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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 31




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 31

Writen by Ruthie Lee


How she's so transparent about her feelings, if only I could be like that too. 

"You don't know this, but when you smile at me, I can't help it!" Kathleen gave a voiceless laugh.

"When you call me Kath. I can't help it either." she added.

Kathleen grabbed my left hand and placed it on her waist.

 Suddenly she wants to try with me what she's so afraid to do with another men.

 "Sir, Joseph I honestly wish that baby wouldn't be yours." Kathleen stated, her face coming closer to mine.

"And why would you say that!?" I asked looking down at her. I couldn't resist as she was getting closer.

"Because I want to be the one to make babies for you!" she replied.

I smirked. "Are you sure.?"

She nodded and by that time our lips were only inches away and we both kissed, a brief kiss that felt like everything.

 Kathleen smiled, she turned away shyly.

 Suddenly recalling her story, I turned to Kathleen. 

"Kath? How did you manage to walk during daylight, from working at the restaurant and meeting Renier, you would have been outside one of those days right?" I asked.

She shook her negatively. "Glowing under the sun came as a surprise to me, cause I never glowed under the sun, the days I spent working at the restaurant and meeting Renier. The night after finding out that I could use my eyes, was the day I believed I started to glow, cause the next morning after that night you let me in while trying to leave your house, I left before the sun came out and wandering about in the street, I was under a shady tree when the sun came out, and while trying to come from under the tree, I noticed the leg that I stepped out was suddenly shining under the sun, it freaked me out a bit, and placing my hand out, the same thing occurred immediately it made contact with the sun. I looked around no one else's skin was glowing under the sun, so it wasn't normal. And about the woman I met who offered me a job and paid me, she noticed I wasn't planning on walking away from the tree and when she asked me why, I just pointed the sun, she asked me if I had skin allergy when I walk under the sun, I didn't know what that meant but I just said yes, I was able to move away from the shady tree when she brought like a black thing, that was able to cover my head and body."

"A black thing?" I questioned.

"Yes, it's big and round and has a stick at the center that curved at the bottom." she explained... 

I laughed. 

"It's called an umbrella" I corrected.

"Oh. An umbrella" she smiled.

 So she recently starts to glow under the sun, how mysterious.

 I stood up and turned to Kathleen.

"Come on, we have to go back to our rooms, we can't sleep in here today again, we sleep in our rooms tonight." I said and Kathleen stood up.

"I know, but it's fun, when we all stay together like this." Kathleen stated.

"It is, but according to you it's called a resting room, where we only rest" I laughed and bent down to pick sleeping Mary but Kathleen beat me to it.

"Mary's sleeping in my room tonight" she announced happily.

"We're not sharing my daughter, she's staying with me, give her to me." I stated, but Kathleen turned away.

"I'm not sharing Mary, I just want her beside me tonight."

 I scoffed. "One day, some day, I bet that if you have a baby to call your own, you'll be really clingy the baby might disappear."

 Kathleen glared at me. "When I was young, my mother never let me out of her sight, and I don't think I can ever let my child out of my sight!".

"Well that explains it all" I laughed, "but still Mary isn't your child!" I stated.

She gave me a glare and said nothing.

"That was mean!" she finally stated.

"What? isn't that a fact, Mary's my child, there's nothing mean about that!" I said. "Or do you want her to be, if you want, you can set up a wrestling game with Suzanne and whoever wins ends up having Mary!" I joked trying to hold my laugh.

Kathleen's eyes widen and she suddenly asked. "Whoever wins owns Mary?"

I laughed. "No, I was just joking, things just don't work like that, Mary will always be a part of me and a part of Suzanne, but it still doesn't mean Suzanne owns Mary, cause she intentionally in her right mind abandoned her".

"So even if Mary's a part of Suzanne and still yet Suzanne doesn't own Mary anymore, does that mean you're the only one who owns Mary?" Kathleen asked and I laughed

"You say it like Mary's an object, I don't own any body!" I smiled. 

 "We're going to bed now" Kathleen rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. 

 What's with her. 

I shook my head and exited the room minutes later. 


I came down the stairs and into the living room to see Kathleen alone on the couch, my phone in her hand. 

"Kath?" I called and she looked up. 

"Where's Mary?" I asked. 

"She's in my room, I wasn't sleepy yet so I decided to come out and I found this!" she said happily standing up on the couch and showing me my phone. 

 I smirked and took the phone from her. 

 I sat down and she suddenly sat beside me. "It's my phone." I said as she looked at the plain black wallpaper with a clock and that was  also asking for a password. 

"Yes I know, I've seen a couple of people with phones and I've seen you with it all the time, but how does it work?" she asked inquisitively. 

"It's simple, look there's a finger print at the back of the phone, instead of filling out your password, you can just use this." I expound and opened my phone with the fingerprint. 

"Whoa." she exclaimed happily. 

"Judging by your actions I've seen you've never used a phone before." I stated and turned, I almost freaked out when my head almost bumped into her own head, she was so close to me staring down at the phone in my hand. I've never seen someone, anyone so curious, and well I couldn't blame her, it was where she came from. 

"I can't possibly teach all there is to phone tonight, so maybe next time, but phones are pretty easy to use, just know how to read and you're good to go" I blurted out. 

"I know how to read of course, since we all talk the same" Kathleen smiled. 

"Oh and let me show you something that might interest you." I said and clicked on the camera app. And just like I expected Kathleen reaction was priceless. 

"You have a mirror on your phone?" she gasped taking the phone from me.

I laughed. "That is called a camera, you take pictures with it". 

"Oh..." Kathleen smiled as she looked at herself in the phone not knowing what to do. I took the phone from her again and telling her to smile, I took a photo of us and handed the phone back to her. 

"Now if you want to take a photo yourself, you click this white and black button at the center" I explained and when I touched the button it took a photo of her forehead. I sulked in my laugh and adjusted my shirt. She's such a child.

"Anyways Kathleen, you can take pictures till you get tired, I'm going to bed" I said and left out a small yawn.

"Okay" Kathleen said without paying any attention to me but the phone.

I sighed. "And don't get my phone broken either okay?"

"Okay!" she replied her attention still on the phone, I laughed and walked up.


Inside my room i laid down on my bed ready to fall asleep anytime, when I heard a small knock on my door.

"Kathleen?" I called sitting up, she's the only one who's likely to knock on my door.

 The door crept open and she walked in, looking said with my phone in her hand.

"It turned off" she said like she was about to cry, giving me the phone. I took it from her and turned it on to saw that it must have briefly went off and it was asking for a password. I smiled and dropped the phone. "My phone wants you to go to bed." I teased.

"What?" she looked at me awkwardly.

"Was just joking, don't you think it's late toying with a phone!" I sighed. "I'm trying to sleep here, maybe we'll get one for you one of these days!"

"Really?" she asked and I nodded.

 I laid down back on the bed and she sat beside me.

"What? Aren't you going back to your room, Mary's there." I blurted out.

"I know, I don't know why I'm not feeling sleepy today!" she sighed.

"Well I have a technique that can make you fall asleep when you're not sleepy!" I sat up.

"A technique?" she gazed at me.

"Yes a way which you can fall asleep, you can try counting sheep, it's like counting the numbers but then you add sheep, like sheep one, sheep two, sheep three, till you get to hundred." I explained but it doesn't seem like she was listening to me.

"Kath!" I called and though she has been staring at me, she came back to her senses. "You just dozed off like that."

"I was thinking" she bent down her head. "It's tomorrow you're meeting Suzanne right?" she asked and I nodded.

"Why? Are you scared about something, you seem really sensitive about Suzanne and her baby!"

"I am, scared, well, what if the baby turns out to be yours even." she moved her hair back.

"It's not!" I said assuringly.

"How are you so sure?".

"Because I've made my calculations." I stated.

"Your calculations?" Kathleen repeated.

"Look you won't understand it now, but I'll explain later, now go to bed." I sighed and laid down back on the bed.

"It started again, you always want me to leave!" she huffed.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine, if you want to stay, stay! I'm just pointing out the fact that Mary's all alone, or you can get her to come here and then I'll be glad she's not alone."

 Kathleen gave me a brief glare before walking out of the room. I breathed out a sigh of relief and was thankful I was going to peacefully fall asleep when the door opened and Kathleen walked in with sleeping Mary in her hand, she carefully went to place Mary in her crib and happily walked up to me.

"See, she's not alone anymore, so u can stay here right?" she Beamed.

"Sure, whatever!" I said glancing at my Mary and slowly closing my eyes.

 I felt the bed sink and I turned to see Kathleen getting on the bed. I said nothing as she took the other end of the blanket and placed her legs beneath it.

"I thought you were going to sleep in your room!" I said.

"I can't possibly sleep when you and Mary are here. Do you think I enjoy it when I sleep alone? I've never slept alone! But because I was living with you, I had to, and look sir, Joseph, we're sharing a blanket" Kathleen rejoiced happily.

 Sharing the same blanket, how can she be so happy over little things with little meanings. Well everybody's different.

"This bed feels much comfortable than the one in my room!" Kathleen breathed out.

My head turned to her. "But I got the two sofa from the same store, it's exactly the same quality!"

"I know it's just that my bed is empty and this one has you on it, that's why it's comforting" she smiled and left me speechless. How could anyone be so cheerful and open at the same time.

"You know sir, Joseph I've always wanted to wake up with you beside me." Kathleen smiled and scoot closer to me. Her left hand wrapped around my waist and she placed her head against my chest.

"And I've always wanted to go to sleep listening to the sound of your heart beats instead of counting sheep" Kathleen stated.

 It's not everyday you see someone head over heels for you, for as this was new to me, I was speechless and just let her talk.

"Say something!" I suddenly heard her say.

 She moved back and looked up at me to see my eyes fixated on hers.

"Huh? I thought you've fallen asleep, why are so quiet?" she gave a small smile.

That smile.

"I...i don't know." I stuttered.

 Her words always gets to me.

Who would have thought, I'd be lying on my bed right now, not with Suzanne but with Kathleen. A girl who I thought i would be hating forever, a girl who I thought I'd never see again after finding out her identity. But look at us now.  If anything could be paranormal, this is.

This moment, and I don't care what ymir did to they guy or anything, what's the worst that could happen with Kathleen. I leaned down and gave Kathleen a kiss. She gave a small smile in between the kiss and moved back a bit. Though our foreheads were still touching.

In a low voice Kathleen pointed out. "You get to kiss me any time you want, without my permission, is that fair to you?"

"No, Sorry..." I apologize.

She sighed. "I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I like it when you do it without my permission, can't I do the same too, I'm always scared to kiss you anytime because you might get mad or tell me why I didn't ask for permission!"

What? I'm not like that... I guess she's saying all that because of the first time she kissed me out of the blue and I suddenly got angry. 

"Well permission granted" I gave a small smile...

"Really?" Kathleen gasped. She wanted to say something else but I kissed her before she could utter another word and she reciprocated immediately.


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