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The Killer's Bride Episode 21



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 21

@ Author Jedi

                      Mia's POV

"I'm here Mr Eli. Where's is the document." Xander asks shaking the man I supposed is Mr Eli. 

"Come on Xander, there is no need for you to be in hurry. Why don't you have a seat and then we talk." Mr Eli countered back. I'm currently well hiding, behind some bags, that has been loaded on top of each other. I don't know what's in the bag, but I've got a good feeling, that it's not a good thing, that's in the bag.

"I'm sorry Mr Eli, but I will have to reject that offer. Business first before pleasure, once I have completed the mission and you feel I did to your expectations or more than your expectations, then you can invite me to come sit down with you and have a drink." Xander said, Mr Eli nod his head in understanding, "if you say so then. I had really want you to have a drink with me but anywhere we can still have this same drink when you complete the missions at hand. Good luck Mr Xander." Mr Eli said, shaking Xander's hand.

"My name Xander Clark, Mr Eli and I definitely do not need luck." Xander said, his voice void of any emotion, his facial expressions harden.

"I knew I wasn't wrong when I chose for you the job. Anywhere, everything you will need to know about this man, is in the suitcase." Mr Eli, handed over the briefcase to Xander and Xander takes it from him.

Xander nods his head at Mr Eli, and then walked away. I would need to see what's in that briefcase, really fast but how.

I also sneaked out if the place, then got on my bike I packed yards away from the hideout. I knew I had to go home before Xander, cause I wouldn't want him suspecting my movement, so I drove as fast as I can to the house, park my bike and then rushed into the house, pull off my spy clothes.

I breathe out heavily, then laid down flat on the bed. At that minute I heard Xander car drove in. I turn on the TV, and then waited, after a few minutes Xander walked into the room holding a briefcase in his hand. 

"Hey, Mia." He called, I didn't say anything instead I pretended to be watching the TV, which I wasn't doing by the way, I had my eyes on the briefcase. I watched him, out the briefcase in the wardrobe.

"So you are really not going to talk to me." Xander said, pulling off his suit jacket. I remained mute, still staring at the TV, but my mind was already calculating on how to get the briefcase.

"Seriously Mia, would you stop this madness." He sighed getting on the bed, I glared at him.

"Your glare won't stop, or affect me in anyway." He said, getting closer to me, I shifted. He took the remote from me and then turned off the TV. I know he is trying to get me to talk, but I won't talk, so my mouth remained shut.

"So, you are seriously not going to talk." He questioned, raising his eyebrow. I glared at him and then looked away from him. The next thing I knew the idiot pushed me back to the bed and climbed on top of me before I could react. I was going to shout at him but then I remembered, I said I won't talk so shut up but you see getting on top of me, wasn't the only plan Xander has planned out. HE TICKLED ME!!.

"Xander, stop... stop. Hahaha, oh my goodness stop, please."'i laughed out, trying to block his hand from tickling me, "Finally, she talks." Xander said with a smirk, sitting back up.

"Just because you made me talk, doesn't mean I'm still going to talk to you." I said sitting back up on the bed, with a frown on my face.

"You do know, that you are literally talking to me right now." He comments staring at me pointedly. I rolled my eyes, fold my hands below my ribcage, with a huff. 

                 Xander POV

I chuckled seeing how grumpy she was, she huffed at me again, and then grudgingly got up from the bed. "Come on, Mia. Stop being a sad bunny." I yelled.

"Shut the f!ck up." I yelled back at her. I don't know why I had this feeling, that Mia was right there at the meeting I had with Mr Eli. But when I came back home, and met her on the bed, I decided to shrug of the feeling. For now, I have to take out this family, Mr Eli, wants me to wipe out. I can let Mia find out, cause I am hundred percent sure, she's going to try and stop me.

I went to my wardrobe, pressed a button on the wall of the wardrobe and then the wall opened, I stared at the door of my room, once I was sure Mia wasn't anywhere in the room, I walked into the wardrobe, once I was inside I pressed another buttons on the wall, and close the wall behind me.

I opened the briefcase Mr Eli, gave to me. I took out the documents in it, then opened to documents and go through it.

Target Name: Aaron Benedict.

Targets wife name: Sophia Aaron Benedict.

Target's children's names: Rose Aaron Benedict and Andrew Aaron Benedict.

House address: House number 15, john louis Street.

Home phone number:

Mission: Kill them all.

Hmm, well, this would be damn easy. I will leave tonight.

                   Mia POV 

"Hello, my name is James Martins. What I'm about to say, you have listen to what am about to say and really carefully." I said into the phone, my eyes looking out for Xander. I had put a tiny camera on Xander's cloth, when he was tickling me without his notice. So yeah, I was able to see that he has a secret room behind his wardrobe and also, everything that was written on the file, he was holding.

"Yes, okay. I'm listening." Mr Aaron said.

"Your life is in danger sir, if you don't take your family out of your house right this minute, you will all be dead before nightfall." My voice came out low, as I warned him.

"Who are you and what are you talking about?." Oh geez, what is wrong with this man.

"Hey, you live in house 15, john louis Street right. And you have two kids and wma wife, now if you love your life and the life's of your family, I would advice you take every one of them out if that house and go to a safe place look. If you want to see the dawning if tommorow, you will take my advice." With that, I cut the call. Sorry Xander, but you won't killing anybody today, neither will kill you anyone ever again.


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