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The Killer's Bride Episode 5




Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 5

©️Author Jedi

      Xander's POV

I was stunned at the sight and for some seconds, I thought it wasn't happening for real...

How can a lady like that pull such a dangerous stunt!!..

Now I see why she had that dark glass on, she is an assassin...

something really caught my attention...

She said she doesn't allow evil and she just saved the waiter...

This isn't far away from what my friend chan said about the girl he was sent to waste..

I quickly picked up my phone and made to dial his number, but stopped when I saw the pics he sent to me..

I clicked it open and my eyes popped out.

There was a striking resemblance between her and the girl in the picture..

"Hello Chan!" I called immediately he picked the call.

"You saw the pics right??" He asked

"Oh yes, emm..I think I just sighted the girl here in this club house...what is her name?" I asked

"Mia..." He replied and I sighed as it dawned on me that it was the same lady..

"Okay, I just wanna tell you to be some way careful, she looks dangerous than you may think.." I said and he chuckled

"Guess you also forgot how dangerous I am all because we haven't been together for a while" 

"Oh yes, I trust you...do what you are best at" I smiled and hung up..

There was something I should have done which Is to notify Chan about Mia's ability,

With the way he talks, I could see he was really seeing the mission like a very simple one..

He isn't aware of how dangerous mia is, she looked so innocent outside, she looked so lovable, so calm, no one would ever believe that a girl like that would kill a fly..

I picked my phone to explain to Chan about her but later decided against it, it would look like I'm trying to degrade him..

 Chan's POV

Her name is Mia,

A final year high school student,


Living with her poor mother all alone after their father abandoned them..


what a mission, I mean why would I even be sent to this kind of mission that are meant for learners, assassin at my rank isn't going to this kind of mission...

I don't see anything difficult in this, she may kill those men singlehanded but that doesn't means she is strong to face me, I can't wait to shred her body into tiny pieces alongside her mother..

Xander talked about her being dangerous and I wonder what kind of dangerous a school student living with her poor mother could be..

Wow!!!..its time to end her history, its time for her to be forgotten like she never existed...

I arranged my weapons which were few, I don't see any reason taking much, it was like a lion going to fight a dog...

What a fight!!

I smirked and scribed a Rip on her picture before dashing out..

       Mia's POV

"Mom, someone is coming to attack us" I said as I watched the car from the live streaming through the computer system..

"What??..why??.." She asked

"I don't know, the person may be related to some people I had killed in the past, it is just one person" I said zooming different part of the roadside 

"So what are we gonna do?" She asked dryly still arranging the bed like nothing was happening..

Yes..I really love that, I swear it really took me a long time to make my mother believe and trust in me, I had made her never afraid of any danger...

Fear is the first step to failure...

"This person doesn't know a lot about me, he isn't well equipped at all.." I chuckled

"Its time to show him your strength.." She shrugged

"Well, he doesn't know me well and I myself doesn't know him, I don't know his ability so I can't fight him directly.. I need to test his strength.." I smiled before leaving the room..

"You know where to stay right??..go there immediately" I smiled to my mother and she nodded and head to the underground..

      Chan's POV

I finally got to the building which really showed their poverty although it wasn't so bad...

She shouldn't have killed those men, now she would die in poverty

...poor girl,

I got out and took a pistol and a pen knife before rushing in...

I was damn ready to kill anyone I sight..

I got into the sitting room and there on the couch was her...

Mia was sitting comfortably sipping wine from the tumbler..

I smirked and walked closer arranging the mask more fitting..

She didn't even act like someone came in,

Is she deaf??

"Hey little girl!!" I growled staring at her..

She glanced at me with an arched brow before dropping her wine..

"How did you came here and what is your mission in here!!..how could you even intrude into my apartment!" She snorted with a frown leaving me confused..

"Do I look like a joker to you??..I'm here to eliminate you!!" I growled and brought out the gun to her view..

She didn't even shake a bit and kept sipping her drink..

"Are you crazy you b***h!!!" I screamed in frustration cocking the gun..

She wasn't even moving even after hearing the cocking, I placed my finger in the trigger ready to end it all, I thought she would engage me to a battle but I was mistaken, this mia here is f**king crazy!!

I pulled the trigger in anger but she was quickly to see it, that made her bend her head allowing the bullet pierce into the sofa..

"I had given you the chance to leave here but you decided to stay so I have no option than to kill you!" She growled leaving me bursting into laughter...

Did she just threatened me???

I was still laughing when a blow from her landed on my face, 

I found myself falling on the floor with a loud thud as my face went on fire, the pain I felt was shocking that I wondered if she was the one who punched me..

I was just too shocked as I stared at her spitting out some blood..

She stood up with her face mean and deadly, 

"Are you ready to fight??" I smirked and sprang up..

We both stood in readiness ready to fight.

She was the first to charge at me with a blow which I easily dodge, she sent a kick almost immediately but I also dodged it and send a kick to her belly before she could see it coming..

My kick didn't even seem to affect her as she gave me a headbutt before I could even know it...

My head pounded and I felt some way dizzy..

I gave her a blow on her face quickly making her move backward, I quickly used the opportunity to send simultaneous kiss on her chest send her crashing on the couch...

That gave me some time to absorb the pain from her blow and headbutt, I had never seen a girl that gives a heavy blow like her, it was too strong.

I glanced at her on the ground and felt rage surge through me, her blow was still sending pain through me..


I brought out the knife and charged at her trying to stab her chest but she wasn't so weak to let me do it easily...

She fave me a hard kick on my face pushing me away from her, in a swift way, she stood up and clenched her fist tightly staring at me intently..

"You really looked tough, but you can't fight me, I'm more stronger than you" I teased and send a blow to her belly but she made no movement, it was like I just punched a statue.

I raised my fist to punch her face this time but she caught my fist and twisted it forcing a shrill out of my lips..

I felt my bone cracking, my eyes popped out at her muscular strength.

Who is this girl???

I made to punch her with my other hand but she quickly pushed me hardly to the wall making me hit my head hard on it..

I fell on the floor to catch some breath, I really made a mistake of belittling her strength, she had just defeated me, what a shame!!!

I felt like strangling her but my strength was sapping...

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"You are of evil so you don't deserve to live..." She muttered and brought out a pistol which she cocked immediately...

I could see her finger going to the trigger, 


I looked around and saw the window open, that's my only way of escape..

She pulled the trigger and i fired a bullet which I dodged and flee away through the window swiftly....


I can't believe I ran away from this girl...


To be continued...

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