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The Killer's Bride Episode 7



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 7

@ Author Jedi

      Xander's POV

"Wow, you rock girl. Just look at the way the guy ran away, if he had tails, I'm pretty sure it would be in between his legs. You gave him a good scare." Sylvia comments laughing out really hard, staring at the screen of the TV. The fight I had with that, unknown assassin that came to kill me yesterday, I recorded every single detail of the fight.

"And I don't get why they are still coming, even with all the rumours going around about you, they are not still scared enough. They keep on coming to kill you." Charles said, throwing pop corn into his mouth.

"Well, I enjoy beating the hell out of them. You see, they all underestimate and that's their first mistake, they should never had underestimate me. Because I'm a high schooler and a girl, they all think I don't stand a chance against them, but they are all wrong and that's why I always end up kicking their a$$." I said with a smirk, sipping from my cup of latte. 

"And that's why I say, men are not only foolish, but also cocky." Sylvia said frowning.

"Hey, hey, I'm right here and you know I'm a man. Isn't that obvious?." Charles pointed at his self, as he talks, his face revealing a frown.

"Sorry bro, I was talking about those useless idiots that keeps on trying to kill our superhero, and defender of this community." I sighed, seriously they have to stop calling me a superhero, and all those stuffs, that's not what I am. But for the main time, people referring to me as superhero, isn't my main concern, nope. I have to think of how to deal with that idiot calling himself the mafia lord, Herrick. He is the biggest mafia lord in this community, and I'm so sure he is the reason behind the last attack on me. I stumbled upon his men beating and fooling around with a lady, so I rushed in and save the girl then beat the hell out of the idiots guys and not only that, I have always save people from his men, I've always been a pain in his a$$. I'm sure now he wants to get rid of me, but I'm not going to let him do that, never!.

I was driving around the neighborhood with my bike, when suddenly two trucks, came and blocked the road. I got down from the car, my senses alert, my fist ready to beat someone.

A man comes down from one of the truck, he was cladded in a black suit. I know he is, and he is no other than, Xander, Xander clark. I hate him! I had sat down next to him in the club, but that was because at that very minute I didn't know who he was, it was only when he asked me a question, I knew he is the one. Whenever I go into a club, I don't pay attention to anybody.

"I hope you don't mind me blocking your path, just want to talk." He yelled, walking over to where I'm currently standing, with his signature smirk on. I hate his smirk!.

"Why do I have this feeling, that even if I say no, you will still talk." I said, folding my hands below my chest, staring at him, with no ounce of fear.

"Yeah, that's true. I'm Xander..."

"Xander Clark, I know who you are." I cut him off, my eyes on him, my voice cold.

"Wow, I guess that's good then. I won't have to waste my time introducing myself. Anyway, I have heard a lot of things about you, miss Mia." He States, turning his back on him, like the every proud man would do.

"And I'm guessing you want to know if those rumours are true." I asked him. 

"Yes." He said turning around and I bent down immediately, doing the bullet he just fired. As I was getting back up, I saw he was going to kick me, so I did a backflip, dodging his kick.

"I know just like every other person, you were also thinking, that I'm not as good as you. You think all because I'm a girl, I won't even measure up to you." My voice came out hoarse, as I gave him a high kick, he dodged it. He is good.

"You are right about that, but unlike every other men you've ever fought with, I didn't just lie back and believe you won't measure up to me, I came prepared." He took hold of my hand, and dragged me towards him, my head hitting his chest.

I raised my head up, blowing away the few strands of hair covering my face. "You know, you are not only good at fighting, but you are also one sexy hell of a girl." He whispered in my ear, bending my back a little bit, his hands around my waist.

I glared at him, then stomped my leg really hard on his foot, he yelled out, holding his leg in his hand. "The next time you touch me with those filthy hands of yours, I will make sure I cut it off. I glared at him one more time, then got on my bike, and turned the bike around. Without another look at him, I drove off.

I watched sexy mia drove on her bike, her driving off on her bike didn't help matters. Damn! I want her, my d!ck wants her.

I got on the truck, and drive it away, a plan forming on my mind on how to have her, cause I will have her.

"You want Mia, on your bed, do you even know what you are saying, that girl is trouble man. There is many fishes in the water, man. Go for somebody else." Chan advice.

"Nope, she's the only fish I want. And I already have a perfect plan, on how to get her." I said with a smirk, Mia won't know what's coming for her.

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