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The Killer's Bride Episode 24



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 24

@ Author Jedi

                    Mia POV

The next morning I sneak out of the safe house before anyone could see me, I checked my phone so I could see if Xander have made any moves through the camera, he hasn't. He was still at Chan's house.  I know he's going to wipe out Mr Benedict and his family but I have to find away to keep them safe, but how?

I decided to put a call across to Mr Benedict, "Hello sir."I said as he picked up the call. 

"Hello, who is this." He asked. Oh shit, I forgot he doesn't have this particular number.

"It's me the Informant who told you about the assassin who was sent to kill you." I said. 

"Oh really, how can I help you or do you have any new information for me." He asked anxiously,  "Yes I do." I replied him.

"Okay then, what's the news." He asked.

"The man who is actually planning to kill you, will stop at nothing to make sure that would happen. So please tell me you guys are in a safe house because he might be able to know where you are if you're not careful." I said.

"Don't worry, I and my family are in a very safe house, and nobody knows about it. Which means, nobody can actually find out about this place." He assured me, and I took in a deep breath happy to hear that.

"Okay sir, if you say so. Well I'll call you if there's any new update and make sure you also keep me updated, if anything ever goes wrong, bye for now." I siad and then hung up, well I'm glad to know Mr Benedict and his family are in a safe house. I was still in deep thought when a dare hit me on my shoulder, before I could tell who hit me, I fell down to the floor and unconscious.

                  Xander POV

"So what's your plan." Chan asked sighing, relaxing more into the couch, he's currently sitting on.

"I you keep on asking me what is the plan every single minute, how would I be able to come up with plan." I asked groaning, every single passing seconds, he would always asked me this same question.

"Sure, sure, whatever. I was just asking besides all you do is make me dizzy with your continuous pacing." I rolled my eyes, glaring at him, then I continued walking around the room. 

Frst of all I need to know, where Mr Benedict and his family are hiding, then I will be able to kill Mr Benedict and his family. I was still contemplating on my plan when a call came across my phone. I picked it up on seeing it was Mr Eli on the phone.

"Hello Mr Eli." I said into the phone once I swiped the green button.

"Xander I have found the person who leaked the secret to Mr Benedict, I have that person right now, in my custody." Mr Eli said, and now I'm confused. The informant is Mia, so what other informant could he be talking about.

"Okay.. and who is this person?." I questioned.

"Why don't you come over to the hideout and see for yourself, besides I've been trying to get some information out if the informant, but the informant has refused to say anything." Mr Eli complained.

"Sure thing sir, I would be right there." I said then hung up.

I Began to wonder who the heck, did Mr Eli, actually caught, cause the informant is Mia and it would be close to impossible for anyone to catch Mia.

"Hey, what was the call about." Chan asked, "Mr Eli just called, and he said he has caught the informant. The one who informed Mr Benedict of the assassination." I explained.

"What, but how is that possible. Mia is the informant." Chan said, having a confused look on his face.

"That was the same thought I had, I guess I will have to go meet Mr Eli at his hideout and then find out who the heck they caught." I said thoughtfully.

"I'm here sir, who is this person that leaked out the, information. Perhaps is the certain person, working for you?." I asked Mr Eli, shaking hands with him.

"No, but why don't I take you to where I kept the girl." He said walking in front of me. The word girl, actually got to me. Mia, is a girl.

"What? Did you just said girl?." I questioned.

"Yes, she's a girl, lcan you believe it?." He uttered, I can see he's not being able to come with the terms that a girl fooled him or should I say, spoiled his plan.

"Here she is." He said as we both walked into the room, there was a lady tied to chair but I couldn't see her face cause of, a black clothes was used to cover her face.

Mr Eli walked up to the lady that has been tied up, and then take off the black clothes used to cover her face.

I was right after all, Mia is the informant they caught.  "I want you to torture her Xander and get the information that I need. I need to know who sent her, I need to know why she warned Mr Benedict and I need to know why she carried that information out, I want every single details." Mr Eli instructs and I nod my head.

"I will make sure I get the information that you need, you can leave the both of us alone." I said, Mr Eli nods his head and then walk away leaving me alone with Mia.

"Well, well, well... look who the trap caught. I thought you were the best and that you are going to stop me from being an assassin, but I've got to ask, how are you going to do that, tied in here, in this room?." I asked raising an eyebrow, my hands in my pocket.

"It saddens my heart that you really think, that, you have me caught up." She said grinning at me and I became confuse.

"What do you mean?." I ask her suspiciously.

"This is what I mean." She replied back, and in a few seconds she had the rope off her and her standing infront of me.

"You seem to be forgetting that, is my father your master, who trained me, and my father started training even from when I was a baby, so don't you ever underestimate me, Li Jie."'

"I told you not to call me that." I growled at her.

"I know you did, but guess what, I don't take orders from anybody and certainly not from you." She said pointing her finger at me.

"Oh really, I'm not sure you are away of the fact that, you are in my territory right now and that I could do whatever I want to do with you. You should be begging me mia, to spare your life." I said and she did the must surprising thing, she laughed.

"Oh please, we both know you can never hurt me. You li Jie, cannot do anything to me." I was really angered by her word, so i raised up my hand to hit her, "What is stopping you Xander, come on hit me, what the heck is stopping you." She yelled in my face. I groaned angrily and dropped my hands down, she's right, I can't hurt and I don't know why.

"You see I was right, you can't hurt me. And since you can't hurt me, it can only mean there's still little Li Jie in there, in your heart, whether you like it or not." She said pointing at my chest, I was just speechless, I didn't know what to say.

"And little by little, Li Jie would take over and then, there would be know more Xander Clark the killer. Let's just say, you will be your former self once more. 

"Mia, shit up, shut the f!ck up, none of those will ever happen. I might not be able to hurt any other person but it doesn't mean I can't hurt anyother person." I defended.

"Yeah, yeah, but that will all change very soon. Well it was nice having this chat with you, but I've got to go now. I was only waiting for you and that's why I didn't leave, but now I've talking to you, I don't see why I should stay around anymore." 

"And you think I would let you go." I asks huffing.

"Of course Xander, I know you won't and that's why I'm going to this." She said and before I could react to what she just said, she hit me really hard on the heck, making fall unconscious.

When I woke back up, Mia was no where to be found.

"Xander, I didn't expect this from you, I thought you will be handle to her but you let that girl over power you." Mr Eli said, staring down at me, I quickly got up from the ground with an embarrass look on my face.

"I'm sorry Mr Eli, she caught by surprise and that's all. I promise I would take care of her, for you and she won't be a problem to you in any way." I tried assuring him.

"Good, I want her killed before the sunsets tommorow, and make sure you also complete your lady assignment." He instructs and then walked out of the room. Damn, Mia, this isn't over. I just have to  find how to keep her under my control without killing her.


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