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Water Mate - Chapter 3




Water Mate - Chapter 3

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Finn's standpoint

I've faced a lot of odd things, many I didn't care to know the source, just destroyed, but meeting her was the one thing I couldn't comprehend. The wind around us, the spark, I couldn't understand. I had felt it once, but it wasn't possible to feel it again. It was not in anyway possible in this life... Or could it... No, it wasn't possible.

"So laddie..." I shot the pirate captain a glare, he kept calling me a child. I hired a sea captain for the mission, at least until Axel arrives with my ship. "Sorry lad, but this old man is use to that name. Now when is those lassies coming on board?"

"They would come at their own time,"

"Ahoy there matey!" A feminine voice shrieked shrilly. I cringed from the shrill voice, definitely that small one. "Heh, heh, I've always wanted to say that." She giggled.

"You mean shout that," the man voice snorted out.

"They are here," I turned my head over to her, she can jump.

"Sorry we are late," the one with the masculine voice apologised, climbing onto the ship. There she was, the girl I spent all night thinking about. What was the mystery behind her? She stood there staring at the ship, as if an invisible barrier was stopping her from boarding it.

"Ah! The Wind as they call them," the captain said too loudly. I really wished Axel would magically appear.

"Suz?" The loud one called with concern. Suz as she is called, raised her head to look at me. She didn't wear her full facemask so I could see her blue eyes, her beautiful sea blue almond shaped eyes. Her eyes pleaded for me to come help her cross, like she was afraid of the ship, of the sea.

My legs moved to the request in her eyes, I walked towards her, passing her sisters. "Are you afraid of the water?"

"No, I just need you to give me a hand and pull me in,"

"Hmm, why?" I asked suspiciously.

"I cannot come over until I'm invited, I'm a weirdo that way." I studied her eyes which had gone void of emotions. She was hard to read, just like her. I tried to read her mind, all I got was nothing, I couldn't read her thoughts. I turned it to her sisters, the loud one was thinking about food, like literally reciting a food poem in her head. While the other one was admiring the ship. I wasn't getting anything out of them.

"Alright," I stretched my hand out, she stretched hers out and daintily placed it on mine. A surge of electricity bolted through my hand from her touch, charged down to my heart. I pulled her in before letting go. My heart began thumping at an unusual pace, my hand beginning to tremble.

What the hell is this all about!

"Thank you," she said softly, glanced at my shaking hand and then hers. I wasn't the only one going through it. "Odd." She walked ahead, shoved her hand into her.

Something is definitely wrong with that girl, could she be practicing dark magic?

"Now that is settled, Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!" The captain shouted. I shoved my trembling hand into my coat and walked over to them.

"If we are going to work together, I should at least get your names or something to identify you with,"

"I'm Sugarplum," loud one giggled, "she's boyman and that's weirdo." The remaining two smacked her on the head.

"Er, ow!"

"Ocean, my name is Ocean." Weird girl said out indifferently.

"Call me anything you like," the masculine voice said with a indifferent wave of her hand. I decided there to call her Claudia. Call it instinct.

"Now lassies, where do we set course to?"

"Hold on," Ocean removed her hand from her pocket, bringing out the map along with it. She walked over to the forecastle deck mast, spreading the golden cloth out. She held it upward to the sun, allowing the ray of the sunlight to hit it. "What is gold can never be old, what's in mind, can never be told. Gold and sunlight are alike, men seek both to survive. Match the ray and what I hold today, and bring out the map hidden away."

Immediately the last word left her lips, the cloth began to burn up, smoke rising out of each burn. ash fell down from the cloth, the golden part was burning out. By the time the last speck of ash fell, the golden cloth had turn to a pale yellow paper map. I definitely wouldn't have been able to figure that out. "Well blow me away, the lass knows her stuff." Captain Something Beard said in awe.

"How did you do that?" I questioned.

"Like I said the other day, you have the cloth, but not the map. The real map was hidden with magic only those words could reveal. If you had gone on with the other map, you would find yourself wandering the ocean endlessly or die before you can say Jack."

"That didn't answer my question," I folded my arms unsatisfactorily. She sighed heavily.

"My mother was a temple maiden, I learnt a lot from her before she died. Happy?" She headed back to the deck to join her sisters. "set course to the Sea of Fallen Kings,"

"What! That place is where kings die on ships, even great pirates!" The first mate shouted incredulously.

"That is only the beginning, do we get somewhere to rest? I need to rest."

"Well, we aren't being paid for nothing, man the sails ye booty lovers, we have a sea to explore!"

"Aye, aye, captain."

Suzanne's standpoint

"Thanks for showing us our room," Claudia said politely to the captain. He took off his hat and bowed gentlemanly.

"Anything for a beautiful lass like ye three,"

"But you have never seen our faces before," Kassandra protested.

"My beard knows lovely damsels when it sees one," we giggled at his humor. "the name is Captain Leadbeard, it's a nickname so don't take it seriously. If you ever need anything, be free to come on out and ask ye old man."

"Sure thing captain, bye," he threw his hat back on and stepped back so Claudia could shut the door. Claudia shut the door gently and bolted it.

"Sugarplum, really?" I snorted at Sandra.

"Whaaaat," she whined, taking off her mask. We did the same.

"Are you alright Suz? Your hands have been shaking since you touched that guy," Claudia asked with concern. Indeed, my hands were trembling badly. I looked at my hand and smiled, it was odd and yet pleasing.

"I don't understand it, but there was this severe surge of electricity when he touched me, like...like... I don't even understand it."

"Maybe because it's the first time you are touching a vampire," Sandra said unsurely.

"Have you forgotten that time we ran across some group of vampires who tried to drain us? It isn't my first." I reminded them.

"Like I said, it is your first time touching a vampire, you never held their hands, did you?" She had a point there.

"I mean the guy is freaking smoking and mouth watering and all, but I think you should stay away from him, something about the two of you in the same place doesn't feel right." Sandra said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"You're right, I plan to keep my distant as far away as possible. That guy will find out who I am easily, I'll ace up my spell."

"Awwwn, look at my little orange making sense," Claudia teased playfully. Sandra pouted and twinkled her eyes cutely.

"Don't say it Claudia," I laughed, "don't say it."

"You're so cute," Claudia said it anyways. Steam puffed out of Sandra's nostrils and ears.

"I'm going to destroy you!" And the pathetic attempt to pin Claudia down began. I turned my attention to the window, trailing off. My heart skipped back there when he touched me, it felt like I had held those hands before. Manly, strong but yet again, soft. His hand was cold, cold like a vampire's should, but why did it make me shiver and my spine run cold?

The main question was how was I going to avoid him when I work 'for' him?




After staying in our cabin for a while, Kassandra wandered off to explore the ship while Claudia went to check their weaponry or challenge any man to arm wrestle. I remained in, studying the paths to the temple. If I had my tail or could swim in the water for long, I would be there in less than two days, but alas, I had to endure. Finally tired of studying and avoiding thinking of that man, I slipped on my nose mask, stood up and exited my room.

My feet took me to where it wanted to be, another cabin not too far from ours. The door was slightly open, giving me a small view of the inside. A big part of me kept urging me to go in or peep in, see what's in there. I had never done such before, invade someone's privacy. I shook the thought off and tried to leave, but my feet wouldn't budge an inch.

"What's your damage legs, move!" I yelled in my head. I heard a slight movement in there, someone was in there. "Legs please, obey me." I pleaded, but it still didn't budge to my command. My hand moved forward and pushed the door a little, my head coming closer.

It was the vampire guy. He stood sideway, his body facing the ray of sunlight coming through the window. He was shirtless, a book in his hands as if trying to gather information. My jaw dropped open, I had never seen a sight as beautiful as what I was beholding. His body scintillated to the accordance of the sunlight, coruscating like actual diamonds in a pale white sky. His torso was an embodiment of perfection: immaculacy that got me wondering how it was possible for someone to be blessed with a perfect bod. Then I'm reminded that vampires are one of the most alluring and irresistible creatures in existence.

I had to look away, his unintentional mesmerisation was pulling me in. It wasn't my first time seeing his kind, I loathe these creatures so why was I so attracted? The beating of my heart was starting to tear my chest in half, threatening my breathing and stability of sanity. I had to get away before I...too late.

I screamed as I fell into the room, should have hit the wooden floor but I was already in his arms before even I could blink. My face fell in his chest as his hands held my torso in check. Heavy breath left my mouth, breath of embarrassment and shock. Could I look up? Am I mad? I remained there. Not just because I was embarrassed, my face was in the chest I was ogling, and gosh! He smelt so good!

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thank you," I said into his soft skin. I could hear his heart accelerating, mine was about to jump out.

"What were you doing there in the first place?" There was the billion dollar question, one customised to smite me. My face burnt from embarrassment, my lips beginning to tremble. "Are you going to answer that and get off me?"

"Please, it's so comfortable in here," I only realised what I said after I said it. I was out of control. I jumped away from him, avoiding his eyes by all means. He folded his arms, waiting for an already obvious answer. I couldn't help but trail his movement with my eyes, blatantly ogling the way the corded muscles of his arms moved, the pectoral muscles to the muscles of his abdomen. It was all muscles.

"Ahem," he coughed irritatedly, snapping me back to reality. I didn't know what lie to construct.

"I...I...er...I was...was..." I glanced at his face to see him smirking, not a irritated smirk. His eyes held suggestions, shameless suggestions that he was ready to put into action. So, I blunt out my folly and yelled out the first stupid thing that came to mind. "Stay away from me you pervert!" I turned and ran out of his room, running far away from his room and mine. I ran to the hold to hide from my humiliation.

"Stay away from me, really Suzanne!" I yelled chidingly, I had completely made a fool out of myself. I slammed my head on a wooden pillar and whimpered exasperatedly. "I'm never going to live off this shame, what came over me back there, why Suz, why did you do that?"

I had no idea but that man was sexually dangerous, and I was going to stay away from him as far as possible.

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