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The Killer's Bride Episode 29



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 29

@ Author Jedi

Xander's POV

I looked around my house in shock, every single thing in my living room, has been trashed. Anyone who walk into my house, might think it's a mad person that's living in the house.

My TV has been broken into pieces, the couch turned upside down and the foam in the couch has been brought out it, and then littered it everywhere in the living room. The drinks in my bar has all been broken and now broken pieces of glass, is lays scattered on the ground.

As if breaking my drinks wasn't enough, whoever that is responsible for this also broke my bar.

I rushed over to the kitchen and this part of the house wasn't left, microwave, fridge, my cooker, every fucking thing has been broken.

I left the kitchen and rushed upstairs to my room. I almost cried out on seeing the state of my room.

My expensive suits has been torn apart into many pieces and I could tell that the job was done with a scissors. 

My bed is in a really bad state, it is just like the couch, it has been afflicted really badly. 

My wardrobe... infact, I can't say anymore words, just know that, every single thing in my room, it's in a bad state.

I looked around my room really really shocked, a look of shock displaying on my face. While looking around the room, I noticed a little white paper glued to my wardrobe.

I walked over to the wardrobe and then read what's on the paper. 

* I told you not to dare me Li Jie.* The notes read.

This actually spikes up some memory in my head,


Li Jie had just stolen Meun Soo candies, and not only did he stole it but he also ate the candy and Meun Soo is very angry about it.

"You cannot blame me for taking your candy, you refused to share it with me." Li Jie outrightly accused her, even if he's in the wrong.

"But it's my candy and so, I get to decide if I want to share with you or not." Meun Soo argued. 

"I am your friend and so you don't have to decide, cause it's clear that since I'm your friend you have to share your candies with me." Li Jie argued back, standing his ground.

"You are going to pay for this Li Jie, you're going to pay." Meun Soo said glaring at him really hard. She turned around and then walked away, her feet hitting the ground really hard.

Li Jie huffed, and then also walked away, thinking she's only bluffing. But Li Jie was definitely wrong, Meun Soo wasn't bluffing. She trashed his bag and all his clothes that is in his bag, then left him a note. *I told you not to dear me Li Jie.*

End of Flashback✓✓✓✓✓

Oh my God oh my God, Mia is responsible for this, she's the one that trash my house but how can it be possible, I locked her up. I better go to the safe house and see for myself.

I Drove to the safe house as fast as I can, parked my car right outside the safehouse, got down from it hurriedly and then rushed into the safe house.

I was right Mia is not here she, must have a escaped but how? I program this cage or should I say, Chan program this cage for it to be impossible for anyone to break out of it. You would need my password to be able to get out, or could it be possible that, Chan was the one who got Mia out of here. No I cannot believe thay chan would do a thing like this, but it has to be the only way, if it was another person that broke her out, then my alarm would have sounded. Only chan knows all this information cause he is the one that made it all.

I was about to walking out of the safe house when all of a sudden, the lights in the safe House suddenly went off. I looked around confused what is going on?.

After some minutes the light came back on, they were pictures of people on the wall, I looked at the pictures intently and I recognise them. This are the pictures of every single person i have murdered in cold blood. What is going on? What is Mia planning. 

I was just five then, when my gathered was killed by an unknown man..... I turned around, only to see a TV hanged to the wall, a girl that would be at the age of eighteen, was displaying on the TV screen.

Killed my father, my mum ended up dying of an heart attack, my relatives took everything my parents left for me and I.. I was left to cater for myself at a very young age. I hate that man who killed my father, he is the cause of this all, and he deserves to rot in hell, for this!!!. The girl growled with so much hatred, I didn't need to be told that all those hatred are being directed at me. I don't know why but I felt like, as if a knife has been sliced through my heart.

Another video was played next, and this time, it was a guy in the video. *I was just returning back home from Germany, I was so excited to see my mum and dad again but I came back home and, met the biggest shock of my life. My parents were right there, lying down on the floor in their own pool of blood. My sister who, I've been wanting to see for years now, was laying down on the floor with a bullet in her head. She was dead, my mum was dead, my dad was dead. I don't know what they did to whoever killed them but I wish that this person will never know peace and should be killed, the same way he killed my parents. 

*My husband was the best husband in the whole wide world and some unknown man came into our house in the middle of the night and killed him. My husband asked me to hide, in the bathroom, so the man who killed my husband didn't see me. I watched this man put a bullet through my husband head, I don't know what he did to deserve such but I just hope, I just hope that this man that killed my husband, doesn't live to see a another day, I hope that he dies and then the vulture's would devour his dead body, cause a heartless man, doesn't deserve to be buried. That man is wicked and heartless.*

*I once had a wife who was pregnant, she was killed by an unknown assassin. I wasn't around that night when she was killed, my wife had complained in the middle of the night that she craved for an apple. I had to jump out of bed, and go get her the apples. I came back home, and announced to my wife that I got the apples she asked for. My wife didn't move, she didn't even answer me. At first I thought she was sleeping, so I tapped her really hard, she still didn't answer me. I raised I head up and that was when I felt blood gushing out of her head, a bullet stuck to her forehead. Later on the police came, and carried out an investigations, they found out that a popular asassin was responsible for my wife and unborn baby death. Till this very day, this man is out there roaming free, I hate this man I wish I could lay my eyes on him then I won't wait for even a second before killing him, the same way he killed my wife and my unborn child. Men like him, deserves nothing but death.

My uncle was a policeman, he was working on a certain assassin case before he died. His wife who was afraid, asked him to drop the case but my uncle. refused, he wanted nothing else but to bring this assassin to book. This assassin man ended up killing my uncle and he's family, in an utterly brutally way. I don't want this assassin to be jailed, I want him dead. He's body should be cut into million tiny pieces, his body should be giving to the dogs to eat. A man as heartless as him, deserves to be dead.

I don't know when or how, but I found myself falling to the floor, the words uttered by those people slicing through my heart, a heart I thought wasn't there anymore. A heart I thought, I had close down.

I felt terrible, those videos kept on playing, they're hateful word resounding in my head. I couldn't take it anymore, so I stood up and then I brought the TV down and smashed it. I also broke every single pictures in the room, into a million pieces, after that, I cried.

Mia pov.

I looked at the screen a little bit emotional, I turned to look at Chan, wiped my eyes cleaned and then said, "I'm ready to carry out your plan." If this is the only way, then so be it. I'm sorry Xander.


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