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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 28




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 28

Writen by Ruthie Lee


The feeling that ignited in me made me rough on her and she really liked cause her hand circled around my neck and she pulled me down to her even more.

We didn't stop to catch our breaths and we just went on and on. 

 Slowly she starts to unbutton my shirt, she didn't seem to miss any button or make any mistake, she just went with the kiss and went with the flow.

Straddling kathleen on the sofa, without wanting to leave her lips, I pushed my shirt off my body and threw it on the floor immediately. Our lips parted ways and we both grasp air at once.

I placed tiny kisses on her bottom lips and went down her chin and then down to her neck.

 I almost lost it when I heard a tiny moan escape her lips.

From her neck, I went further down to chest and my hands moved to the hem of her shirt and it went over her head immediately.

  Seeing her  bare less stomach, my body craved for hers and I was sure she felt the same, cause the way her eyes lingered around my eyes made me feel, there was more than just craving to it.

 Slowly my head leaned down and I dropped little kisses on her cleavage,  her breasts were plumped and tempting wrapped under the pink lace bra she was putting on.

 Kathleen's hand stretched and reached for my head and she brought my face close to hers, our lips brushed and that small of an action caused more than just sensations.

 As we both kissed again, I leaned down even more and our bare bodies touched, I felt a spark, a feeling that ignited that I haven't felt before, it was reaching heaven before your calling.

 My body was yearning for hers. I couldn't stand the fire that lit inside of me.

 There was no going back, we were both already lost. Just the kisses and it felt like heaven already.  Kathleen wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed me down to her lower part of her body, she wanted me to know what she wanted next, what we both wanted. 

 Kathleen zipped down the zipper of her shorts pushed it down her legs  as soon as she released her legs from my waist.

Seeing her exposed legs and seeing that she was only in her lace panties and bra caused my libido to rise and I lost control of myself.

 As I kissed her, my hands grabbed the waist of my pants and I pushed it down my legs, in no time my boxers came off.

 I felt Kathleen smile through our kisses and she slowly grabbed my left hand and placed it at the top of her panties...

I got her message and immediately, both my hands slid it down from her legs.

 We were both naked, only that she still had her bra on. Still straddling her on the couch, her legs wrapped around my waist again, and when I stopped kissing her she smiled at. Her eyes held so much words that I could suddenly understand.

Do it!.

I heard a voice in my head say and slowly I thrust into her. My head  exploded by the fire that suddenly grew inside my body, I saw stars, different type of stars, this was more than pleasure.

 Kathleen moaned as I thrust out of her and inside her again.

Her eyes were shut, but she suddenly opened her eyes and gave me one of those looks that drove me crazy and from slowly I started going faster.

 I was lost, it was like my life went from crooked to straight, it was like everything in me was suddenly complete, I didn't really know how to explain how the sweet sensation in me was burning.

 My heart beat grew rapidly, and Kathleen moans sounded like music to my ears.

 Going on and on, in and out, I was not of this world anymore, what I could see was Kathleen and stars. The more I gave in, the more I never want to stop.

 My body, our bodies were connecting, I could feel it, Kathleen's hand grasped my shoulders and she pulled me down her body kissing me like it's the end of the world.

 Suddenly this tingling feeling from my legs, to my waist, and to my stomach, consuming my body and clouding my head, my eyes went shut and my pupil went to the back of my head and immediately a grunt escaped my lips, I released.


I crashed on Kathleen's body, my head on her shoulder, our naked bodies making contact. Kathleen hugged me and slowly said.

"I... Love you Joseph!"

Without any reply, I kissed her cheek and got up from her body. I didn't know what to say or think at that moment... Cause that was the best intercourse I have ever had.

  I grabbed my pants from the floor and pulled it up my legs.

I grabbed my other clothes.

I stood up while Kathleen sat up. "I'll head to the shower first" I said.

I looked around the room and on the floor bed to see Mary fast asleep, with the bread still in her hand.

 I walked to Mary, grabbed her and walked out of the room.

 I placed Mary on her crib and left for the bathroom.

Under the shower, I recalled what just happened.

I didn't know when I smiled. It was unexplainable feeling and I feel like I could go crazy trying to remember what and how I felt.

 I walked back to my room with a towel around my waist and I changed into my night wear and I took Mary out of her crib and placed her on the bed.

 I laid beside Mary and before falling asleep I remembered Kathleen's words and voice  *I... Love you Joseph!*

 She was like a different person tonight.

I closed my eyes and sleep  consumed me immediately.



 I woke up the next morning, and now becoming a normal thing, I couldn't find Mary on the bed. I smiled and got down from the bed. As I got up I realised I didn't dream about Kathleen this time.

 Was it because I have been craving for her body for too long and now that we finally did it... It's over?

 Still thinking about it, I head to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, the house smelled like pancakes and I assumed Kathleen made them. But how did she? She doesn't know how to cook.

As I came out of the bathroom, I flinched by Kathleen's loud voice. "Good morning sir Joseph,"

 I paused and looked as she was setting the table with an apron on her body and with Mary beside her trying to eat the rope from her apron.

 "HI, good morning." I gave a small smile and walked up to grab Mary, she didn't let go of the rope from the apron so I had to open her fingers one by one till she released the rope.

"Why are you doing all this yourself." I asked as Kathleen stood up and gave a tired sigh. She had small sweats around her forehead that made some strands of her hair glued to it.

"It's nothing, and you were asleep, I didn't want to wake you up. And besides before I was even here, You usually wake up very early and make breakfast for you and Mary, so this is nothing, whatever you can do, I can do it ten times better." Kathleen smiled showing me ten with her fingers. 

"You made pancakes?" I asked as Kathleen set the food on the table.

"Yes." she Beamed.

"How did you learn how to Make them.?" I asked.

"I watched you once!" she replied taking Mary from me, sitting down and placing Mary on her thigh. Suddenly acting like my wife

 I sat down opposite her and we both start to eat.

 I was happy!.

Not even about happy, my body was feeling relieved about something.

  Kathleen glanced at me several times, smiles on her faces as she fed Mary, transferring the smiles to my little angel on her thigh.

 And one thing that I know that made me felt relieved also was that, the way she smiled, the way she acted like what happened last night was bound to happen and should happen all the time... On the look of it she seemed happy about it.

And now what I don't understand, now that 'that' has happened. What are we now? Are we moving forward with it, or do we tend to go backward...

If I should ask Kathleen about this she wouldn't think twice about moving forward with me. But would I even agree with myself.? I am scared of something but yet I don't know what that is.

 A knock came in at the front door "I'll get it" I said to Kathleen who wanted to drop Mary and go get the door.

"Okay" she nodded.

 I stood up and walked to the door. I opened the door and a little bit surprised when I saw Suzanne standing there.

 Her upper lips were swollen and she had bruises at both sides of her cheek.

"Joseph" she sniffed like she was so grateful to see me.


T. B. C

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