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The Killer's Bride Episode 25



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 25

@ Author Jedi

      Xander's POV

"All good, I've taken the tracker and camera off you body." Chan announced, the both of us walking into his sitting room.

"Thanks man." I appreciated. I knew Mia is someone, a person to be careful with and that she can do something impossible. Mia did not only put a tracker on me, but she also put a hidden camera on me. I'm just glad I asked Chan to check if there is any tracker on me, cause now Mia won't know where I am or what I'm doing.

"So for some you reason, you have a contract to kill Mia and Mr Benedict along with his family." Chan asked stroking his beard, he does that whenever he is thinking and it always seems to irritate me.

"Yes and I have to do that before sunrise tomorrow morning." I said to him.

"Okay, but you do know, killing Mia would be more than impossible." Chan said, I sighed. He is not wrong about that but anyway, I do not plan in killing Mia.

"I don't even plan on killing her." I said to him, sitting down.

"But why? Why don't you want to kill her, pleads don't tell me it's because she's your wife, cause the both of us know that marriage is actually fake and that she's not your wife." Chan utters. He us right, my marriage to Mia, is a fake. The truth is that, that priest is a fake and the marriage papers we also signed, is a fake. Mia and I are not husband and wife.

"I know that, Chan but I can't kill her, maybe it's because she's meun Soo." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"I don't understand, of you can kill the father then why can't you the daughter." Ugh, when will he stop asking questions. Yes, I did kill Mia father but that doesn't mean I should kill Mia also." I killed master Chen because I didn't want any other innocent child ending up like me. I don't want them facing the terrible darkness I am facing now and I definitely do not want them tasty for blood, like I am.

"Are you inlove with Mia?." Chan question, and I started coughing repeatedly.

"No.. I'm not inlove with Mia, why would you think so. Why would I be inlove with her?." I replied him with a question of my own.

"Then if you are not inlove with her, why can't you kill her then." He asked me getting up from the couch he is sitting, then walked over to where I'm standing and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"I don't want to kill Mia, because we were childhood friend and that is all, so tip dragging a mountain out of all this. I will be leaving now." I eyes him and then walked out of his house, he just have to get on my nerves. I do not love Mia and that is final.

For now I have to go to Mr Benedict safehouse and complete the mission that was given to me.

Mr Eli was able to track down where Mr Benedict is hiding with his family, when he was on a call with Mia and that was how they knew where Mia is and that she is the informant.

                   Mia POV

"On on on on on, come on. I need you to work. do not do this to me." I yelled out in frustration, hitting the screen of my phone really hard.

I think Xander must have found out about the tracker and the camera I put on him, because this thing won't even work. I can't see anything, the screen it's just blank.

How did he find out about it? I  made sure, I placed it on a part of his body, he won't be able to see that easy.

Hmm, what do I do now? what if Xander is going to kill Mr Benedict and his family tonight. I have to stop him.

I decided to track the last call that I had with Mr Benedict, and find out where he was actually calling from. I pressed a few keypads on my laptop then Viola, I found out where Mr Benedict, us currently hiding.

I got up with a satisfied smile on my face, put on my spy dress, wire glasses and then walked out of the house. I'm currently in one of my other safehouse. Once i got to the garage, I got on my bike and then drove off.

Once i got to me Benedict safe house, the safehouse is located in the middle of a very big forest, it also has heavy fence surrounding it. I deactivated every single cameras or technologies that will rat me out. After that I climbed over the fence skillfully, landed on my leg.

I survey the whole area in front of me, I noticed the lights were on in the house. It should be off, since this is already really late, or did they all decided to watch a movie before going to bed.

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I shake the sickening feeling I was having off my shoulder, then tip toes into the safehouse. I stopped in my tracks, my hand covering my mouth in shock as I took in the sight before me. Mr Benedict and is his whole family, was right there in the sitting room, laying in their own pool of blood.

"It's about time, you arrived, Mia." Xander who I didn't took notice of said, stepping out from the corner of the living room, with a drink in hand. He smirked at me evilly, and before I could utter a word, a big cage fell down from above me, and definitely trapping me.


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