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The President Daughter Epilogue



(No Lower Class Needed)

The President Daughter Epilogue 


         Avril POV:

After taking my bath, she wrapped the robe around her and walk back inside their room.

She was Surprised that Ace had a penthouse here in Hawaii, once again he has managed to surprise her.

"Took you so long."Ace groaned when she sat down infront of the vanity mirror.

She rolled my eyes and opened my smooth glow face cream.

"What? Were you waiting for me, I had no idea." She said mockingly and continue with what she was doing.

He stood up from the bed and walk towards her, Avril keep stealing glances at him through the mirror.

Her sense heightened when she knew his intentions.

He bend down lowly and brought his lip to her ear, he graze her earlobe with his lips and tugged on it gently.

"Why are you so tense?" He teased her, course she was tense because of her nervousness.

She roll her eyes and continue with her routine, trying to act as though he wasnt there at all.

Ace on the other hand chuckled at her childish behavior. 

He smirked and kissed the joint between her collarbone and neck then swoop her up from the chair.

She yelped and softly punches his naked chest with her tiny fists.

He threw her on the bed and winked at her, she wasn't a talkative anymore.

She was gazing at him, lust evident in her eyes.

"What? Cat got your tongue now?" He teased her.

Avril watched him with so much emotions.

She was short of words, she just couldn't believe that the man she wasbusy chasing after during her teenage days is now madly in love with her.

It was a dream come true for her.

"A penny for your thought?" He playfully teased her.

She covered her face with her palm and Ace laughed out loud.

Avril removed her palm.from her face to see the laughing Ace.

Seeing him laugh like that was a sight to behold.

He totally look hotter with his smile.

She was happy that she was fulfilling her duty as his wife by being the reason behind his happy face.

"I dont know what to do with you Avril." He said and pulled her up to straddle him.

Avril gasped at the sudden change of serenity, her heart was beating rapidly.

Yes she hadhave sex with him a lot but then, she had no knowledge about their past.

But now that she knew, she was selfish_conscious.

She adore him and wouldn't want him angry with her.

"I just want to f**k you to submission." He groaned and wrapped his hands around her hips.

He started moving her up and down on top of him. 

He groaned as the familiar sensation overcome him.

Avril watch his facial expression then continue with by increasing her pace.

He yanked the robe away from her body in one goal which caused her instinct to cover herself with her hand.

She saw the hurtful expression on his face an quickly removed her hands.

"You're beautiful my love, your eyes is beautiful, your nose, your sweet mouth. Your round a**, your pretty pu**y is beautiful." He said and she covered her face yet again.

"Stop being so vulgar babe, you're making me shy." She said and he chuckled.

He grabbed her two precious peaches that were dangling in front of him and squeezed them softly.

Avril moaned as Ace concentrate onnher nipple, he continue grinding herself on him.

This pant he was wearing was the only barrier between them.

She bite her lip and stared at Ace.

"Remove your pants." She boldly told him.

She stand up and help him remove his pants.

When she saw Junior Ace standing tall between his legs, she blushed hard.

"Oh come on, stop acting like you're just seeing it." He groaned.

She sat back on him and this time, she didn't wait for any foreplay and caught the chase instead.

She guide his cock inside her.

"F**k Avril." He groaned after she took all of him in.

After settling herself, she started moving. He grabbed her hip and guide her.

She increased her pace, slamming herself on him.

"F**k f**k Ace, I'm so close already." She moaned out.

Of course she'll be close,.

Twenty minutes later they both released and earth shattering orgasm.

They both look at their sweaty face and smile.

This was it.

This was home.

Ace was home to her and Avril was home to him.

After all the struggle of memory loss, he still managed to get her back to himself.

That was determination.

She was everything he wanted forever,ever after and evermore.


Moral lesson:

Don't loose hope on what you believe.

Avril loved Ace unconditionally even when he was much more older than her.

Even when he constantly pushed her away, she never gave up until he accepted her and her flaws.

When Avril loss her memory, Ace never gave up.

He was determined to wait for her, to help her recover.

After so much temptation. 

They conquer it together.

When you have faith in something.

Don't be pushed around.

Determination to do that and be successful is the key to success.

God bless everyone that supported this story.

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