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Water Mate - Prologue



Water Mate - Prologue

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Thunder rumbled in the sky, roaring along with the raging winds. The raging winds caused the water to strike the shore of lands and the ships on sea. The sea wept, sobbing as the rain pelted down onto the sea. The loud howl of the wind swept through every ears it reached. The sea rocked the old ship violently, swinging the cargos and putting the men aboard in panic. A woman, the only woman amongst them sat in her cabin with a beating heart. Her eyes stayed on the sea, watching the water wave arrogantly. She muttered silent prayers, she had two daughters to return to, she couldn't die yet.

With eyes fixed on the sea, she noticed a strange movement in the water. Something was moving, lights flashed in it. She could only see it through her window. The woman peered deeper, straining her eyes to see what was in there, what was flashing. Suddenly, a figure burst out of the water, a little girl as she could pick out. She watched as the girl tried to swim to the ship. The woman ran out of her cabin immediately, she had to save the child. She paused at the deck, looking down to see her. She wasn't there anymore.

"How odd," she muttered.

"Kimberly, captain says everyone must return to their cabin, the storm is getting worse!" Someone yelled. She nodded and looked back into the sea, there she was. She looked back to call for help, there was no one there.

"Hey! Little girl! I'll help y..." Her words got stuck in her mouth as large beings she had never seen before sprung out. They looked so horrifying with their big red eyes and long sharp fangs. Their body was brown with scales of spikes and moss.

Paralyzed, she was paralyzed by fear.

The little girl turned around, her hair sweeping in the water. She couldn't quite see the girl well but she knew it was a girl. The creatures caught up to her, two holding her hands tight. "Let go of me! I won't go back!" She screamed with a voice like thunder. The beings began pulling her away, pulling her back into the sea. "Let go! Let go!!!" She screamed, her body flickered with light. She struggled with them, pulling herself away from them.

The woman's mouth fell open when she saw a tail, the girl had a tail. She was a mermaid. She couldn't believe her eyes, an actual mermaid. The girl finally away from them spun around with the speed of lightning and screamed, a loud frightening ear piercing scream as loud as a banshee's. The scream was so loud the beings burst up into mucky liquid. She stopped screaming and swam closer to the ship, searching for where to hold onto.

"I have to help her," the woman muttered, finally getting over her shock. She ran over to get a rope, a strong one. She went back to the deck to help her but the girl was surprisingly sitting there panting. "How did you..."

"The sea is going to rise and try to take me, please don't let them take me Miss, please don't." She cried.

"Y...y...you are a m...m...m..." The heavy thunder made her flinch. The girl looked back, indeed the sea was rising high, very very high. In few minutes, it would crash on the ship and sink it to the bottom. Everyone was bound to die. "I have to get the captain..."

"Don't bother, he can't do anything, but I can." She swept her tail over the edge of the deck and raised her hands up. The ship rocked, seating from side to side. Everything was happening too fast, too fast for her to comprehend. The water lifted the girl high above the sea, lightning and thunder increasing at each seconds.

The wind blew against her skin, sweeping her hair around wildly. She shielded her face from the wind, she could barely see. The girl's body radiated with blue and pink light, glitter of purple raining down on the water. The intensity of the wind became much, throwing the woman over to some couple of barrows and knocking her out.

Silence, all she heard was silence. She slowly started hearing her heartbeat, the slow pace of her breathing. Soon she could hear a loud ringing sound, the sound was just too loud and painful. Her head ached, her eyes itched. She opened her eyes to behold a clear blue sky, a sky filled with clouds and seagulls. Talking about seagulls, she could hear the sounds of seagulls and the clash of waves. "Where am I?" She muttered. She inhaled, holding on to her breath. With her breath still held, she forced herself to sit. "Land," she was washed off on shore.

She looked around, pieces of woods scattered on the bank of the sea. The ship must have been destroyed. She could see her shipmates on the ground unconscious. Her memory flashed back to the mermaid, she saved them in a sort of way.

"Oh," a soft moan floated into her ears, a painful moan. She looked to her side, there laid the mermaid child. Pale milky skin with wet long light brown hair hanging down her nude chest that would grow into firm breasts one day. A crystal coral gem decorated her hair which also fell across her beautiful face. The woman's eyes wandered down to her tail, a scaly but beautiful pink, blue and purple tail. The bottom of her tail was like a curtain of silky materials in lovely folds.

"I can't believe this," the woman murmured. The girl moved her tail, sweeping to the left. She watched as the girl's tail disappeared, withering away in dust until two legs stared back at her. The woman smiled as she stared at the child, a new secret unlocked to her world.

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