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The Killer's Bride Episode 19



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 19

@ Author Jedi

               Xander's POV

"So.. you are telling me mia, reminds you of Meun Soo, and that the day you had with her at the park is actually just the way it happened years back when you were in the park with Meun Soo, years back." Chan asks, as I was done narrating what happened at the park with Mia.

"Yeah, and I'm just so confused at the moment, I don't even know what to think right now, I just can't think clearly." I groaned my head all mashed up.

"Here, have this." Chan said stretching forth a bottle of beer to me, "Thanks man." I thanked him, taking the bottle of beer from him.

I uncork the bottle of beer, then took a huge swing out of it, "What if.. Mia is Meun Soo." Chan blurts out, making me to spurt out the beer in my mouth.

"No, there's no way, absolutely no way Mia could be Meun Soo. I know Meun Soo, and if she's Mia, then I would have know by now." I argued. 

"Come on Xander. The both of you haven't seen each other since you were 9, and you really think you would still be able to recognize her, if you see her." Chan asked, with a *are you for real look.*

"I know what I'm talking about chan, and I definitely know that if Meun Soo is Mia, then I would have known by now." I argued adamantly, refusing to believe Mia could be Meun Soo.

"Xander they have all the similarities. Mia knows how to fight and she's the only girl I have seen since Meun Soo, that could beat you. Or have you forgotten that, Meun Soo was the best fighter in the academy." 

"I haven't forgotten, and she was the best cause her father was the one training her, personally." I said with a frown. Even if it has been really long, I still hate it whenever anyone called Meun Soo, the best. That was the exact reason I started to distant my self from her. And that's why, when Meun Soo asked me to come with her and her mum, when they were running away from master Li, the father of Meun Soo, I had refused her offer. At that time I never knew, master Li trains everyone of us his students, to be an assassin and when I knew it was to late.

"Are you really still going with that?." Chan asked staring at me boredly.

"I go with whatever I want to, Chan." I drawled.

"Yeah, whatever." Chan replied, shaking his head at me. I got up from the couch, glared at him and then walked past him. "Where are you going to?." Chan asks, yelling.

"I'm going to sleep in your house tonight, Chan." I informed him climbing up the stairs.

"Bit, what happened to your house Xander!!." He yelled again, and I sighed, why is he asking too many questions.

"I aren't going back to that house, and definitely not tonight." I answered my voice raised.

"There's a woman, by the name Mia, waiting for you, at home, she could ever be worried. So please go to her and get the heck out of my house." Those words, *there's a woman with the name Mia, waiting for you at home. She could even be worried* Would Mia actually wait for me, would she be worried and is my house now called home, it's definitely just a house and a mansion to me.

"Goodnight Chan." I shouted on top of my voice, I heard him sigh, exaggeratedly.

                     Mia POV

"Where could he be Sylvia, I've been waiting for him for the past five hours and he isn't back home yet. I don't know what to do anymore, or what to think anymore." I yelled exasperated into the phone speaker, my mind all over the place, I can't think properly at the moment. I can't help but think Xander might have ended up in an accident, since he walked away angrily and so cold, he must have gone to a bar, had a few drink and then drove into a ditch.

"Mia, Mia. This is 1am in the morning, and I am sooooo exhausted, which means I need my beauty sleep. Mia, I am tired, I am so freaking damn tired. Now, listen to me, I don't know where Xander must have gone to, and neither can I be of any help to you, cause my brain is all mashed up from all your talks and complaind. I've been listening to you, for three hours straight, three freaking hours, Mia." She said, I can't believe her right now. What happened to.. I will always be here for you, she can't even pacify me or get me to calm down.

"Mia, I just need to figure out where Xander must have gone to, that's all and I'm going to leave you, to go have your beauty sleep. Help me figure this out Sylvia." I cried out, throwing my hand up in the air.

"Okay..  I've you called... What's that his friend name again." She asked thinking. "Do you mean, Chan?." I question.

"Yes Chan.. have you tried calling him, and asking him the whereabouts of Xander?." She asked.

"Oh my God, I haven't thought of that. Geez, I can't believe I didn't even think of that, I'm going to call him now." I uttered excitedly.

"Yayyy, finally. I can now get some sleep." Sylvia yelled from the other side of the line. "Wait!." I yelled.

"Ughh, what is it now." She questions sighing really loudly.

"I can't call Chan." I said sadly.

"Why?." She asked confused.

"Because, what if Xander is really there, then Xander would think I care for him so much, which is not true by the way. I'm only looking for him, cause I'm just worried he might have had an accident, and not because I care if he is not yet back to the house."

"Goodnight, Mia." Sylvia said and then hung up on me. Arghhh, I can't believe she hung up on me, how dare she do that.

I tried calling her again but she refused to answer the call, and when I tried it for the second time, it said it was switch off. Damn.

I frowned angrily, sitting on the couch, my hands folded below my b**bs. I sat down there on the couch waiting for Xander that I didn't even know when I fell asleep. 

                  Xander Pov.

I walked into the house as silently I can be, at exactly 7am in the morning. I don't know why I'm actually thinking Mia wouldn't be awake by this time, but I'm hoping she isn't, cause right now, I do not want any drama from her.

"And finally he comes back." Mia voice came from my left hand side, I turned my face so I can look at her, and damn does she look really furious.

I straightened my self up, and behave like I wasn't just trying to sneak into my own house.

"Where have you been Xander. I was so damn worried about you, I freaking thought you had an accident." She yelled, angrily. I guess I was wrong when I said she won't be worried, just look at her she was worried about me yesterday.

"I never asked you to be worried, did I?." I asked her coldly, my voice void of any emotion but right now my insides where kind of feeling happy, it's been so long someone got worried about me, except from Chan of course and chan is only worried, when he hears that have been shoot, other than that, there's nothing else.

"Yeah, you are right. You never asked me to be worried, and to he sincere, I sincerely apologise for getting worried. After all, you are Xander Clark, the best assassin beyond the walls of this country and so.. I shouldn't be worried about you. Please forgive me Xander, for being worried." She said, then walked right past me. I don't know what I felt at that minute, or how to describe it but seeing mia walk away with a look of hurt in her eyes, I felt like I was just shoot a thousand times.


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