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The Killer's Bride Semi Final



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Semi Final

@ Author Jedi

                    Mia POV

I know Mum you are right that doesn't hold anything against me but still yet I feel I shouldn't have done that to him so stop. My dear this is the best week so stop feeling self pity ok stop it I'm going back inside the clinic where she said I don't mind what are live. I took in a deep side surpassing my flowers.

"I promise you sir, your wife is going to love the flowers. These, are the kind of flowers, women loves at the present time. So don't be worried, your wife would fall in love with this flowers." I said to the customer trying to get him to buy the flowers, although I wasn't lying to him, women love lilies nowadays more than rose. 

"Fine, If you say so.. I will trust your words, pack it up for me." The man instructs. I packed up the flowers for him, took my money and then hands over the flower to him. He took the flower from me, and then left.

A call came across my phone, I picked my phone from the table where it was, it's Sylvia calling. I swiped the green button then place the phone on my ear. 

"Hey Sylvia, what's up babe." I said into the phone.

"Mia, where are you at the moment." She asked with urgency in her voice.

"I'm in my shop, why you asking? and seriously you can't even return my greetings." I said, pretending to be hurt.

"Forget about greetings right now. Where are you at the moment?." She asked again. Why does she want to know my locstion.

"I told you already, I'm at my shop." I answered groaning.

"Do you have a TV in that shop of yours?." She questioned. okay, this is getting weird.

"Yes I do. Why are you asking, what is.."

"Mia listen to me very clearly, I want you to on your TV." She instructs.

"My TV is already on, Sylvia." I said dryly.

"Okay then, put it at channel 8, chan-el 8."  I felt confuse wondering why she want me to put at channel 8, but nevertheless, I picked up the remote and then change the channel to, channel 8.

"A Popular Assassin, Xander Clark, just escaped from prison. The police are doing everything within their power to find him, anyone who sees him or has any information about him, should contact this number that is being displayed on the TV." A lady reporter said. The remote fell from my hand, and hit the ground really hard.

"Hey Mia, are you there?" Sylvia voice comes through my phone speaker.

I held the phone tightly, really close to my ear, my mouth wide open. I am still in a very big shock on what the reporter just said.

"Yes, I guess.. I'm fine. Sylvia, XANDER IS OUT OF PRISON." I yelled loudly. 

"I know right, I know, I know, I know. That is so surprising, I just had to call you when I saw the news." Sylvia screamed, I had to removed the phone from my ear, to stop her from damaging my ear.

"Wow I never thought in my wildest dream, that he would ever escape from jail. He broke the law, Sylvia." I uttered throwing my left hand up in the air.

"For goodness sake Mia! He already in prison for 10 years and now that he is out you are supposed to be happy or are you not happy? She questioned. 

"Okay, Maybe I feel a little bit happy about the news but, that doesn't change the fact, that he broke the law." I said pouting my lips.

"Stop, stop it babe. What the heck is your problem? You have been feeling guilty for putting him in prison, and now that he is out of that same prison, you are saying he broke the law. There are thousands of assassin out there, who kill people and not one of them are in prison, so what the heck is your wrong with you, Xander isn't the first man to break out of jail is he?." I could sense she's angry by my attitude.

"No he is not but.."

"No but, Mia. Your father made Xander the asassin that he is, and now, I'm sure he's a changed man. You should be happy that you succeeded in changing him."

"How do you know that, what if he hasn't really changed?." I questioned pouting my lips.

"How will I not know. I'm sure that very day you got him arrested, he already planned it out to stay in that prison for 10 years, I'm sure he had a reason and that reason, was so he could cook of in there and be that change man, that you want." I guess she is making sense.

"Now that Xander is out,  you should be getting ready to get married to him." Now, she's not making sense.

"Sylvia please stop, stop saying nonsense." 

"We both know, that I'm not saying nonsense. Remember he asked you to wait, and that you shouldn't even dare get married. Well guess what, your husband is out of prison and very soon, he would be coming to ask for your hand in marriage."  When is she going to stop. Although I won't lie, when she said *he would be coming to ask for your hand in marriage* I did not only smile but I also blushed.

"Well.. only when I see him, would I believe all what you are saying." I replied her frowning.

"I am so certain, that very soon, you would believe me. You know what, I am taking the next available flight back to New York, because you are going to get married to Xander Clark." She said, sounding so determined.

"Are you sure, you're coming here because of me and Xander or because of a certain person called Chan." I asked her teasingly.

"I'm going to cut the call right now." She said, and then cut the call, like she said she would do. she is one crazy girl. Chuckle.

"Do you need any help with that?." A man's voice comes from behind me. I put down the flowers I was holding in my hand, my heart beating so fast. I know that voice, I know the owner of that voice. That voice  to no other Man but Xander  Clark.

I turned around, to see the face of this man, and I was right the voice belong to Xander.

"Wow, I cannot believe..." I wasn't able to finish my sentence, as Xander walked right up to me and then kissed me on the lips.

"Sometimes you talk too much Mia." He said as the kiss came to an end. I rolled my eyes at him in an unfashionable ladylike manners.

Xander smirked at me, then put his hand into his suit pocket and then did the unexpected or should I say something have been dreaming about for months, years. He went on his knees and then said, "Mia would you marry me."


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