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The Killer's Bride Episode 16



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 16

@ Author Jedi

      Xander's POV

"Mum, you have to see this." I said walking into my mum's room.

"What's that?." My mum asked, sitting up on her bed. I sat down next to her, then showed her the little boys picture. "Wait, isn't this Li Jie." My mum asked shocked, staring at the photo.

"Yup, he is the one. Now look at this other photo." I showed her the screen of my laptop, and stared at the photo on the screen really intently.

"Isn't that the man that kidnapped me?" She asked, looking so confused, wondering why I'm showing her the pictures.

"Mum, i want you to look at the two pictures really closely, I want you to compare the both of them." I instructs. She stared at the picture on my phone screen really hard then looked at the one on my laptop screen. She gasped in shock, then raise her head up to look at me with a look of unbelief. "This is not true right, please tell me I'm seeing things, Arianna."

"Mum, I wish I could tell you that but Xander is Li Jie, Li Jie, is Xander."

"After all this years, I never thought I would ever see him again, and to think he is no longer that little sweet boy anymore. Your father has turned him into a monster, he kidnaps people without thinking twice about it." She cried, her eyes staring at the picture of little Xander.

"So... What do you want to do about this news." She asked concerned.

"I have to change him mum, I have to make him a better person. I can't let him continue the life he is living, I have to do something." I had this determination in me, a determination I would not let die down. I have to do this for Li Jie.

"You are right my dear. Is your duty to make him the man he was when he was young, is your duty to bring out the good in him. Your father is a monster, for turning him like this, if he wasn't dead already, I would have marched right back to China and kill me him again." 

"Well, it's a good thing dad is dead, cause I wouldn't want my mum committing murder." I smiled at her, then hugged her tightly.

"When would you be going back to him." She asked softly, with a hint of worry on her voice.

"Tommorow, the earlier I start the better." 

"Wow, I always knew there was something cooking up between the both of you, and damn I was so right." Sylvia uttered with a huge smile on her face. Ugh, I just told her about what I found out last night, and that I will be going back to Xander house, and all she could say, is this.

"Sylvia, please don't start with your cheesy romance stuff. I don't want to hear it." I said to her, putting some clothes in my travelling bag.

"Come on, but everything about this is romance. The both of you were childhood lovers, and then you both met again, you became enemy and now you know who he really is and you are prepared to change him back, once you succeed in changing him, the next story line would be about the pure love between of you." She says, dancing around the room, with a hopeless romantic look on her face. 

"Sylvia, I'm begging, please stop. I and Xander wasn't child hood lovers, I had a crush on him and that was that, I don't have any crush on him anymore." 

"Yeah yeah, yeah, whatever you say." She said boredly, I shaked my head at her.

"Sylvia, give Mia some breathing space, not everybody is a hopeless romantic like you." Charles said, standing by the door. "Thank you." I breathe out.

"You welcoming. Uhm.. Mia" charles called nervously, I kept the cloth in my hand and turned to stare at him, "Yes Charles."

"Are you sure you really want to do this, to stay with that guy. Like, what if you can't change him, it's not everybody you can change Mia." Charles said worriedly.

"Well.. don't worry, I know I can change him, and if it's about the fact that Xander is dangerous, then you do not need to worry, cause I know how to handle myself. I'm not a weakling, Charles." 

"Yeah I know that. But sometimes women do... Do you know what, forget it. Just be careful." He smiled at me then gave me a hug.

"Don't hug her without me." Sylvia cried out, joining in the hug.

"I just have one more question to ask. After you have change him, are you going to divorce him?." Sylvia asked once we all broke from the hug.

I remained silent for a while, thinking really hard. After I change Xander, then what's next, am I going to stay with him or am I going to leave him. I took in a really deep breath then said, "I don't know, I really don't know."

                  Xander POV

I sighed heavily, flipping through the channels on the TV station, I can't even find one single program to watch on the damn TV.

The door of the sitting room, opened wildly, the door banging really hard. I sat up immediately, ready to send whoever has made such noise, to the deepest part of hell. My eyes widen, as Mia cladded in a black jacket, black ripped jeans, strolled into the sitting room, looking so hot and sexy.

"Close your mouth Xander, or the flies would make it their beloved home." She drawled boredly, dragging a suitcase behind her.

"What are you doing here, Mia." I asked shocked, what the heck is wrong with me. I've been looking for her, and now that's she's standing infront of me, all I could do is ask this stupid question.

"Is that the kind of question you should be asking but nevertheless, I'm still going to satisfy your curiosity. I am back here, in your house, because I'm your wife Xander, you married me or have you forgotten." She asked flashing her wedding ring infront of my eyes. 

"Xander you married me, and just because I rescued my best friend from your hold, doesn't mean I'm going to leave. Cause this marriage we are in it together, so get ready for a lot of trouble, take this as my payback for getting me married and kidnapping my best friend and my mum." Her eyes showed how serious she is. Now I'm a little bit afraid, maybe I shouldn't have married her after all.

"Well... I will just have to divorce you, cause the only thing I want from you, is your body and that's all." I said with a grin.

"Yeah, good luck getting my signature, on the divorce paper." She  blew me a kiss and then walked right past me.

If she wants to trouble my life, then I might as well, get what I want from her. Which is her body.


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