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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 29




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 29

Writen by Ruthie Lee


 A knock came in at the front door "I'll get it" I said to Kathleen who wanted to drop Mary and go get the door.

"Okay" she nodded.

 I stood up and walked to the door. I opened the door and was a little bit surprised when I saw Suzanne standing there.

 Her upper lips were swollen and she had bruises at both sides of her cheeks.

"Joseph" she sniffed like she was so grateful to see me.

"Su...zanne? what are you doing here?" 

"You're not going to ask me how I've been, or let me in to have some water and then get a glimpse of my daughter. But i get, I understand, it's fine!". She sighed.

"What happened to your face?" I asked.

She looked down. "Henry and I had a little bit of... But it's okay, can I come in? I'm exhausted." she sighed rubbing her tummy, is she trying to make me pity her or make me feel bad!.

"Sir, Joseph, who is at the door...

 I heard Kathleen's voice behind me and she suddenly came into sight with Mary in her arms.

Suzanne paused and turned to look at Kathleen her eyes lingering from Kathleen's head to toe.

"Oh, hello?" Kathleen gave a friendly greeting.

"HI, wow Joseph, I didn't know you had a friend staying over?" Suzanne smiled.

"A friend?" Kathleen looked at me and then turned to Suzanne.

"Who is this...?" she asked me.

"This is Suzanne, my ex wife." I replied.

"Suzanne. Oh wow" Kathleen smiled and turned to Suzanne. "It's so nice to meet you Suzanne, I've heard so much about you."

"Good! Now can I come in?" Suzanne sighed and I opened the door for her to come In.

I don't know the reason for her visit, but she should leave as soon as possible.

 Suzanne walked into the house and looked sideways as she made it to the living room.

"Looks like nothing had changed while I was gone" she stated as she walked over to the couch to sit down.

Her huge stomach was really outstanding and for some reason it made me mad. And here I thought thinking I was over her. 

I sat down on the couch and Kathleen suddenly sat down beside me with Mary on her thigh. 

"Oh, my dear Mary" Suzanne suddenly got up and walked up to Kathleen, trying to take Mary from Kathleen but strangely, Mary didn't want to go with her and Mary's hand suddenly grasp Kathleen's shirt and her small head turned to Kathleen. 


 Feeling a little embarrassed Suzanne sat down again and placed her hands on her stomach. That stomach!. 

 Well why wouldn't Mary disagree to climb into the arms of her real mother, when her so called real mother abandoned her, just because she was already pregnant for another guy.  Suzanne is really shameless coming back here. What does she want? 

  "Mary's all grown up now." Suzanne smiled watching Mary expressing all sorts of happiness on Kathleen's body. 

"Yeah, thankfully she is, the first baby whose breast feeding was stopped at nine months." I stated and Suzanne gave a sad face. 

"Look Joseph I know what I did was-

"No listen Suzanne, let's just don't talk about the past okay."  I interrupted her and she gave me sad eyes. She would have been so pretty if Henry hadn't made her look like a painter. 

"Anyways, so why don't you tell me about your friend then?" Suzanne smiled bitterly. 

"Oh, This is Kathleen!" I forced smile. 

"Yes I am Kathleen and Joseph and I aren't friends."  Kathleen smiled... And I suddenly realised I like it better when she calls me Joseph rather than sir, Joseph. 

"Oh, you aren't friends, what are you then, my replacement?" Suzanne scoffed. 

Kathleen wanted to respond but I touched her hand letting her know I'm replying for this one..

"Kathleen is not your replacement, taking in any girl I see on the street can be tagged as your replacement, Kathleen can be more than your replacement, and just so you know, I almost got a puppy as your replacement, and still yet that puppy would have give Mary all its attention, the kind of attention Mary couldn't Recieve from her own mother. So don't you dare call Kathleen a replacement." I warned, Suzanne was kind of shocked from my reply. Yeah, I grew from the shelled Joseph, to  Sir, Joseph. 

So she shouldn't dare think I'm the same old Joseph, cause I'm not.

"So she's like what? Your new wife?" Suzanne scoffed giving me one of her horrid glare.

"I don't know maybe she's my new Henry!" I replied and she rolled her eyes.

"Don't you think it's time to leave? Suzanne? Mary's getting tired of your presence already." Kathleen stated with a smile.

Suzanne threw Kathleen a glare and turned back to me.

"When I came here, I thought you'd be nice and maybe we'll both talk about so--

"Talk about what? Talk about what to be precise Suzanne, you suddenly showed up in my house, why?, well according to my own theory, after Henry gave you one hell of a beautiful face, and you suddenly thought he's bad for you and not the one for you and then you think again. Oh I have Joseph, he's still single and I can have him back, and now you suddenly walk in my home acting like you own my life, trying to also know about my relationship status, to see where you'd be able to fit in. Look Suzanne you're out of my life and forever will you always be out, and about the baby you're carrying, means you're stuck with Henry, so stick with him until the end, it will be really good if you carefully leave with your child." I stated.

 Suzanne held the most angry face I have ever seen.

And she stated. "Your theory is wrong, I came here to see my Mary".

 I scoffed. "Your Mary? You don't have any Mary, don't suddenly use her as an excuse, before you left us, before you left your so called Mary, you didn't act like a mother to her, so don't act like you're here for her and of course my theory is hundred percent true, I can see it in your eyes. And If Mary truly is 'Your Mary?' then why did she reject to crawl into your arms when you decided to take her from Kathleen. Her memory of you is fading, leave Mary and I alone. You thought we wouldn't be able to survive without you, but look at us, now look at you. You did make the wrong decision Suzanne." 

  Suzanne got up angrily.

"Fine! I didn't come here for Mary or for getting back with you, I came here to give you this."

"To give him what?" Kathleen asked before I could even say anything.

 Suzanne ignored her.

"This is what I'm here to say Joseph, this child I'm carrying? Belongs to you nit Henry."


 No way.

"Now you're trying to put my name on the child's neck, Suzanne your plan isn't working!" I scoffed standing up.

"Oh really, and why do you think Henry and I fought, it's because we both found out about the child dummy!" Suzanne yelled angrily.

This can't be true.

It can't be. I can be very sure and also calculated the time we made love, how it's supposed to due and when she's supposed to get pregnant, that is not my child.

"Joseph... Is it true?" Kathleen asked holding Mary close to her body.

 "It's not true Kath, she's just flooding the house with lies."  I said assuringly. 

"Fine, if you think I'm lying, why don't you come with us. Henry and I will be going to the hospital tomorrow for a DNA test, why don't you come with us."

"Taking a DNA test while you're pregnant? And besides the result doesn't come out in just a day." I stated.

"Still, you want proof! So 3:00pm Domile hospital, we'll be there, you better be there! And then we will know who the real liar is." Suzanne said, glanced at Kathleen angrily before walking away.

"Wow she's mean" Kathleen said as she heard slamming coming from the door.

"And I used to think she was an angel." I sighed.

"But sir Joseph what is a DNA?" Kathleen asked.

"Deoxyribonucleic acid, short for DNA" Kathleen blinked rapidly when I called the full word not understanding what  I just said. 

I continued though "it related to genetics and a DNA test is a test in which someone's DNA is analysed, for example to see if they have committed a particular crime or are the parent of a particular child, but all around the world every one takes DNA test as knowing if your child truly belongs to you." I explained.

Kathleen remained quiet as she tried to arrange something in her head... She carefully placed Mary on the floor to crawl around and raised her head up at me.

"But, sir, Joseph, if the child truly belongs to you, then what are you going to do?"

You could tell Kathleen's eyes was sad.

"It's not my child." I shook my head.

"I believe you, but... I'm just asking, what if the child happens to be yours?" Kathleen seemed uneasy.

"You don't believe me, that's why you're asking." I stated.

"Fine, I don't believe you, but if the child happens to be yours, what are you going to do?" Kathleen asked the same question, her inquisitive eyes lingering on mine.

Well she's always so inquisitive. 

"if the child happens to be mine, I have no choice than to accept the child then." I shrugged.

"And then you're going to abandon Mary and I?" Kathleen asked.

I almost laughed. "what the... No way, that's not how things work. I never do that."

"But if you accept the child, that means you and Suzanne have to care of the child together, isn't that like getting remarried?" Kathleen questions never ends.

"No it's not like getting remarried and we can still take care of the child without being together." I explained and Kathleen's dull face suddenly brightened up. "Really?" she smiled.

"Yes" I nodded and smiled seeing her smile too.

"That's great" she smiled.

"And don't worry, the baby isn't mine, I know what I'm talking about" I said assuring, and she slowly hugged me.

"Sir, Joseph." she called as she rest her head on her chest.

"I love you!" she stated making my heart skip.

 I didn't say a word, I just stood there frozen like tree.

That word always have some great  effect on me.

And my head always go upside down thinking of what to reply.

*should I tell her, I love her too?*

But do I?

I know I do! But am I even sure about it?

I didn't know what to believe in my head.

 Kathleen looked up at me and let out a small giggle. "Why are you so quiet, I believe it's not the first time you're hearing me say that!" she smiled.

 I said nothing again as I watched her eyes glitter with full cheerful and happy spirit.

 How I love those eyes...

 Didn't know when our lips locked and we both start to kiss but stopped immediately i felt something tugging my jeans. I looked down to see Mary seated beside my legs on the floor, looking up at Kathleen and I.


T. B. C

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