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The Killer's Bride Episode 15



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 15

@ Author Jedi


                  Mia POV

"I bet he would have woken up in the hotel to a very good news." I said smiling, imagining what Xander face would be like when he wakes up and won't find me next to him on the bed or found out that I did not only took his jet but also rescued my friend Sylvia. When Xander was unconscious, I hacked into his phone and that was how I was able to know where Sylvia is.

"Yup, I wish I could be there to witness the look on his face. Oh how shocked he would be, to see you defeated him again, without even a glitch." Sylvia said laughing. I'm happy to have my friend back, right here with me, seeing the smiles on both Charles and Sylvia face. It makes me happy. I and my mum, with Sylvia and charles, with their parents are all staying in a safe house, I can't risk anybody getting caught again. Xander would find it really hard to get to me again, if he can't reach anybody that's close to me one way or the other and he won't be able to get to me, cause I can defend myself really well against him.

"But you do know, that you are still married to him, right?." Sylvia state, "Just because I'm married to him, doesn't really mean anything. I and Xander path should never cross again, cause I hate him and he hates me too. All he wants is my body, and all I want is to kick his a$$, and that's just it."

"I don't know mia, It might not be a real wedding, but a priest did wed the both of you and you also made some vows, even if those vows were actually stupid vows, but at the end of the day, Xander is your husband, which means the both of you are family." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"In my own view, I think the marriage is meaningless. You can't really call that wedding, a gun was pointed to a priest head so he could officiate the wedding and some makeup artist was your bridesmaids, that wedding was nothing but a joke." Charles said.

"You see, charles gets it." I uttered, frowning at Sylvia.

"I'm just saying that he is still your husband, wether the wedding was a joke or not, he is still your husband, you signed some documents Mia." She exclaims throwing her hands up in the air.

"Documents that means nothing to me Sylvia, they all mean nothing to me. To me, Xander is not my husband." I said deadpan,  my mind already made up.

"Okay.... If you say so. I know you want me to not sense any relationship between the both of you, but I think there's something cooking up between you and Xander and your path would definitely cross again. I'm so sure, one day we are all going to look back at this day and have a good laugh." Sylvia said, ughhhhhhhhhhhh, why does she have to be some hopeless romantic. Sylvia always love watching romantic comedy movies, I hate romantic movies, Infact I hate anything movies. I can only watch the action movies that has absolutely nothing to do with romance.

"Sylvia, plsssssssss stop." I begged getting up from the couch I'm currently sitting on. Her talks on love and relationship, is getting me really uncomfortable.

                   Xander POV

It's been a week now, and I can't find Mia anywhere, I have looked everywhere for her and she's nowhere to be found. And the worst part is, I can't even get a hold of those her best friends or their parents. Where could she be hiding, argh.

I don't know what it is, but there's something about her, there's this connection that I've refuse to see, there's just the thing between the both of us. And I feel all this stupid feelings would end, once I have her on my bed, every imprint she has on me would be gone and I will stop thinking about her.

"Well, somebody doesn't really look good. Don't tell me you are missing your wife." I heard chan voice, I raised my head up from the glass of whiskey. "What do you want?." I ask him boredly.

"Wow, what do I want. Is that even a question?. Okay, so my best friend is down, and for some reason he has refused coming out of his house, since he returned back from his failed honeymoon and you are asking me what I want?." Chan said, sitting on the stool next to me, he take the bottle if whiskey from my front and then poured himself a glass of whiskey.

"Chan, please leave my house." I sighed, my eyes on my glass of whiskey.

"Come on Xander, you can't do this to yourself all because of a girl, you have to get up on your feet and become the best assassin once again." He encourage, patting me on the shoulder.

"You don't understand Chan, this girl is just everywhere in my head. I'm trying so hard to think of anything but her, she's just engraved in my head. That day I saw her at the club fight those guys, that day it's still so fresh in my head, and I can't think of anyone else but her." I yelled out loud, running my fingers through my hair frustrated.

"Wow, I'm not a love expert bro but I think you've fallen in love with Mia." Chan said, I stared at him, then began to laugh. He did not just say that, love, what the heck? Me Xander Clark, fall in love. That is not possible never possible, this is the most funniest thing I've heard all day.

"Are you done laughing?." Chan drawled.

"Nope, this is really funny and I can't stop laughing. I Xander Clark is not capable of loving any girl, and definitely not Mia. All I feel for her is just pure lust, and it would all end when I get in her pant." My eyes darken, as the lust in me arise, my mind already picturing a naked Mia in my head. Damn, I want her badly.

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"Deny it in whatever you want to say, but make sure you think about it. It might just be possible that Xander clarks has not only met his match but have also fallen in love with his match. But again, I'm not a love expert and I'm just an assassin like you, love isn't in the plan. I will be leaving now." He gulped down the remaining of his drink, and then walked away. Love, what the f!ck is love, love is just some stupid feelings, stupid people let in their heart and I'm not stupid, I'm Xander clark. I do not fall in love.

                     Mia POV

I was going through the pictures I transferred from Xander phone to my phone, I stopped scrolling, as my eyes were glued to a particular picture. I know this boy, I know him very well. Could it be, could it be, no, it's not possible right?. I searched for Xander clark photo on the internet, to the world Xander Clark, is a renowned business man but what they don't know is, Xander Clark is an assassin.

I compared the picture of Xander, to the little boy's picture, there was a lot of unmistakable resemblance between the two people. This young boy, is the younger version of Xander Clark, which also means Xander Clark and I share a relationship that didn't just started, our relationship goes way deeper. Well... This changes everything Li Jie.

Hmm, well it looks like there's a lot to be revealed, guys fasten your seatbelts, cause this just got interesting 


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