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The Killer's Bride Episode 27



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 27

@ Author Jedi


                     Mia POV

Days passed, week passed and it's a month now, that I've been in this cage without no food or water. Xander would always come here, make mockery on me and then goes back when I refuse to bend to his will. He taunt me, then leave me a angry and a very hungry girl.

I just wish I could lay my hands on him, he will be a dead man by now. I can't let him win, I can't let him bend me to his will. 

I have to think of a way to escape but how do I do that, in this stupid cage, I cannot contact anyone, none of my gadget is working. The stupid cage, made sure of it. If my gadget were working, then I would have contacted my mum or even Sylvia and Charles, then instruct them on what to do and how to help me, get out of this damn cage.

"Someone looks very hungry today." Xander amusing, #taunting voice in rang in my ear. I could hear his footstep loud clear.

I couldn't reply him because my stomach is really on fire right now, I have never been this hungry in my life  before. A month without food or water is really too much for me to handle.

Xander placed a bottle of water in front of the cage, alongside a plastic takeaway, from the scent I could tell it contains fries. My tummy rumbled in anticipation, my taste buds awaken, I'm sure if I was a dog, saliva would be dripping out of my mouth. I felt so damn hungry that I wanted nothing else, but to devour the  food right there, that is in front of me. 

"Are you sure you don't want to have this Mia, are you sure you want to keep on playing this game with me?." He asks mockingly. 

I glared at him holding onto my stomach groaning in pain, "Xander please stop this, is there anything wrong in wanting to change you back to who you were before, is there anything wrong in that." I asked him, holding back the tears that is threatening to fall. I cannot let him see my tears, I have to be strong infront of him.

"I never asked to be changed, did I? I never asked you to change me Mia. I am ok with the way I am right now." He retorts.

"Are you sure about that Xander, you killed my father! For goodness sake." I growled at him, he looked at me shocked wondering how I found out.

I always knew Xander was responsible for my father's death, when I heard my father was dead, I looked into it and I found out that li Jie was responsible for it. I tried keeping tracks of him but after a while, I lost track of him. That must be when he changed his name to Xander Clark. 

"Why do you look so surprised, you think I won't know that, you killed my father and since you killed my father. It can only mean, you didn't want any other child out there, going through what you went through Xander." 

"Just because I killed your father, doesn't mean anything Mia. So stop being delusional." He fired, his fist folded. He is angry.

"You are saying that, because you know I'm right. I am so sure of it, I know there's still that little Li Jie in you. That little boy who wants nothing but to be free from the life of crime you are living. There's still that li Jie in there, who doesn't care about blood or to kill people, there's..."

"Shut up Mia, shut up." He yelled loudly, banging on the cage really hard. I shifted back in fright.

"Now listen to me Mia, there is nobody in there, there is no one in here. This is all me Xander Clark the asassin, so it would be damn good, if you get that into your skull, the earlier the better." With that said, he walked out of the room angrily.

I sighed deeply, resting my back on the walls of the cage, at that minute, I saw that he left the food and water. He must have forgotten, well... this is my chance to have something in my stomach.

I rushed over to the food like a maniac, stretched my hand out of the cage, trying to reach the food, "Arghhhhh." I yelled out in pain, I looked up only to see Xander staring at me devilishly. He stomped on my hand once again, really hard and I cried out again withdrawing my hand back wards.

"Did you really think, I would let you eat my food Mia. You really think I will let you eat. I'm sorry to disappoint you mia, but no strip means no food, I guess you will be hungry for another week." He grinned at me, then walked away.

                   Xander POV

"Why won't she just give up, why wont she just f!cking give up." I yelled out angrily, raining punches on the punching bag right infront of my me.

To be sincere, I don't know if I'm angry at Mia, or I'm angry at myself for keeping her, in a condition like that. Somehow.. I hate seeing her like that, I hate seeing her hurt, I hate seeing in her pain. I somehow feel bad in me, that she's going to, go another day without no food.

"What died in your ass, what's going on with you? And why are you punishing the innocent punching bag." Chan said walking into my mini gym.

"I am so pissed off right now. I don't know why she will not just succumb to my will." I said to him in frustration, I know I don't need to call Mia name before he knows the person I'm referring to. 

"Well.. what do you expect from a girl like Mia, but I think you should let her go." Chan adviced.

"I can't do that, I can let her win." I replied him then continue raining punches on the punching bag.

"If you say so, then I guess it's fine." He replied back solemnly.

                      Mia POV

I felt I could die any minute from now, my stomach rumbles in pain. I felt like just giving or maybe succumb to Xander will.

Suddenly i heard, foot steps. It couldn't be Xander cause, he left earlier today and he would only come back in a week time, that's what he does.

So... if it's not Xander, then who is this the person walking into the safehouse. The footsteps finally stopped right in front of my cage, at first my eyes feast on the shoes of the particular person, after that I looked up to see the face of that has does shoes.

To say I was shocked to see the person's face, would be an understatement. This is someone I never expected to ever come to my rescue.

"I am here, to get you out of here." what! OMG


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