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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 34




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 34

Writen by Ruthie Lee


And in my front, in front of the fridge Kathleen drank five bottles of water. And it was the big bottle sized.

 Kathleen breathed out tiredly as she picked the bottles from the floor.

"Now I feel alive again." she gave me a smile.

I stood still, my eyes fixated on her. What the hell, just happened?

 Kathleen smiled at me and as she disposed the bottles into the kitchen's waste bin, she walked out of the kitchen and still yet I followed her.

 My head started to calculate on why she passed out, but if she doesn't know, how do I know?.

 I walked into the living room and met her sitting down on the couch beside Mary. I didn't bother asking about why she passed out.

Or is she dehydrated? Because fishes get dehydrated few minutes after they're out from the water. But still she has been doing fine and...

 I quit thinking on my own and asked her.

"Why did you drink so much quantity of water?" I asked sitting down opposite her.

"Because I felt super thirsty!" she replied.

"No, one, not even in a hundred years can feel so thirsty to empty five bottles in one go!" I tell and she shrugged.

"Are you getting dehydrated or something?" I asked.

"De-- hydr--ated?" she repeated

"Like parched, it's like when you're dry on the inside, You know how fishes die when they are brought out of the water, because their body suddenly becomes dry and they crave for the water because they can't swim or breathe without that water. do you miss the water or anything?" I asked to be sure. 

Kathleen laughed.

"Why on neptune would I miss the water? I love it here and I just drank so much water because I was thirsty that's all" Kathleen smiled. 

"That's all?" I raised my brows at her. 

"Look I'm not trying to be a detective or any thing, but I feel really uncomfortable with what just happened, so you're telling me that when you sirens are out of the water for a long time, you don't get dehydrated?" I asked and she shook her head Negatively. 

"We don't! Honestly, and now thinking about it, it's strange, with what happened to me too! I've never drank so much water like that." she laughed. 

"This isn't funny kath, it's something we should worry about" I let her know. 

She breathed out a sigh. "I don't know what happened sir, Joseph but I am fine now." 

"And how are you so sure something like that won't happen again?" I narrowed my eyes at her. 

"Because I'm so sure." she repeated. 

 I swallowed my smile by her outrageous reply. 

"So... How was it, did the baby belong to you?" Kathleen asked. Her gaze was stern and curious. 


"No, the baby actually belongs to Henry! And Suzanne tried to pin the baby on me so she'll get back together with me." I explained and Kathleen gasped. 

"She is such a bad person." 

"I know right!"  I smirked. 

We became quiet again, well for a brief moment because Kathleen immediately started another conversation.

"Joseph!" she called and I looked up. What happened to the sir.

Well it doesn't matter.

"Just like you taught me how to surf the internet before you left to meet Suzanne, I was surfing the internet and believe when I say the internet knows everything, I was surfing the internet when I came across the question love, they asked what was love and told me to click the page to understand the meaning of love." Kathleen explained happily.

"Okay? And let me guess you clicked the page right?" i scoffed and she nodded with a smile.

"I clicked the page and they explained what love is, I came across so many questions and the answers and I was thrilled, so many questions on my mind were answered, it was like magic."  Kathleen explained and you should see the way her eyes lit up in excitement as she talked. She was like a child, a child who was sailing off on a deserted rainbow and seeing things she hadn't seen before. This story is written by Ruthie lee. 

 Kathleen quieted down and gave a small sigh. "And then I came across something that said, when you and the opposite gender, share cuddles and kisses what does it mean?"  she raised her head up at me. Is she waiting for me to answer her question? When I said nothing she sighed again.

"I left that question when I found another one similar to it but had a slight different, and it said when you and the opposite gender, shares more than hugs and  kisses, when you're not even married neither are you guys In a dating relationship what does it mean? The question made me pause because the question sounded like something that should be answered by you, sir, Joseph! What does it mean?"

She never stops.

Maybe it wasn't good idea dropping my phone with her. I like her being clueless. 

Finally I said something

"What does it mean? Didn't you read the answer to that?" I asked. 

"I did, but I want to hear from you first."  she lowly said and her head turned to her fingers on her thighs. 

  Well according to her question I clearly don't know what to reply as an answer.

when you and the opposite gender, shares more than hugs and  kisses, when you're not even married neither are you guys In a dating relationship what does it mean? That question kind of feels like.... Us.

Kath and I aren't dating, neither are we married, we've hugged more than once and kissed more than once too, we've had sexual intercourse once. And yet we are not in any relationship.

 'is it necessary to be in any relationship?' my subconscious asked and I sighed and looked at Kathleen.

"I don't know." I stated. "To be very honest, I don't know".

Kathleen looked up at me. "You're very smart sir, Joseph how can you not know something like this."

"Because I am not a love expert" I replied. "You said you saw the answer but you wanted to hear from me first, now tell me what did the answer say?"

 Kathleen tilt her head. "It said what I didn't understand. It said, friends with benefits, what does that mean?" Kathleen looked confused to show she really doesn't know what friends with benefits meant.

It was kind of embarrassing explaining and having this kind of conversation with Kathleen. 

"It's somewhere between a dating relationship and a friendship." I started. "Friends with benefits means when two friends who knows each other so well engage in intimate or sexual activity without really dating each other."

Kathleen wore a sad smile. "That's what we are right? We don't have anything going on we are just being intimate with each other, I thought it was a good thing, but now with you explaining to me, I don't want to be friends with benefits with you." she looked at me.

I shook my head. "That's not what we are." I said, assuring 

"Then. What are we?" she asked.

"Think about it, we're not even friends to begin with." I said.

"Isn't that even worse?" she sniffed.

Don't tell me she's about to cry. "If we're not even friends, then how do we become friends with benefits!".

"Huh?" I was confused by what she was talking about.

"Look Kathleen" I called and she turned to me. "We do not stand as friends neither are we friends with benefits".

"Okay then what are we?" she asked.

"We're in a relationship!" I tell her. Her eyes almost lit up in excitement but she managed to keep her cool.

"What kind of relationship?" she asked.

"We're in a dating relationship!" I said and gave a small nod.

I just started a relationship between us.

"We are?" Kathleen smiled.

"We are." I repeated.


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