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The Killer's Bride Episode 9



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 9

@ Author Jedi

                      Mia's POV

I dialled Xander number angrily, tapping my foot on the ground anxiously. If Xander was infront if me right now, I'm so sure I would be sending him flying to deepest part of hell. How dare him kidnap my mum, and then leave a stupid note asking him to call him, who those he think he is.

"Hello Mia, I've been waiting for your call." His cocky voice comes through my speaker. I just want to rip his damn throat out, he couldn't even ask who is on the line, he us just so damn proud and over confident, that I will look for his number and call him.

"Where is my mother Xander." I gritted, wishing I could just punch his damn face right this minute. "Straight to the point I see. Not even a simple greeting, come on Mia, are we fighting." He drawled. I hate his damn voice.

"We will be, if you don't tell me where my mum is right this minute, Xander." I yelled into the phone, glaring at the wall infront of me, imagining Xander's overconfident face right over there.

"Are you sure, you should be talking to me, in such manner Mia. I have your mother's life, in my very own palm, Mia." He taunts, I can tell he is really enjoying this.

"Fine, what do you want." I asked calmly, sighing a little bit.

"Now, that's the voice I've been waiting for." He said laughing. "Xander, I don't have time for your sick games, just tell me. What do you want?." I spelled it out for him.

"One night with you Mia, one night to f!ck your pu$$y Mia, one night and I will return your mother back to you." He didn't just say that right, he didn't just say that. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh, call down, calm down Mia. 

"That is never going to happen, Xander, you can never have me, not even in your dreams." I state angrily, then hung up on him immediately.

 "Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I hate Xander Clark. I hate that freaking scumbag so much, and I'm going to make him. "Okay, okay. Calm down, I can see that call was a very unpleasant call but why don't you take your anger out on him, yelling won't do you any good." Sylvia advice.

"Thanks Sylvia." I appreciates walking out of the kitchen.

"You're welcome. Uhm, the person you just talked to, is he responsible for your mum disappearance." She asked concerned, following right behind me.

"Yes." I answered simply, rushing down the stairs to the basement.

"Okay... So what do you intend to do." Sylvia asked again.

"I'm going to go get my mother back, of course." I answered, inputting my password, in the basement door.

"Okay. Is there anything I could to do to help." She asked, "yes, you can stay right in here. I don't know if any of that scumbag men, are out here watching the house and I wouldn't want them seeing you coming out of my house, your life will be at risk." I said to her, taking all the things I would need, for my mission.

"Okay. Be careful out there, Mia." She said softly, hugging me from the back, I turned around and hugged her back.

"Don't worry, I will be fine. Your friend is made of iron, remember." I smiled at her, hug her one more time, and then walked out of the basement, lock the basement door, I don't want to take any chances. With one more look at my house, I got on my bike and drove away. I had a tracker fixed in my mum teeth, so it shouldn't be hard finding her.

             Xander POV 

"Don't you think, this is kind of too much, okay it's not kind of too much Xander. This is too much, for just one girl." Chan exclaims, staring at Mia's mum.

"And why do you think so." I asked boredly, also staring at my captive. She's unconscious, I had to make her unconscious, cause when she woke up in my house, tied to a chair, she struggled really hard against the rope, and also kept on shouting really loudly, at me. And since I hate been shout at, I had to make her unconscious.

"Are you really saying that, Xander. Since when did you start kidnapping ladies mothers, all because you want to f!ck them. Whenever you are horny Xavnder, you go to the club and get a girl, you don't kidnap their mama's." He uttered, staring at me in surprise.

"Well... This particular girl, will not let me have her, unless I take this extreme measures, and i really do want her under me okay. This is like the only I can think of, since I saw her in that bar fight, looking as sexy as hell.

"Are you sure this only just a sexual feeling, are you sure you are not falling in love with this girl." He asks, staring at me pointedly, raising his eyebrow in a questioning look.

"I'm an assassin, Chan. And we assassin, do not fall in love, we don't even feel any emotion. I just want to have her, and that's all." I defend myself, my voice cold. 

"Hmm, why don't I.... Your watch is beeping Xander, someone is trying to hack into your system." Chan informed, not completing his earlier sentence. I looked at my watch, and he is right, someone is trying to hack into my system. 

I brought out my phone from my back pocket, I logged into to my camera house system, to see who is the person trying to get into my house, and it was no other person but Mia. "Well, the lady if the hour is here." I smirked really hard.

"Aren't you going to block her from trying to hack into your system." Chan asked concerned.

"Nope, why should I. She won't even be able to hack into my system, it's the best and nobody on this earth, especially that girl can hack..." I stopped in mid sentence, in seeing my phone has gone blank, she has hacked into my system.

"What were you saying again, Xander. Cause it seems like, Miss Mia not only just hacked into your system, but she did it in less than 20 minutes, that's really impressive and you use, about 30mins to be able to hack into hers, infact if you hadn't send that virus to her computer, she would have been able to stop you." Chan said grinning. "Which side are you on." I ask him angrily.

"Me, I'm just here to watch the show, cause there's going  to be a lot of drama here tonight." He smirked at me, pat me on my shoulder and then goes to sit on the only couch in the room.


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