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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 30




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 30

Writen by Ruthie Lee


 Didn't know when our lips locked and we both start to kiss but stopped immediately i felt something tugging my jeans. I looked down to see Mary seated beside my legs on the floor, looking up at Kathleen and I.

 "She doesn't want to be left out." Kathleen laughed and picked Mary up. Kathleen gave Mary a kiss on her chubby cheeks and Mary's head suddenly turned to eat Kathleen's nose.

I laughed as I watched the two of them bond.

  Later on we all continued our breakfast.

 Kathleen and Mary spent the entire day in the resting room, while I spent half of my day talking to Mr.Gilbert and Martins. With Mr. Gilbert with me I know my business will boom to it's fullest.

 I sighed and glanced at the clock, Kathleen and Mary have had their dinner, but I haven't cause strangely I felt full.

 I walked out of my room, tossing my phone on the bed.

 The living room was empty and I decided to go to Kathleen and Mary's resting room. Well it's their room because kathleen wanted it so badly and now Mary spends more time in there than me."

 As I made it to the room, the house seemed strangely quiet because normally, just walking up the stairs, you can already hear their voices echoing through the walls.

 I opened the door and walked in the room to see Kathleen and Mary both lying on the floor bed.

 Mary was asleep while Kathleen just laid down beside her and watch her take every single breath.

 Kathleen noticed my presence and looked up, she suddenly sat up and gave a small smile.

"You're here!".

"Yeah, I can see you're really enjoying watching Mary sleep" I stated as I sat on one of the single chairs beside the bed.

"I couldn't help it." she laughed.

"You couldn't help it how? She being too cute or what?" I asked.

She shook her head Negatively "I don't know, sometimes when Mary's out of my sight, I feel incomplete".

Okay, that's nothing to be surprised about.

And also it's a good thing, I mean hurting Mary will be the last things she'll ever think of. 

"Looks like you've a grown a bond with my daughter." I smirked.

"I guess so" she smiled shyly.

 We became quiet for a brief moment until Kathleen asked. "so you're going with Suzanne for the Dee... Dee.. 

"The DNA test?" I asked to be sure, Kathleen nodded.

"Yeah I guess so." I shrugged.

"Can I come with you?" she asked.

"No, you can't, I'm just going to go alone and besides it will be sunny tomorrow so it's risky for you to be out there." I stated and Kathleen lips stretched into a sad smile.

"What's wrong?" i asked reading her emotion.

"Nothing!" she shook her head.

Kathleen sighed and her smile brightened up. "It's just that the way you've cared for me, worry about me, no human has ever showed me that niceness before, I used to think all humans are the same but you're different and that's what I love about you sir, Joseph!" Kathleen explained.

"Have you met with any other... 'human' aside from me?" I asked.

 She slowly nodded and kind of understood what my next question would be, of course she should tell me how her encounter with another human had been.

 "The first time I came here, out of the water and here, I knew no body, I had no idea human wear clothes, until I met a woman and she asked me why I was naked. I didn't know what to reply her, but she took me in her home and gave me some clothes and food, she said she liked me because I was pretty and quiet.

 She told me she owned a restaurant, that's it is not so big but at least it's growing, she asked me if i would like to work there and I said yes, even though I lacked experience. The woman had no problem in teaching or guiding me in ways I can become a waitress. And after days of teaching me, she was really happy saying I was a fast learner, all of a sudden her business start to boom and every night when we get home she'll tell me it was because of me her restaurant is getting famous and how she sees me as her own daughter. After working there for a week I noticed the restaurants would be only crowded with men and only a few women.

  And then one day, while I dropped a particular man's food beside him, he touched my hand but I moved back immediately. He laughed and told me I was pretty, I said nothing and continued with work. After the day was over, the man who touched me didn't leave, he was having a conversation with the woman who took me in, they exchanged money, I think, and after the conversation the woman walked up to me. She told me to go inside a particular room to get some things, and when I went there, the man who touched me appeared from nowhere and locked the door. He smiled and his smile made me scared, he suddenly grabbed my hand and as soon as his hand touched my waist I gave him a slap across his face. Like I said I didn't like anyone touching me!" Kathleen paused and sighed.

 The thought of someone touching Kathleen kind of made me a little angry, but I didn't show any expression neither did I say anything I just let her continue her story which seemed too sad.

Kathleen continued anyways.  "The man slammed my body against the wall and threw slaps at my face, he warned me not to fight back because he already paid to have sex with me.! I was so confused at that moment because I was helpless"

 Kathleen's story was making me kind of mad but also making this symphathy for her grow in me.

"I didn't know what he meant by he already paid by wanting to have sex with me, my question at that moment was, what is sex and why would he pay to do that to me.? But then our worlds see and call things differently, you call it sex, we call it making love, and I didn't understand was why would he make love with me when he doesn't love me or when I don't even love him, he told me to take off all my clothes that if I didn't he'd take it off for me. I didn't take it off I just watched him, he suddenly grabbed me and pushed me down on the floor. He tore my shirt with all the strength he had, I begged him not to do this to me, did he have to be so cruel? Do people who maked love act so cruel like him?" Kathleen's expression could vividly explain she was still perplexed over the incident.

Poor Kathleen, up till now she didn't know that wasn't making love but rape.

"So, what happened next?" I asked and Kathleen looked up at me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me. I understood she wants me to sit down beside her and I did. The three of us on the floor bed, Mary fast asleep, Kathleen and I seated beside her. 

 Kathleen held my hand and rested her head on my shoulder. "I like to continue this!" she said grasping my hand even more. 

"Okay then" I said and she breathed out. 

Kathleen seemed sad continuing the story but she just didn't stop.

 "The man after tearing my shirt, wanted to do the same thing to my skirt, I let out a loud scream, hoping the woman who took me in would come to my rescue, but no one did, I cried, screamed and yelled, I never stopped. And thinking about it now why would she come to my rescue when she wanted me to do it with the man. I was already giving up when the door suddenly burst open a man walked in, he looked younger than the man about to have sex with me, he asked what the hell was happening and when he looked at our position, he said he would call the cops on the woman who took me in and the man about to have sex with me.  I felt kind of dizzy at that moment, the man gave me his jacket to put on and when I did, I sat down alone feeling cold, my tears has dried on my face, the cops came later which I found out was the police and they all had a conversation that they left me out. The cops wanted to take me with them, but I didn't want to go, they didn't let me decided to want to stay either until the man who saved me said I was his cousin and what the hell were they trying to do, the cops took only the man that tried to have sex with me and the woman who took me in tried to apologise but the man who saved me told her to quit trying to be nice even after what she did. And just like that I started living with the man who saved me, his name was Renier and he was very kind. That's what I thought, Renier treated me differently, he was nice and told me how I should act when being harassed my someone next time. With only just a week at Renier's house, Renier told me he liked me and everywhere he went, he wouldn't stop thinking about me, he tried to kiss me but I moved away immediately, he apologized for that and I understand, he was so nice to me and never tried to touch me without my permission, I started to trust Renier and one day foolishly, I revealed my identity to him, he was shocked but quickly acted like it was nothing and the next day while I was in my room and I heard him and his friends talking about how they would make it big, if they should expose me. That freaked me out, and I planned to escape that night, and that was the night I met you, I ran out of Renier's house but was seen by Renier and his friends, they all chased me under the cold rain and I ran as fast as I could. They all got into a car and chased me like their life depended on it, I thought Renier was a good guy, I cried as I ran but they caught up to me in no time. They tried to force me to get into the car, I tried to fight with Renier as he dragged me but we both fell on the wet floor, the car front lights shining in front of us.

It gave me time to look at Renier's face, it wasn't like the Renier I knew before, it was different and he had hatred in his eyes. And then right there on that spot, I discovered what I can actually do. With fear taking over my body I grabbed Renier by his neck and looked him into the eyes, 'you're going to see your end tonight' I said, my mother used to say there was power in our eyes, I didn't understand what she meant cause it never worked for me but at the moment with tears in my eyes, Renier stood up walked away from me, a grabbed a rock beside him on the cold ground and crashed the rock on his head. His friends yelled in agony as they ran up to him and tried to stop him but he pushed the first one into a flowing river causing him to get stabbed in his chest my a damaged umbrella. Renier ended himself at that spot and his friend, the last friend looked at me with horror and he yelled he was going to end me too. And again I stood up and ran as fast as I could while the last friend chased me, The rain became heavier but I had no problem running under it. I stumbled again rocks but that didn't stop me from running because the last friend of Renier was right behind me. Then I saw two roads, wondering on which path to take, I decided to take the narrow one, and when I did I came into a quiet place and I didn't know if Renier's friend was behind me or not, I saw your house from afar, I lost hope of trusting people but still yet I walked up to your door and banged it till you answered the door. I was ready to stay at your home for one night and flee the next day but the way you looked at me was different from the way others looked at me, you didn't seem to care and that got me curious, everyone looked at me like they want me but you didn't look at me that way, and since I didn't have anywhere to go to, I left the next day, roaming about different streets in Broad daylight, I didn't care about running into Renier's friend I was determined to end him at that moment, I stayed away from men of different type, a met a woman on the streets who pleaded to me to help her with just a few hours job of saying hello to people. I didn't understand what kind of job that was and just by saying welcome and hello in front of a building the woman gave me money, money I didn't know how to spend. That same day, I suddenly thought of you and decided to repay, I decided to buy fruits, I got A few fruits from a woman a sells fruit and gave her all my money, she laughed and returned them, taking only two notes and giving me some extra money." I tried to laugh as Kathleen talked but I couldn't because the story was funny and sad at the same time, how could she be so vulnerable.

"I bought you fruits, that night I came to your home and found out you had a daughter, and at first sight Mary caught my attention. You were so different from other men, when everyone wanted me to stay, you wanted me to leave, and that night I didn't leave, I just slept at the back of your house without you knowing, the next day I left before sun rise and came back with another fruit basket and you still accepted, I was so curious about you because you were different, and each time you think I left your house, I didn't leave, I just stayed around the back. Because I had nowhere to go, and suddenly you started to treat me nice, but I never let my guard down despite your niceness I was also determined to do anything if you would want to try anything with me. But you were never interested in me, I found myself growing fond of you, and somehow the more you weren't interested in me, the more I became Interested you and somehow, I wanted you to. Tables turn when i started to notice my feelings for you, I didn't understand what it was, I just predicted it may be that you're a good person and my instincts agrees too. And now even after finding out my identity I'm not running away but still here holding your hand and you're not trying to do anything about my identity. And some times I ask my self what good have I done so much to get this all back from you sir Joseph!" Kathleen sighed.

That was sad. Thinking what she has went through my heart ached for her. I looked up and out the window to see the sun had set. I felt Kathleen's hand on my cheek and she turned my head towards her face and kissed me. She pulled away from the kiss and smiled. "When I first came here, I thought I had to take action if you tried to touch me in anyways, but suddenly I found myself wanting to touch you instead, every night I wondered what it would feel like if those big hands of yours were on me. If your lips touched mine how would it be? Just the thought of it excited me. The things I was afraid of, I suddenly wanted to try them with you, and I got confused the day I kissed you and you really mad. You were just so different, and it made me wanted you the more."

 I looked at Kathleen and didn't know when a smile came across my face.

How she's so transparent about her feelings, if only I could be like that too. 

"You don't know this, but when you smile at me, I can't help it!" Kathleen gave a voiceless laugh.

"When you call me Kath. I can't help it either." she added.

Kathleen grabbed my left hand and placed it on her waist.

 Suddenly she wants to try with me what she's so afraid to do with another men.


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