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When I Fall Inlove-Episode 27




When I Fall Inlove-Episode 27

Writen by Ruthie Lee


I didn't know when I placed a soft kiss on Kathleen's lips and backed away immediately.

She giggled. "It's okay!" she smiled.

"Even If you don't like me the way I do. At least you're here, at least your company is enough" Kathleen smiled.

Is she supposed to a siren or an angel?

 We both remained quiet and Kathleen suddenly stood up.

"But, sir, Joseph don't you think you should make use of this rooms upstairs? I mean it's beautiful and spacious enough for anyone to live in." Kathleen smiled.

"Well yes I know that, but we've occupied downstairs and there's no need for us to occupy any one up here. I wanted to have tenants but I realized I wanted peace too, but it's best being empty like this" I expound.

"I like it up here, you can see outside and the lake from up here with a clear view". Kathleen smiled shimmering under the rays of sunlight that crawled into the room through the open glass from the window. 

"Yes that's why I chose to have my house here, I really love this view and the lake to be precise." I said standing up with Mary in my arms.

 I walked up to Kathleen and stood beside her watching the lake.

"Sir, Joseph, do you know that all waters are connected, the oceans, rivers and this lake are connected.?" she asked all cheerfully and I nodded.

"I do, it might look like it's not connected cause it has a certain where it obtained some land but underneath, the water still connects." I explained and she gasped.

"How did you know that sir, Joseph?"

I laughed. "I went to school!".

"School, oh yeah" she laughed.

"And I guess you know that because of... What you are." I said and praised myself for not making any expression that would made her sad.

"Yes, because of what I am." she repeated lowly. "And now, water is the least place I'm supposed to be, because they're all connected, they'll find me no matter where I dive in."

"They'll find you? Who?" I asked.

She sighed. "It's long story, but soon I'll tell you about it sir, Joseph" she quickly wore a smile.

Kathleen leaned on my shoulder and let's out a sigh and immediately and "Ouch".

Mary was pulling her hair.

 Kathleen straightened her head and laughed.

"You can't be selfish Mary, you can't just have sir, Joseph all to yourself." she teased.

I tried to stop myself from smiling. "Correction, Mary knows me as daddy, not, sir, Joseph" I stated and she smiled and took Mary from me.

"Anyways Sir, Joseph don't you think we should make this room something, out of all the rooms up here, this one's my favorite." Kathleen grinned.

"Okay, should I make it a play house for Mary? Mary isn't really old enough for play house, so she's fine in her crib with her stuffed toys." i stated. 

"Okay what about a bedroom." Kathleen blurted out. 

I scoffed "We all bedrooms kath" 

"What about another kitchen?" Kathleen stated. 

I laughed. "Not possible, one is enough, your ideas your not good enough." 

"Okay how about, we have breakfast here." Kathleen poured out another lame idea about the empty room. 

"Or we could follow my opinion and make this room a resting zone" I suggested. 

"A resting zone?" she looked at me Confused. 

"Yeah, like if you're tired or stressed out and you don't feel like sleeping in your bedroom, you can come here and rest all you want, you can enjoy the sun from the huge window here, or enjoy the night breeze" I expound.

"That is a great idea." Kathleen Beamed. "But it's a resting zone, it won't be empty will it?" she asked. And I shook my head Negatively.

"I have like more furnitures in the attic maybe I'll just move some of them here later." I said and she smiled.

 We both remained quiet again and just watched the view right in front of us. 

 "Sir, Joseph" Kathleen called. 

"hmm?" I turned to her. 

She smiled. "Nothing, just like the sound of your name."

"Well my name isn't exactly sir, Joseph, its just Jospeh!" I stated. 

"Oh sorry then, sir, just Jospeh" she smiled and I laughed and gave a small eye roll.

If this isn't happiness, then what is. 


"You can't add bread and ketchup and eat them like it's a normal thing to do." I half yelled at Kathleen over lunch. 

"But it's really nice, it tastes so good" she smiled. 

"to you it does, if anyone could walk in here and see you, they would tell you his poor your food combination is and thank God I'm done eating or else I would have lost my appetite" I said standing up with sleeping Mary in my arms. 

"Where are you going sir, Joseph?" she asked as I started to walk away. 

"To put Mary down." I replied. 

"And after that?" she asked again

"Nothing" I grunt and walked into my room. 

I let Mary stay in her crib this time and walked out of my room. 

 I found out where we had eaten lunch had been cleared and no sign of Kathleen. 

Kathleen suddenly walked out of the kitchen and seeing me she smiled.

"Sir, Joseph since you have nothing to do, why don't we move some furnitures like you said to the empty room upstairs." Kathleen grinned. 

"But you just ate, you should be resting instead of trying to move things." I told her. 

"How can I rest when we haven't even set our resting room" she blurted

I scoffed. "You have the couch where you can rest, and you also have your room where there's a bed. There's plenty of place for you to rest.".

"No, this is called a living room and my room is called a bedroom, and the room upstairs is called a resting room, where we rest so how do you possibly want me to rest in the living room or my room when it's not called a resting room."  Kathleen explained with a serious face like she's saying something that makes so much sense. 

"I'm not going to argue with you Kath, but sure since you feel all powerful, let's go move some of the little stuff." I said and she smiled happily and went straight to the stairs. 

She's just like a child. 


 Two hours later and the empty room had a mattress on its cold floor,  a long comfortable sofa was beside the window and an almost flat bed was placed at the corner of the room, Kathleen suggested we leave that there for "Mary". 


"Now it feels warm." Kathleen said admiring to not so empty room again. 

"Yeah, now are you satisfied?" I asked and she nodded. 

 "Just so you know, this is a place for resting, you can just come here during your free time, you don't eat here, and always make sure you go back to your room anytime you rest here during the nights." I instructed.

"Got it" she smiled.

 Her smile kind of got me and I didn't know when I smiled too.

"Sir, Joseph it's almost late, we haven't had dinner." Kathleen complained

"For two minutes can you try and not think of food?" I asked her shaking my head Negatively. 

"I'll try!" she smiled and walked up to me...

  She gave me a small hug and skipped out out of the room happily.

 What is she so happy about.

I smiled and walked out too, I peeked at our so called "resting room" and smiled.

 Kathleen is such a Character.

 Mary woke up and we all had late dinner and Kathleen couldn't stop ranting about how the night was great and cool and how will should all go to the 'resting room'.

 Her wish came true, as I agreed and she took Mary from me and headed there before me.

 As I walked inside the room, Mary was on the floor bed chewing on a loaf of bread that had already been flooded by her saliva .

"Did you give her that?" I smiled..

"Yeah, she wouldn't stop chewing my hand." Kathleen laughed...

"Or maybe her teeth are just itchy."

"Sir Jospeh." Kathleen called and I turned to her.

"Come, see, the view in the night from up here is wonderful." she said and I walked up to her and sat on the sofa. Sitting on the sofa opposite the window, you could see the trees, the lake, and the skies, it was like a movie...

"This is nice" I smiled enjoying the cool Breeze that surrounded my body.

 Kathleen sat beside me and moved her body close to mine. She rested her head on my shoulder and breathed out a sigh. "this is sure wonderful."

"The cool breeze right?" I smiled not minding her head on my shoulder, it's nothing new and it's quite comforting.

 "Not the breeze, you! Sir Joseph" she said linking her hand with, "You're amazing." she breathed out a happy smile. 

My heart jingled at the words and I smiled... "Well thank you for thinking I'm an amazing person."


I looked down at Kathleen and she was smiling from ear to ear, she noticed my gaze and looked up at me. 

 She slowly raised her head up from my shoulder and her hand slid away from mine.  

 "Sir, Joseph," she called and leaned closer to me, 

And coincidently the moon crawled out from the thick skies and shone inside the room with it's dim light. 

 "What is it?" I asked, calming the inner man in me cause Kathleen was so close to me. 

"Am about to kiss you, am I permitted?" she asked her eyes never blinking or living mine. 

 And how could I say no.

It was like we read each other's mine cause we both went for it immediately. 

  Hungrily, we both took each other's mouth in and I didn't know how or when I took Kathleen under me and she was suddenly lying on the sofa.

 I was on top of her and the kiss just got really intense. Our never ending kisses.

 The feeling that ignited in me made me rough on her and she really liked cause her circled around my neck and she pulled me down to her even more.

We didn't stop to catch our breaths and we just went on and on, and slowly her hands suddenly starts to  linger around my shirt.


T. B. C

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