen said nothing, she raised her head up and glanced at Mary and I, before turning back to Ymir.

"Ymir, I've made my choice, and yes I've always been stubborn and you've never let anyone make choices for you, so I'm going to be like you for now, I've made my decision, I'm not going to get rid of my child, I'm sorry!".

"Fine." Ymir's tone was angry. "I'll support you, I'm not supporting your decision, but I'll support you and your child till the end, don't you dare have any ounce of regret in you if this decision of yours backfires" Ymir glared at Kathleen.

"I'll be back here by this time tomorrow" Ymir said and walked away angrily.


 Kathleen and I both heard as the door was shut and Kathleen turned to me. She let's out a smile. I've been speechless since forever.

 A siren is pregnant with my child and she's going to die if she carries the child.?

How does a man take all this in?

"Sir, Joseph! Did you hear that? I'm pregnant" Kathleen let's out a smile.

 "Is this something to smile about?" I suddenly asked and her smile faded.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You heard what your cousin said right, you can't bare the child Kath, that it's too dangerous." I said, my voice was calm and not too rash like that of Ymir's.

"Okay fine, Ymir suddenly came out of nowhere and detected I am pregnant, that was smart of her, but if she's trying to persuade me to kill what hasn't began to form yet? Then she's wrong. She never really let's people decide for her, she acts like she knows it all and that always causes a fight between she and my real sisters, I'm not taking her choice, I'm taking mine, and I am hundred percent sure I'm going to bare this child" Kathleen was super fierce.

 I said nothing as I watched her smile to herself.

 She paused and turned to me. "Sir, Joseph, do you not like the idea of me carrying your child" she held a frown and looked down at her feet. "Cause even if you hate the idea, I'm still not going to let go of this child."

"It's...it's not that it's a bad idea, you know the case of preparedness wasn't with me and Mary isn't old enough for us to have another child" I breathed out.

Kathleen bearing a child for me, is not a bad idea, but some part of it is a bad idea, I mean if the baby happens to come out, it will be the most beautiful baby anyone has ever seen, but ymir said the baby will be growing faster than normal in Kathleen's stomach, isn't that a case abnormality.

 The thought of all this, is giving me goosebumps and worst of all. Is Kathleen going to be okay?

"It's going to be alright and I know it!" Kathleen gave a sigh and gave me her a warm smile.

"I hope it will."  I returned the smile.



  I made lunch that afternoon and we all ate together, kathleen ate with joy and she seemed way more excited than before and throughout the whole day, I couldn't find my voice.

  Kathleen took Mary to the resting room, while I went to my room.

Can I get used to this, Kathleen getting pregnant and all. One part of me was accepting her being pregnant and the other side of me was doing the opposite. 


That night after dinner, as Kathleen cleared the table, she felt a strong pain around her waist that made her whince and fall on her knees. I went to her immediately to help her up but she pushed my hands away.

"It's nothing" she smiled .

"It didn't even hurt that much" she laughed and got up herself.

 I was a bit scared for her, and I know I can't try to talk her out of this pregnancy.


 The next day it was like the same whole thing repeated itself, Kathleen woke up by 2pm, Ymir came at the same time she did yesterday to check on Kathleen, she said nothing and just told Kathleen what to eat and what not to eat. But when Ymir left, Kathleen  told me she's not going to listen to ymir, that she feels like Ymir's telling her to eat food that will actually kill her child.

Yup, she's the classic Kathleen that everyone knows.

   Kathleen seemed way happier than before, and thankfully today, she didn't feel any pain at all.

 That night, I found my voice seeing how all right, Kathleen was, and since we kind of shared the same bed now.

 During nighttime while Mary was asleep Kathleen wouldn't stop talking about things that really doesn't need to be heard. I would have to shun her and tell her to go to sleep but she'll just make a fake promise about keeping quiet and start talking again.

 We both shared laughter that night, I wouldn't lie.


 Just like that days came and went by like water flows, Kathleen still looked the same, she felt no more pains and I was a bit relieved. It was one cold morning, I was wohj Mary in my room when I heard Kathleen's voice calling me from the bathroom.

 I couldn't leave Mary on her own so I took her in my arms and went straight to the bathroom.

 I got in the bathroom and cladded in only a bra and shorts, Kathleen beckoned for me to come closer to the mirror and I did.

She turned sideways and her lips curved Into a big smile.

"It's growing!" she said referring to her stomach.

I look down at her stomach and noticed nothing.

"It's still flat" I smiled.

"It's not!" she snarled. "look at it, my  stomach, used to go all the way flat, but now it's a little bumpy" she grinned.

"Really, I'm not seeing any difference." I laughed. 

Kathleen rolled her eyes, grabbed my hand and placed it on her stomach. As my hand laid on her warm skin she laughed.

"Did you feel that."

"Feel what?" I asked.  

"I don't know I don't know what was that" she smiled shaking her head.

 Mary being a copy cat stretched her hand too, to touch Kathleen's stomach.

Kathleen laughed and move forward, so Mary's hand would touch her stomach.

 Mary smiled happily and Kathleen took her from me seeing her four teeth smile.

 Kathleen grabbed my hand again and placed it on her stomach.

"Whoa" she giggled.

 She smiled at me and before I knew it, her lips were all over mine. 


T. B. C

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