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The Killer's Bride Episode 8



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 8

@ Author Jedi

      Mia POV

"Mia, Mia! Mia!." I got jolted out of my deep thinking by the voice of my friend Sylvia, who's face directly infront of me. "What the heck Sylvia, shift back a little, why are you so close." I grumbled sitting up on the bed.

"Why won't I be so close to you, when you've be busy zoning out on me, that you couldn't even hear me calling you." She complained, moving away from me to sit on the bed, we are currently in my bedroom.

"Just say what you want."

"Stop using that tone of voice on me, anyway before I say what I want to say. You'll have to tell me the truth reason you have been zoning out on me. What has gotten your mind occupied?." She crossed her hands below her chest, giving me the, *don't you dare lie to me look.* But the good news is, that look of hers, has never work on me.

I don't know what you are talking about, and my mind is not occupied." I replied her back, laying back on the chair. Actually that was a lie, there is something or should I say someone bothering me and this someone is no other person than Xander Clark. 

Why can't I get the memories of yesterday off my mind and brain. Why does it feel like when I stopped his leg really hard to avoid kissing him, why does it feel like I really wanted him to kiss me. 

"Don't you dare lie to me mia, that there is nothing occupying your mind, cause I know that that's a big lie. Mia, tell me the truth." She stared right into mine eyes, like she has some kind of power to get the information she wants out of me.

"I told you Sylvia, there's nothing going on in my mind, there's nothing occupy my mind. Drop the case and tell me why you were calling me in the first place, what so you want to tell me."  I asked her, trying to divert her attention.

"I know you are trying to change the subject, but for today I will let you win, just know this that this discussion is not over. Anyway, I wanted to know if you're done with your homework, maths assignments to be precise." I should have know this would be the only reason for her drop a case when I asked her too. If Sylvia doesn't have something important to talk to you about, she wouldn't mind following you wherever you go, just to extract the information she wants from the person.

"Why are you asking?." I questioned, having a frown on my face.

"You already know why I'm asking, so don't pretend you don't know." She replies back with her own frown. Sylvia and her brother charles always copies my assignments, why? Because they know that, I'm a graduate and I'm only going to school to cover my identity. 

"Okay fine, I'm through with my assignment." I said tiredly, Sylvia and her brother might be my best friend but they are a lot of trouble to my soul.

"Great, where is it? So I can copy it." She asks excitedly, clapping her hands together.

"You know, you and charles have to start doing all your homework, without my help." I state frowning at her.

"Yeah, we will do that when we don't have you in our life anymore, and well that won't happen anytime soon. So tell me where is you book?." She questioned again, with a bored look.

"It's in my bag, bit please don't copy it word for word, you almost got me in trouble, with the chemistry teacher." I complained, frowning.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Don't worry, I won't copy it word for word, I'm also going to answer the ones I know."

"And on a scale of one to hundred, how many of the questions do you know." I asks her with a raised eyebrow.

"Uhm, let me see." She rubs through the question in her book then raised her head back up, "none." She replies sadly.

"Oh geez." I shakes my head at her, if it's charles, he would at least answer some of the questions but his sister is a loss case, always getting me in trouble. She might be my best friend, and I might love her but she's sure one hell of a problem.

All of a sudden a blaring alarm rings through the house, "What is going on?." Sylvia asked confused.

"I think someone is trying to hack into my security system. Stay right here, I will be right back." I said to her, rushing out of my room.

I rushed down to the basement, input my password and walked inside, I moved towards my computer and started typing on it really fast, whoever that's trying to hack my system, must be really good, but I'm going to let him know I'm the best.

I continued typing furiously on my keyboard, trying to lock him out of my system, I was about to lock him out when my computer just shut down. "No, no, no, this can not be happening. No, this is not happening!!." I yelled frustrated, hitting my key board really hard.

"Emergency lock down, engage." A computer voice said, "oh no, oh no, not emergency lock down." I turned around only to see a big heavy iron door coming down, blocking the main door. This is bad, I can't believe my own security system is working against me now.

I sat down in the basement for about 30mins, before the emergency lock down ended. I took my gun immediately, held it in my hand and rushed out of the room.

"Oh my God, thank God I found you. What was that lock down all about." Sylvia asks in seeing me, hugging me really tightly.

"Someone hacked into my system, and placed the house under emergency lock down. I've you seen my room." I asked her worriedly.

"No, but I did see her in the kitchen before coming to your room." Sylvia informed me.

"Thanks, let's go check the kitchen, follow closely right behind me." I said to her, she nods her head and followed right closely behind me.

I walked into the kitchen with my gun in hand, I looked around the kitchen but my mum was nowhere to be found, I was about going out of the kitchen when I saw a not on the kitchen counter. I picked the small white note and on it, it's boldly written, *CALL ME.* I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me who wrote the note, it's no other than Xander, Xander Clark!!


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