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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 33




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 33

Writen by Ruthie Lee


Henry looked down at the paper in front of his eyes and turned to Suzanne and I.

"Why does this result say differently, it Says the baby belongs to each of us  by zero percent!" Henry blurted and Suzanne's face went blank.

"Zero percent?" I took the paper from Henry and the held the two other papers firmly in his hand.

I looked down at the paper in my hand and what Henry has said was what I saw.

"Zero percent? This means none of us owns the child." I looked down at Suzanne.

"But here it says you own the child by hundred percent!" Suzanne said through gritted teeth.

Henry suddenly chimed in. "If these two are the copies of these two that are actually reading out different result, then what are we going to do if... You know what I'll just check them out."

 Henry looked down at the two papers in his hand and looked back up at us. "These two are saying zero percent too." Henry scoffed.

"Then it shows that the one saying hundred percent is fake, unless it would have had more copies than the one saying zero percent!" I expound.

 "Suzie!" Henry called Suzanne and she turned to him.

"The day we came to drop the samples for the test, you told me you forgot your purse, according to my hunch, did you purposely left your purse there and came back to plot this with your doctor, with George?" Henry asked looking confused.

"I did forget my purse. But I never met with George after taking my purse" Suzanne breathed not looking at any of us but her stomach.

"Suzanne is there something you're not telling us?" I asked and she glanced at me, but said nothing. 

"Suzanne, tell me now, did you do this behind my back, did you meet doctor George and tell him to change the results?" Henry half yelled, getting angry.

"I didn't!" Suzanne was about to cry I could tell but she was doing a great job sulking it in.

"You have till the count of three to admit it, did you or did you not meet doctor George and tell him to change the results!" Henry yelled starting to count to three and on three he raised his hand up at Suzanne but I caught his hand before he could try any stupid thing.

"If you're trying to be a real man, the first thing you need to learn is to not hit a woman." I said to him as a matter of fact and he glared at me before putting down his hand.

 "Instead of you trying to solve this the juvenile way, why don't we call doctor George and ask which of them is the real result" I added and Henry nodded agreeing with my idea.

Suzanne didn't seem too thrilled but Henry made her call doctor George since he's her private doctor and she has his number on her phone.

  Henry told Suzanne to leave it on speaker and immediately doctor George picked the phone the first thing he asked was. "How did it go?"

Suzanne breathed heavily, but said nothing.

"It went awful." Henry started.

"I'm sorry? Hello? Who is this?" George asked from the other side of the line.

"This is Henry" Henry smirked.

"Oh Henry, hi its so nice to speak to you this... Bright afternoon." George said and laughed nervously.

"And how come the afternoon is so dark on my side, care to explain that George?" Henry asked bitterly.

"No, no I cannot explain why you have a dark afternoon. And why are you using Mrs. Suzanne's phone to call me when you have yours."

"Sadly, I have not uour number, and standing beside me is Suzanne and yeah, Joseph the other father's sample." Henry said.

"Oh... Wow, that's quite a surprise, well I'm kind of busy now, I have to go, I'll talk to Suzanne next time." you could tell George was nervous.

"There will be no next time because we're ending things here and now and don't you Dare hang up the phone, and you can hang up after you tell how, who the real father of Suzanne's baby is and why there are two results that one says that Suzanne's child belongs to him and the other says it belongs to neither of us." Henry gave a threatening tone.

"Dammit!" we all heard George's voice even though he was trying to be low.

"Damn you! George! Now tell us!" Henry yelled and Suzanne shut her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Suzanne." George apologized before stating it out. "okay fine, both of them are fake results, the real one, doctor Lonel couldn't give them to you because he had no idea where I dropped them. The child doesn't belong to Mr. Joseph, Suzanne doesn't really know who the child belongs to, she came to me after Henry started to doubt the child was his and told me to run a DNA test, she was a bit scared so Suzanne said whoever the child belongs to, she doesn't care, that I should make a fake result and make it belong to Joseph, and if I can't it should belong to nobody, but according to the real results which are in my drawer in my office the child belongs to Henry!" Doctor goerge narrated and I breathed out a sigh.

"Classic!" Henry scoffed.

"I'm so sorry Suzanne." George apologized before hanging up.

"So the child is mine and yet you told him to lie it was Joseph's. You're unbelievable!" Henry said bitterly.

 I said nothing but stood there watching them.

"I couldn't stand you anymore, and when you started to doubt if my child was yours, I know I had to do something, but looks like my plan failed and I'm stuck with you. You monster!" Suzanne said angrily and a tear dropped from her eyes.

"Me? Monster? You should look at yourself in the mirror before opening that mouth of yours and calling me monster, trying to give my child to another man?"

"Oh please." Suzanne rolled her eyes and tears dropped like rainfall. "stop acting like you wanted the child in the first place. I thought you were a good man, but turns out you're more shitty than shit it's self, the only regret I'll regret is choosing you over Joseph". Suzanne stated.

She shouldn't regret, because she made that decision like it was the best one ever. Leaving me alone. Leaving Mary. And getting into the hands of a lunatic. 

"Not one day, has jospeh ever laid his hands on me, he didn't call me a slut or stupid names like you did, I walked away from heaven and into hell". Suzanne cried and Henry looked like he was about to burst.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" Henry was furious. "You walked into hell with your own legs, you can't leave now!"

I couldn't bare it anymore.

"I'll be leaving then, since this seemed like a family matter" I stated before walking away from them.

Still almost at the exit door their loud voices could be heard.

 I got into the car and breathed out a tired sigh. It was like I was casted in a soap opera. Like with all those stupid drama.

 I drove home, in my mind that I will see my beautiful Mary and then... Kathleen.

 I smiled thinking of the both of them.


 I Parked my car in front of my house and walked out of it.

 I opened the door to the house and walked into the living room. Taking off my shoes, the first thing I saw on the floor was my phone. I looked up at the couch to see Mary at the side of the couch on the verge of falling. She was asleep. I quickly rushed up to her and adjusted her body on couch so she wouldn't fall.

I turned and at my back on the floor was Kathleen lying down on her side, her hair covering her face.

 "Kath!" I called.

 Is she asleep, I bent down close to her and touched her body, it was cold and when I turned her body she wasn't breathing.

Gracious goodness!

"Kathleen!" I called immediately tapping her face if she'll regain consciousness and wake up. I was about calling the ambulance when I remembered who she was. She's a siren and can't be at the hospital with all those blood test and xray or stuff they might find something out. I didn't know what to do, I just watched in horror as Kathleen's body lied lifeless on the floor, her lips had no colour and as my hands touched her body again I still felt the coldness.

 "Kathleen!" I called one more time almost going crazy. When her eyes shook and she opened them. She shut them again and opened them. Looking around for a bit, her eyes stopped at me.

I felt her body heat up again and the body warmth came back.

"Sir, Joseph? What are you doing?" she asked giving me a weird look. "Why am I on the floor?" she asked and slowly starts to sit up.

"I should be asking you that" I breathed out helping her up. "I just came through that door seconds ago to see Mary almost falling from the couch and you halfway to death."

"Mary falling? Is she okay?" Kathleen turned with light speed only to see Mary sleeping well. She breathed out a sigh of relief and paused when she saw me looking at her strangely.

"What?" she asked.

"What the hell just happened?" I raised my brows at her.

"I don't... Know, what happened?" she divert the question.

"I said, I came in here minutes ago and found you lying unconsciously on the floor, you passed out. Do you remember what happened before you passed out" I held her hands and helped her stand up on her feet.

"I passed out?" she seemed confused.

Well a person doesn't remember if they pass out, that's the point of the word unconsciousness.

 Kathleen's eyes spotted my phone on the floor and she suddenly turned to me. "Oh, I was with your phone when I suddenly felt a sharp pain here" Kathleen said and touched her waist on the left. "I remember it being so painful and that's the last thing I remember!" Kathleen explained and I watched her in horror. Not knowing what to say.

She felt a sharp pain at her left waist and suddenly passed out, how does one explains that?

"Okay, do you still feel any pain?" I asked but she shook her head Negatively. And she seemed to be right on track again cause she pulled her hand out of my grip and walked over to my phone to pick it up.

"Here" she said and handed my phone to me. "sorry I don't know how I got it on the floor!" she gave a nervous smile and sat down on the couch.

 Her face still looks pale and my eyes left never hers. She breathed out a weak sigh and looked up at me.

"I'm thirsty!" she said, standing up and walking to the kitchen.

 I followed her, still shocked about what's happening and also scared she might pass out again.

 And in my front, in front of the fridge Kathleen drank five bottles of water. And it was the big bottle sized.

 Kathleen breathed out tiredly as she picked the bottles from the floor.

"Now I feel alive again." she gave me a smile.

I stood still, my eyes fixated on her. What the hell, just happened?


T. B. C

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