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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 36




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 36

Writen by Ruthie Lee


I walked out of the room and straight to the front door.

 I got to the door and opened it to see a lady standing in front of my door. She was very beautiful, her brown hair stopped right at her waist, her eyes brown and her skin smooth as ever.

"G..good day.." she stuttered.

"Who is that?" I heard Kathleen said behind and I turned to see her coming close to me with Mary.

 She turned to see who was at the door and her jaw suddenly dropped.

"Kathleen." the lady at the door smiled.

"Y...Ymir?" Kathleen called. 


Wait...! Ymir.


 I paused and turned to the 'ymir!' my eyes observed her face to her body features, the description about ymir in that guy's story I read online was exactly the same as the ymir standing in front of me. Could it be the same Ymir!. 

"You're... Alive!" Kathleen exclaimed. 

Ymir smiled and turned to me. "Can I come in?" she asked. 

"S..sure?" I stuttered. 

Two sirens at my house... Just great. 

 Ymir walked in and closed the door behind her. Her glorious hair following her every move. 

 She looked at Kathleen and her eyes lingered around Kathleen's body for a while, before she said. 

"You've changed!" 

She stood in front of kathleen, Kathleen was a bit taller than her, but their beauty won't stop competing. 

Kathleen smiled shyly adjusting Mary on her body. "How do you mean?" 

"Everything about you!" Ymir replied. 

"I... I didn't notice any change!" Kathleen smiled. 

 Ymir, looked around the house and her eyes suddenly stopped at Mary. 

 She glanced at me, then Mary and then Kathleen. 

 "Is she your?...No that's not possible... Ymir was confused pointing at Mary. 

"No she's not!" I replied and ymir glanced at me. 

"Is she my what?" Kathleen asked not really understanding where ymir was trying to go. 


"It's nothing!" Ymir smiled.

 She turned to me and gave a small bow. "I'm Ymir, Kathleen's cousin!" she smiled. 

"Okay... Nice to meet you Ymir, I'm Joseph, and this is my daughter Mary" I gave a small smile. 

"Yes of course, I saw the resemblance" ymir smiled. 

And goodness, are all sirens so beautiful. Kathleen and ymir wanted to have a slight resemblance, but they had different face features. 

"Honestly, it's so glad to see you again." Kathleen chimed in. 


Yeah I got that it was a family reunion, so I took Mary from Kathleen and walked away to the living, though I could still hear their voice very clearly. 

 I dropped Mary down on the living room floor but she crawled back to Kathleen. 

 Just great! 

 I watched from the living couch, as Kathleen picked her up from the floor and kissed her cheek with love. 

"Kathleen you need to get away from here, it's dangerous!" Ymir said to Kathleen. 

"Why, is it because, they're still looking for us?" Kathleen asked. 

"No, they all think we're dead, they believe we don't survive in this world, but I'm talking about this place, the man who was standing here minutes ago, he might be dangerous, he doesn't even know your true self." Ymir stated. 

I wanted to yell. 'Hello ymir... I'm over here and I can hear your voices, you should totally talk this behind my back. 

"Funny that he does," Kathleen scoffed. 

"He knows about your true identity?" Ymir's tone, you could easy tell she was shocked. 

"Yes" Kathleen nodded. 

"And he didn't freak out or do anything about it?" I asked. 

"He did, at the first moment, but he's fine with me 

"You can't trust humans, they might stab you in the back one day Kathleen!" ymir warned.

"No, sir, Joseph isn't like that!"

"And how are you so sure? I've studied humans so well, if they can stab their own flesh and blood in the back. Who are we?" Ymir's tone was stern.

"I know sir, Joseph and he's not like others!" Kathleen and her defenses for me.

How is she so sure and optimistic about me. Her level of trust is so high that it can surpass the moon.

"You can never trust them Kathleen, what if he just want your body? That's what they do, they see a pretty lady and fall over heels for them, and what they actually want with them at the end is to wreck their body!" ymir started to yell.

Hello. I can hear them.

"like I said, sir, Joseph isn't like that!" Kathleen yelled back.

"Stop trying to defend him, men, women, humans are all the same, they're not good for us, come with me I know a place where we can both stay, we can't go back in the water, but we can live here, come with me instead, look we only have each other there is nothing else but ourselves!". Ymir's voice echoed through the whole house.

Kathleen's voice was low but I managed to hear her. "You're wrong, in the family, we only have each other, sure the others died leaving the two of us, I'm thankful that you're alive, but I have you, I have Mary, and I have sir, Joseph! It will be really selfish of me if I agree that we only have each other. Yes we can't go back to the water and we are left with no option but to live with the humans we call cruel, how can we live with them, if we don't LIVE With them, where will you be taking me? To a place where we can be free, is that it? Sorry ymir, this place is my home, it's my freedom and I'm not going anywhere because I made a promise never to leave the people I love the most in the world."

Kathleen's word made me smile and my heart became warm and I became filled.

"The people you love the most, and how are you so sure he loves you, just like he loves you, yeah I bet he has tell you I love you a couple of times but those are just words." Ymir yelled.

"They might be words to you, but they're not to me, and no, sir Joseph hasn't said a word like that to me, I don't care if he says it, he treats me nice and gives me what I want." Kathleen's voice was becoming stern.

"Don't be fooled Kathleen!" Ymir grunted angrily.

"I am not, I am taking a decision, and the decision belongs to me and I have the right to regret if I want to, if I am really being fooled then I won't have any regrets because I know it was from my stupid decision" Kathleen yelled and I suddenly heard Mary's voice crying and screaming.

They frightened my little angel.

The girls stopped talking immediately I walked in on them and Mary quickly stretched her hand towards her father. I smiled and took her from Kathleen.

 As I walked away from them, Mary kept quiet and I breathed out a sigh of relief.

"How did you find me anyways?" I heard Kathleen's voice said.

"How else would I find you, I just did." Ymir replied. 

I placed Mary on the couch but she held on to me looking at Kathleen's  direction. Though she can't actually see Kathleen but can hear her voice.

"Don't tell me you want to go back to her." I said and Mary's direction turned to me like she understood what I said.

She smiled and I laughed. "classic."

"When you turn two or three and starts to talk properly, you're going to tell me why you like Kathleen more than me" I smiled and gently pulled her nose.

 She giggled happily making me smile. Babies give the best joy.

 Kathleen Walked into the living room angrily and sat down opposite me.

 Ymir followed and stood beside her.

Am I about to watch a sister's fight? Or why are they both so angry?

 Seeing Kathleen, Mary forgot the sudden incident and starts to stretch her hand towards Kathleen.

 I pushed her hands down and she turned to me.

"Don't!" I said and she starts to cry. Kathleen looked at me and then at Mary, she wanted to stand up to get Mary but I shook my head at her.

 "Kathleen are you even listening to me?" Ymir suddenly asked over Mary's crying voice.

"I'm not! Cause you're going to use that as an excuse for me to leave cause unfortunately to you, this place isn't the best place so, and it's just a normal thing I guess, why did you have to gasp like it's a big thing.--

"Can you even let me speak!" ymir almost yelled and glanced at me giving me an apologetic look.

I stood up with Mary, "I'll leave you guys to talk!"

 I was already halfway to my room when Ymir said.

"You think it's a normal thing, but it's not, you're pregnant Kathleen!"

I paused and turned.



 I turned and didn't know when my legs took me back to the living room.

 Kathleen was in a confused expression, as I walked in,

Ymir glanced at me and then at Kathleen.

"And how do you know? Or how sure are you?" Kathleen asked Ymir.

 "According to what you told me, those pains aren't normal." Ymir shook her head.

Kathleen stood up. "How can you detect pregnancy through pain, how sure are you about it, and how do you even know about it?" Kathleen rolled her eyes.

"How did you think my mom died!" Ymir yelled. "People thought, she was killed underwater because of some sort of crime, but no, my mom died because she was pregnant... For a human"

 Kathleen paused for a while and a smile crept up her face.

"Why are you even smiling and how many times have you experienced this pain?" Ymir asked.

"Two times." Kathleen replied.

"Two times?" Ymir scoffed. "It's happening faster than expected."

"So you're sure I'm carrying sir Joseph's baby!" Kathleen smiled

 Ymir glanced at me and gave a sigh



"Stop smiling it's not a good thing!" Ymir reprimanded. 

"It's the best thing!" Kathleen stated

"You're helpless, hopeless and naive Kathleen." Ymir said angrily.

I didn't speak, I couldn't even speak.

Kathleen's pregnant for me???

But it hasn't been a week since we...

 I couldn't tell how I was feeling at that moment. 

Kathleen seemed happy about it, but... I didn't know how I feel. 

I paused staring at the two ladies

"If you intend to carry that baby, you won't survive, we cannot give birth like this, we do not give birth like this, never! You're taking a risk Kathleen, a risk to a dead end, neither you or your baby will survive!" Ymir explained. 

"Stop trying to scare me" Kathleen said angrily through gritted teeth.

"I am not trying to." Ymir yelled.

"Then leave me alone, I'm pregnant for sir, Joseph or not, its none of your business. What if I'm taking a risk, it's my body."

"You're the only family, I have left Kathleen and I'm not going to let you kill yourself over something stupid like this, you're going to end this baby!" Ymir said angrily.


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