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The Killer's Bride Episode 17



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 17

@ Author Jedi

                  Xander POV

"So.. you are telling me that Mia is in your house right now." Chan voice comes through my phone speaker. I sighed and looked up the stairs, "Yes, she's right here. I know that I've been looking for her but I never expected her, to come to me herself."

"You know what I think, I think she's in love with you." Chan said, and I looked up the stairs again, "I don't think that's the case. She said something about payback, for kidnapping her best friend and maybe her mum." I replied him, walking away from the stairs to the bar. At times like this, I would need a beer to be able to think clearly.

"Wait, she said that." 


"I think you should run man, you don't know what she could have planned out. Anything could happen." He uttered.

"Chan, I'm Xander Clark and I don't run away from anyone. What could she possibly have planned out that could cause any harm to me." I ask huffing.

"That's the problem Xander, you have absolute no idea of what she's going to do." Chan exclaimed, I sighed taking a beer out of the mini fridge, in my bar.

"Chan, you are not helping matters right now, good night." I said into the phone and hung up.

I opened the beer, then took huge gulp out of it, deep in thoughts. I'm Xander Clark, the best assassin in the world, so what could a girl like mia have planned out, that could be so scary. There's no way I'm going to let her make mockery of me again, I would be utterly prepared for whatever she has planned. I won't llet her win this game.

I drank my beer, left the bottle on the bar and then walked out of the sitting room, climbed the stairs, heading back to my room.

I opened my room door only to find Mia sleeping comfortable on my bed. I glared at her sleeping form, then head to my bathroom and had a relaxing bath, after the bath, I wore my boxer and laid down next to Mia.

I stared at her sleeping face intently, my eyes taking in the curve of her face, every single detail on my mind. I bend my head low, wanting nothing else than to kiss her lips.

"If you don't want to fall unconscious again like the honeymoon night. I would advise, you abort the mission of kissing me." Mia mutters, her eyes shut close. She's awake, and she's been pretending not to be awake.

"So..... You really did make me fall unconscious that night, how were you even able to do that." I asked her shocked.

"A magician never reveals his secret and that also adds to me." She said, her eyes still close.

"You used that secret on me. So, I have every right to know what you did to me."I growled at her, thinking it would shake her, but it did nothing to her. Instead, she yawned and change her position on the bed.

"You haven't answered my question, mia. And don't you turn your back on me." She sighed exaggeratedly, raise up her head then looked me straight in the eye, "I don't believe I owe you any sort of explanation Xander and before I forget, I already returned your jet. Goodnight, Xander." With that said, she laid her head back on the bed and slept off. Arghh.

I glared at the back of her back head, and was ready to go to sleep, when Mia suddenly kicked me on my leg. "What the...." I groaned, sitting up, holding onto my leg, in pain. She's really good at kicking, damn. Sometimes It makes me wonder where she learned how to kick this good.

"I hope you are not thinking of sleeping next to me on this bed, Xander. Cause that would not be possible." She said, sitting up on the bed glaring at me accusingly.

"This is my bed Mia, where else do you want me to sleep." I asked, glaring back at her. Not only is she good at fighting but she's also one hell of a mad woman.

"I don't care if this is your bed or your house, or your room but you are not sleeping on this bed, you can take the couch." 

"Why should I take the couch, when this is my bed. You are the one invading my privacy, so take the couch, if you know you can't sleep on the bed." I argued back.

"Okay fine, I know how to settle this. Let's play rock paper scissors. And the winner gets the bed, every night and the loser would have to be sleeping on the couch every night." She suggests and I stared her with a confused look. "And what if I refused playing, your dumb game." I asked with a challenging smile, on my face.

"Then, I would just end up thinking that yo

u are not smart enough to win me. Well it won't be that surprising, after all I've been defeating you at everything you do, which can only mean I can defeat you again." She said, with a proud grin on her face. That got me really mad.

"Fine, let's play the dumb game." I said angrily. "Okay, rock, paper, scissors." I had rock and she also had rock. 

"Rock, paper, scissors." This time around we both had scissors.

"Rock, paper, scissors." I had scissors and she had paper, which means, I won her. 

"I won you mia, you can now go and sleep on your couch. Just look at her, thinking she could beat me." I said in mockery, watching her as she grumbles getting down from the bed, and then walks over to the couch and lay on it.

I chuckled happily, I know this is just a small game but it felt so good to win her.

The next morning I woke up to someone calling my name really loud, I grumbled some unspoken words opening my eyes, only to see the devil that decided to wake me up from my slumber it's no other person but Mia, in flesh.

"Mia, it's too early to start troubling me. So please leave me alone." I groaned turning my back on her but of course, when the devil decides to trouble your life, they would never rest till they get their mission done.

"Okay, fine. I'm awake, now what do you want." I asks her really annoyed, sitting up.

"I want you to take me to the park." She said pouting. Wait a minute, what in the world did she just say, did I really hear the word *park* really clearly.

"You are not a kid Mia, so stop behaving like one." I said dryly, laying down back on the bed. The next thing I  hear was Mia crying out really loud, her hands hitting the bed so hard, is she throwing a tantrum right now.

"Mia, what's the meaning of this, you've got to stop this. You are not a kid." I yelled, and the devil in human form only ended up increasing her tempo. Just wow.

I stood up from the bed, walked to the bathroom, to ease myself. Mia followed right behind me, and ended up banging on the bathroom door so hard.

I got out of the bathroom, went down the stairs and head straight to the kitchen to drink some water, the devil in human flesh followed me, crying so loud her leg stomping on the ground really so hard.

I can't take this anymore, I can't take her tears anymore.  "Fine, fine, I will take you to the dumb park." I yelled, frustrated by her attitude.

"Yayyyyyyyyy." She jumped, clapping her hands. I sighed heavily, who the heck screwed with her brain.


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