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Water Mate - Chapter 1




Water Mate - Chapter 1

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


•••••••••••• Narrative •••••••••••••

Red cape floating behind him, red silk whipping in the air, swirling around his ankles in a glorious air dance and back to the ground in a graceful floor sweep. His heavy angry face and huffy breath echoed in the quiet hallway. The hallway was decorated with the best of most: portraits of Kings and queens, princes and princesses, and all those noble, royal bloodlines. Pottery works of ancient making, sculptures of the most skilled hands, and wall painting of rose gold. Soldiers with everlasting warrior gene running through their veins stood at each side of the walls, dressed in their glorious attire of black and grey cape of magic conjuring.

King Finn moved like an angry wind, muttering to himself as he made his way to his throne room. How ironic it was for him to be summoned to his own throne room. An insult to a vampire King equal to none. But for the sake of the peace he was sent down to hold, he had to tolerate it. The two soldiers at the black double doors opened it quickly, before their king would fling them away. His anger could be perceived from miles, the redness of his eyes announcing his annoyance and utter displeasure. The mutters of his mouth struck fear into their hearts, Finn was not a being to mess with.

Stomping into the throne room, he sneered at the two elves standing there patiently. "Greetings sire," the first one with pale white hair greeted, bowing his head low. "Sorry to have disturbed you but the matter at hand is very import..." Finn raised his hand, shutting him up instantly. He quietly walked to his throne, whipped his cape aside and sat down. The two elves and his royal advisor watched him carefully, every single move he made looked like a deadly threat to them.

"Now, why are you here?" Light, his voice was light but filled with so much authority.

"The Human Safety Agency sent us," the one with light brown hair stuttered because of the death glare he assumed Finn was throwing at him.

"I believe I'm not dumb, I can tell," he spat venomously.

"I'm sorry if we disturb you in anyways, but they thought that is was right to bring a pressing new discovery to your knowledge, something to do with your vampires." The white haired explained as boldly as he could, he was scared out of his wit.

"What is it about my vampires that I don't know?" Finned scoffed mirthlessly.

"Blood bath inns have been running in the human dimension, one older than the other," they paused, waiting for him to speak.

"Impossible," Casmir, his royal advisor protested. "no one can dare open such inns after the king himself made it illegal..."

"Silence," Finn snapped, " don't elevate me when you are aware that it is impossible for me to know it all. I told you to place watchers at every possible corner of the world in case of rebels, so how am I not aware? Doesn't mean that this is your failure?"

"I...I...I..." Casmir bowed his head, unable to speak further.

"Now, tell me everything I need to know," he sighed, tired of the conversation. He had two ladies waiting for him at his chamber. And he rather be there than here.

"The three inns are owned by one person but controlled by two extra managers. The inns belongs to Lord Craig, a two thousand years old vampire. The first inn is run by him, been running for six months now. The second is run by Lord Bancroft's daughter, Lady Rosalind, been active for four months. And the last is run by Ellian Truce, active for three months. The total number of human lives lost to this activity is eighty five."

"Lord Bancroft's daughter, right?" I asked with a dark chuckle. That girl likes daring me, just because we once had a thing.

"Yes sire, and this file contains everything you need to know about them, their locations and the names of all the employees and vampires visiting the inns. The agency hope it would sorted out before anymore lives will be claimed."

"Or before... Alpha Kale finds..." The brown haired coughed nervously. "Before Alpha Kale finds out that..." Finn stood up immediately, the mention of that name meant trouble and all knew that. He knew how jokeless the ruthless alpha was. All he cared about was protecting his kind and making sure the unknown creature killing them is found.

Finn was powerful, that he knew. But he also knew that even though he was older, the alpha in question was equally as powerful as he was. Never in his six hundred and thirty three years life had he faced a force like the mysterious alpha. "What is this about Alpha Kale?" He asked coolly with one brow raised.

"Though the council haven't told him yet, five werewolves were murdered when they came across these inns. He was told that the creatures killed them but..."

"Are they from his pack?" He couldn't help the sudden skip of his heart, he really didn't have strength for any war right now, not after the incident with Alva. The last thing he needed was an angry werewolf bursting in to yell at his face or smash his head against his throne. Don't annoy the alpha with a terrible anger, one immune to silver. He found that out the hard way.

"Only one is, the others aren't," Finn breathe out in relief. "Alpha Carlyle assured us that his friend would never find out if only you can take care of this."

"Tell the council that this problem would be handled soonest," Finn concluded, leaving no room for more talks.

"Thank you sire," they bowed. The white haired passed the blue file to Casmir before they both disappeared into white and blue dust.

"Casmir,' Finn growled, causing his heart to accelerate as a new wave of fear took over. "where are the inns located?" He barked. Casmir tremulously opened the file and swept his eyes through the information.

"The main inn is located in Sarunn district on Mego Island, while the other is spread out in the upper and lower side of Barcelona."

"You and Axel would go to Barcelona with the squads, I want the managers brought back alive and all the employees dead. Every single vam that visits these inns should be either brought dead or alive. If they try to resist, kill them, including Lady Rosalind."

"And the main one? We would have to board a ship to get to Mego Island, and Lord Craig is a powerful one." Casmir pointed out with destress. He couldn't fight an old Lord as strong as Craig, maybe Axel could but the victory wasn't guaranteed.

"Hmm," Finn grumbled, he knew what it meant. For the first time since a century, he was going to leave his castle for a stupid old vampire.

Craig would regret it.

Claudia's standpoint

I looked behind me to check if they were catching up on us. The men were hot on our trail, pursuing us like their money depended on it. Well, literally, it did, since we robbed them.

"This way!" Kassandra shouted. Kassandra was my younger sister, a small but very fast girl. I'm sure you are wondering who we are. A simple introduction then.

My name is Claudia Wolf, twenty nine years old beauty – if I do say so myself – and the eldest amongst my sister. According to dad, our ancestors were best praised for their great tracking skills and unity, like a wolf pack. That was where the name came from. So, my father was an hunter and a merchant before he died at sea. Two years later, my mother who was a sailor died at the hands of pirate, leaving their five daughters to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, two died out of starvation because somebody had to claim our properties and throw us into the streets. That was when I knew we had to do anything to survive, including using our skills to get what we want. I was seventeen then.

What are our skills? I was a heck of a fighter, could swing a perfect punch with my eyes close and fight with swords like they are a part of me. I was taking lessons from our chief bodyguard before everything went south. So with a little more self training and of course, hiding in a warrior school to learn more, I learnt how to fight well. Even taught my siblings some cool moves to defend themselves. As the eldest, it was my duty to worry and find out new places to rob but not my duty think. I am a terrible thinker. I can do what one say but never be the one to make the plan. That job belonged to the youngest among us, Suzanne. She was just a year younger than Kassandra.

Suzanne was taller, more beautiful and well, odd. She was our strategizer, analyzer and all those thinking stuff. She was also our emergency escape and temptress. Very manipulative and could seduce any information out of one's mouth. Very handy I say. She wasn't as good at fighting as Kassandra, but she was a great archer and fan fighter. Kassandra is our professional thief. She is so good at snatching things that she is capable of stealing your ears and you won't know. That's how good she is. The other thing about her is her speed, that girl can be compared to a cheetah. She also had agility to her list of skills making her the perfect mini thief. Kassandra was twenty seven and Suzanne twenty six.

Together, we were The Wind. At least that's what Sandra calls it.

Now, back to where we were. Sandra led the way to where she knew. She's good at navigating... "Crap!" I exclaimed, she led us to the edge of the cliff. Well, not that good at navigating but hey, we can't all be great. She's a tracker while Suzanne navigates.

The men chuckled darkly as they drawled closer to us, smirking and waving their swords. Sandra gulped, turning around to face them. "nowhere to go little thieves," one said chucklingly. I smirked and cocked my hips.

"Oh really?" I looked at the drop over my shoulder. "When things get tight,"

"Look on to our emergency escape," Sandra completed.

"What are you talking about? Just get these witches!"

I clasped Sandra's hand against mine and smirked again. "catch us if you can boys," I sent them a wink, right before we fell backwards, falling down the cliff.

"They are crazy!" I heard them yell before we splashed into the water, the cold liquid piercing our skins. Sure, it was dangerous to jump into the cursed sea surrounding our island, not when they were wild creatures waiting to eat you the moment you land. But we weren't scared, we had a secret weapon.

I looked beyond the water, holding my breath and whipping my hands and legs so I won't drown. I could see her coming, her hair had taken on it glowing golden brown form with electric purple dust shimmering on the surface of her hair, flowing to the tip of her hair and floating into the water, leaving a bright light behind her. Her whole body gushed out the same purple dust, her scales shimmering like a moonlight crystal. She was beautiful even with her scales cupping her shimmering scaly face. The scales on her face looked like diamonds, pretty silver diamonds. Her pink gills at the sides of her neck flapped open and close, I could see it because I was use to seeing it.

She swam closer to us, no tail but her legs were filled with scales that made them look like crystallising diamonds. I rolled my eyes away when it came across the crevasse of her breasts, she took off her dress and left herself in her inner garment.

"Hey sisters," she giggled, I glared at her to get us out of here before we die of lack of oxygen. She ran her tongue over her orchid purple lips before taking our hands. Her sea blue eyes turned pink, the pink extending to her scaly hands and transferring to us, giving us the ability to breathe under water too. Well, as long as she was holding us. "That's more like it," she smiled. We couldn't talk like her, but at least we could breathe. "Did you get the gem?" Sandra raised the bag to show her. "Perfect, let's go, mission accomplished."

And with that, she pulled us along with her, swimming with a speed no human could conquer. I won't call us thieves, we were just three girls who get paid to collect items for special clients, girls who never failed, girls who needed to survive. I guess that makes us survivors. And we were just fine the way we were.

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