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The Killer's Bride Episode 23



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 23

@ Author Jedi


      Xander's POV

"Meun Soo." I called unsure of what she will she would reply with.

"Hi li Jie, I must say that you've really grown. I always thought that when we meet again you would actually be well... definitely not be an assassin." She paused then stares at me, "Why did you let my dad do this to you why why did you have to stay back and let him turn you into an asassin she." She utters staring at me with sadness in her eyes, like my mere presence makes her cry.

"Your father didn't turn me into this, Mia. This was my choice and this is still my choice so do not blame him for any of this. I choose to be an assassin and I'm okay being an assassin so don't blame your father." I said to her, I might not have known what I was getting into, I might not have know what all those trading were for but one thing I did know, was that I had a chance boy to join but I still did.

"The both of us know that my father had a hand in this. Seriously Xander, killing people. I used to know you as that nice little boy who was my best friend and to say that you are an assassin it's not only disgusting but also disappointing." She spat out, like as if she just tasted something really bitter.

"Oh please Mia, you are not different from me and we both know that. You also killed some men just because they were trying to hurt a lady at the market. We both know that you kill people in other save them from danger and don't you dare use the, I'm doing it to protect the lives of other's cause killing, it's killing mia."

"Is that what you really think, you really think that I kill people well guess what, newsflash Xander Clark. I do not kill people okay, I only scared them away and so what even if I kill cause I'm not like you who killed innocent lives, I will be killing men that deserves to die. I would be nothing like you, Xander. You kill a wife, a husband and a little child without even single ounce of pity and then you stand here to say all these things to me." Mia exclaims, her eyes glaring at me angrily, her fist tightened.

I was going to say something but then she stopped me, raising hand up ."Don't say a word Xander, I thought I knew you, I thought you will you will never be this kind of man. To say I was shocked would be an understatement when I saw who you really were when I saw you were li Jie. I just didn't want to believe it at first because the li Jie I knew wouldn't be an assassin, he would never be a killer." 

"Shut up Mia, you don't know me. We were kids back then, so how could you have possibly know who I really am or what I would be in the future. I take pleasure in killing little kids, yes I take pleasure in killing innocent people. And I want you Mia, to get out of my life and do not ever interfere in my business ever again. I want you to stay out of my damn business." I yelled at her angrily.

"I'm sorry Xander but what you are asking is something I can never fulfill. I cannot stay out of your business, Xander. I will not watch you ruin your life and kill innocent people anymore. I will stop you Xander even if it takes the last drop of blood in me. I will stop you. Forr now I'm just going to say goodbye." With that said she walked out of the house with me looking after her.

She has got to be kidding me. No this cannot be happening, I will not let you do this. This is my life now this is this is who I am now. I'm no longer that innocent child, I'm no longer that guy anymore so I will not let you come into my life and then turn it upside down because my name is Xander and no matter what you do I will always be this Xander I will no longer be Li Jie anymore.

                      Mia POV

"Mia what are you doing here aren't you supposed to be in your husband." Sylvia asked the minute I walked through the safehouse door.

"Well... I was supposed to be there but Xander found out, about my identity. He knows I'm Meun Soo, he knows who I really am.” I said to her frowning.

“oh my god that is shocking, so what are you going to do now because you haven't even be able to change Xander yet." 

"I know that Sylvia, I know that and that is why I won give up. I'm still going to change Xander but for now, I have to come up with a plan." 

"Well.. you better come with a really good plan, cause Xander is a man with a black heart, your father really did a number on him. He's the number one assassin in the country so of course, he wouldn't be an easy target." Sylvia sighs placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"I would just go and relax my head and think of the next step. He now knows who I am, he also knows I'm going to try to stop him and so I have to think of something to do how to come up with a plan." 

"If you say so, if you need me just know I'm a room away from you, goodnight." She said to me and turns to leave but I stopped her, "Sylvia one more thing, I'll be leaving very early in the morning so do not tell my mum about my presence in the house. I don't want you telling my mother or your brother what I just told you. Sylvia please tell me you're not going to them." I said to her pointedly.

"Of course I won't tell them, I'm not a blabbermouth, come on, don't you trust me?." She asked pouting.

"Yeah I don't. Goodnight." I shaked my head at her and then walked into my room.

                 Xander pov

"Wait a minute you're telling me, that, you are telling me that Meun Soo, is Mia. Wow I was right after all, But you thought it wasn't possible, well... Guess what, it's damn possible." Chan said with a smile on her face.

"I did not believe you because I don't think that she would be Meun Soo." I said to him, frowning really hard.

"Well I was right." He state simply.

"But I don't just get it, why did Meun Soo have to be her and now all those stupid memories of our childhood together is coming up in my head. I just want her out of my life!." I groaned.

"Actually I don't think that will be possible Xander, Mia is your wife remember, you kidnapped her Mum made her to marry you also kidnapped her best friend and yeah, which means you guys are married together for ever." Chan said with a grin, chuckling. I can tell he is really enjoying his self at my plight.

"Chan this is not the time for l your humorous comments okay, I'm just angry right now. I cannot just bring myself to believe that Mia is Meun Soo." I uttered.

Why couldn't I see everything that was just right there in front of my eyes. Why did i refuse to see it, that she's meun Soo, with all the memories, the way she behaved when we were at the park everything. it was just all there but I just refuse to believe all the signs and believe that she was Meun Soo.

What do I do now because I know Meun Soo very well, and tight from our childhood, she's not one to give up. She's going to do everything possible for me to quit my assassin lifestyle but I am going to be ready for her, I'm not going to let her win this game. But first of all I have to find out where Mr Benedict and his family are, once I find them, I'm going to kill them all because that is my job as an assassin, I do not go back on my word and I gave my word to Mr Eli that I would stop at nothing, to kill Me benedict and his family.

I promised, I was going to wipe them out off the face of this world and that is what I'm going to do. Mr Benedict and his family are nothing but dead by tomorrow morning


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