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The Killer's Bride Episode 28



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 28

@ Author Jedi

Mia's POV

"Chan... You..." I stuttered in shock, staring at him with wide eyes.

"Yep is me, your one and only Chan . " He said cheerfully, "I know you have a lot of questions to ask and believe me I want to satisfy your curiosity but I have to get you out of here, so we better postpone the questioning and answering section for later, please remain quiet while I get you out of this damn cage." He said casually. I did as he instructs, and did not say q single word, as he types some keys on the cage keypad. The cage has some kind of security keypad, I guess chan knows Xander password. That's why I don't share my password with anybody, no matter how close you are with me, well... Except from my mum.

Chan was finally able to get the cage opened, and I got out of it really quickly, I just wanted to be far away from that cage.

"It's so good to be out of that damn cage." I breathe out in relief.

"Yup, I know it feels good to be out of there but we have to get out of here now. I designed this cage for Xander and along that, I also install a security system that let's him know when a person walks into this safehouse. Which means, if we don't get out of here now, our asses would be kick by Xander, cause I won't fight my best friend and you are so weak to fight him yourself." I nod my head to what he said and then followed him outside, actually he aided me, by putting my hand around and then helped me walk. I am so weak right now.

There was a bus packed tight outside the safehouse and I guess it's chan bus, the both of us got on the bus and then he start the car and then drove off.

"I thought you might be really hungry and won't be able to wait, till we get to where I'm taking you and that's why i got you some food and water." Chan said looking at me from the rearview mirror. My stomach rumbles at the mention of food.

"Just look besides you left feet, you will find the food there." I did as he instructed and right there was a black polythene bag, with a takeaway that contains rice and a bottle water.

I ate the whole rice less than seconds, gulped down the whole bottle of water. Once I was done eating, I kept the takeaway plate back in the polythene bag and kept it where I first found the polythene bag. But if there's one thing, that I'm sure about, it's that my stomach is still hungry for more.

"What is this place." I asked as he stops the bus next to a small cabin house that's far deep in the woods.

"Well this is my own safe house, even Xander doesn't know about it, why don't we go in." He sian, he unlocks the door with a face scanner, once the scan was done and he was granted access the door opened. We both got into the house, with me looking around.

All the furnitures in the house are made with woods, "This is really nice and oddly comfortable." I comment looking around the house, taking in the beauty of the house.

"I know right, I designed the house to my liking. I always come here whenever, i just wanted to have a little bit of a normal life, you know to remind myself that I am still a human being and not just an assassin who kills people. I just come here to have a little bit of peace of mind." I nod in understanding, knowing what he is trying to say.

"So... why did you rescue me, despite the fact that, Xander is your best friend." I asked him thoughtfully, going to sit down on a couch next to me.

"Yes he is, and that is why, as his best friend, I do need to help him. I know that he needs help and that if I don't do something, Xander is going to be really tasty for blood, I know that Xander hates seeing you in that date but he's ego, wouldn't let him release you. He is my best friend and I want to do everything with my power to help him. I want to help you, change Xander Clark and take out the assassin blood in him." Chan concluded.

"That is really nice to hear, but right now, I don't even have any idea on how to change Xander Clark, and make him a better person." I said sighing heavily.

"I might have a little solution to that." He replied, grinning.

"Okay, spill it out..." I said, anxious to hear he's solution.

"Here it is..." He went on to explain he's plan to me, every step of the plan, and everything that needs to be done, once he was done explaining, I was in shock.

"No way, I will never do that, I can not do such a thing to Xander." I yelled out, standing up from the couch abruptly.

"Mia this is the only way to help him, it's the only way to save him from himself." Chan utters, trying make me see reasons with him.

"I don't know about this Chan, I will have to think about it.x I replied him tiredly, sitting down back on the couch.

"Sure if that's what you want, but while you are thinking, I do have another plan for you, this is just to shake him a little bit and I promise, it's going to be fun and something you would love doing and guess what, this is the uttermost memory lane travel." Chan said with a smirk, at the tone of his voice I felt so interested to know what he has.

"You've got my full attention, man." I said, my ears itching to hear what he has to say.

"Here it goes...." He explained his plan, and damn this is a really good one, and it's gonna be full of laughter.

"I love it Chan, infact I can't wait to carry it out but for now, do you have food in this house, cause I'm in serious need of food." I said getting up from the couch.

"Yes I do, check the kitchen it's all yours, whatever you feel it's okay for your stomach, then do well to eat it." He answered charmingly.

"Thanks, Uhm, I would also need a place to sleep, I haven't had a good sleep for a month now." I said yawning.

"I will also have that arranged." He winked at me and then walked away, I ended up looking for the kitchen myself, since he didn't show it to me before leaving. 

Xander POV

I walked into my house, my mind still active from the fight I just had last night. I halted in my track, on seeing the insides of my house. In what planet did I just strolled into, this is surely not my house!!


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