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The Killer's Bride Episode 14



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 14

@ Author Jedi

                  Mia's POV

"Would you stop having that look on your face, it's our honeymoon not a sad moon or frowning moon "  Xander drawled, sipping his wine. I'm currently in Xander's private jet, adding to whatever honeymoon had planned for us, Xander had picked out for us.

"It would be a bloody moon, if you don't leave me alone." I grumbled glaring at him.

"Okay, fine I will leave you alone but don't you dare take this attitude to when we are going to have the honeymoon s*x." I raised my head up to look at him, glared at him really hard, and then stood up from my seat and head into the mini room on the jet. I can't have s*x with Xander, I have to think of something really fast, very fast.

I paced around the room, thinking really hard on what to do, what is going to be my next step. I can't just let Xander defeat me like this, I won't allow that.

But I can't even rescue my best friend, i don't know where that idiot Xander must have kept her, but in the meantime I can stop him from having s*x with me, but how am I going to go about that.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot about my mum in the basement. I quickly took out my phone and put a call across to her. "Mia what happened to you, I was so damn worried. Is everything alright, where you able to rescue Sylvia." She asked, I could sense the worry in her voice.

"Mum, I'm fine and everything is alright, although not exactly alright. I wasn't able to rescue Sylvia and I'm married, and currently heading to my honeymoon." I broke the news to her smoothly, like it didn't even mean a thing to me.

"Okay.. why don't you slow down a little bit. And now, explain to me what you mean by you're married and the thing you said earlier about a honeymoon." 

"Mum, I went over there to rescue Sylvia and that idiot who had her kidnapped, gave me a condition I couldn't refuse. He said if I didn't get married to him, he is going to ask his men to rape Sylvia. at that minute I couldn't think of a better solution then to agree to marry him and now about the honeymoon, when the wedding was over, he said I'm going to go have to go on the damn honeymoon with him first, before he let go of Sylvia. So this brings to why I'm going on a honeymoon." I explained.

"Argh, that Xander boy is getting on my nerves, how dare he do that to you." My mum exclaimed angrily, I'm sure her eyes are red right now at the moment, I could also picture her nostrils flaring in anger. If Xander was next to her at the moment, she would have use her old special umbrella to beat him up.

"Mum it's okay, don't stress yourself that much. Right now, I'm trying to bring up a plan on how to stop him from having s*x with me but don't worry I will make sure I think of something, I won't let that bastard touch me." I assured her, she replies me back with a, "Alright my dear, make sure he doesn't touch you. I guess charles and I would have to be really careful over here, before that idiot decides to add us to his captive." 

"Alright mum, I would have to cut the call, so I could continue thinking, I promise to keep you updated." I said my goodbyes to my mum and then cut the call. Now it's time to think.

"Welcome to my own little paradise, sweetheart." Xander said boost fully as we both get down from the jet. Xander brought me to his private island, and well... Even if I don't want to say this, Xander has a very beautiful island.

"Yeah, whatever, can we just go already." I drawled boredly walking infront if him. I walked over to the beach instead, and laid down there on the sand.

"What are you doing." Xander asked, staring down at me.

"What do you think." I replied him, looking up at the sunny sky.

"If you are trying avoid what's going to happen this night, well I'm telling you it won't work. I will send someone to come get you when it's dinner time." With that said he walked away, I sighed heavily. I'm going to surprise you tonight Mister Xander, cause I have a plan rolling up my sleeves.

I remained in the beach basking in the sun, till the sun went down and the person who, Xander said he would send to come call me for dinner, came and then he lead me inside to the dinning table.

I and Xander has dinner quietly, none of saying a word. After dinner we retired to the room, the room I've been wanting nothing to do with.

"Are you ready for tonight?." Xander asks huskily in my ear, I turned around then said, "Can you at least let me have my bath." I said to him tiredly.

"Of course, I would let you have your bath, besides I want you to scent really nice for me." He whispered in my ears, biting my ear softly, my body shuddered in desire, I shouldn't be reacting this way to him.

I moved away from him, then walked to the bathroom and have my bath. Once I was done bathing, I walked out of the bathroom just in a towel.

"Wow, you look so sexy, Mia." He groaned, his eyes raking through my body. "Thanks." I replied him with a smile, climbing on the bed, staring at his open chest. His hands held unto my lap, as I brought my head down to kiss me. "Gosh, you are so beautiful." He said, changing position with me. I was now under him, with him on top of me.

He trailed his finger tip, around the curve of my face, his eyes staring into mine with uttermost lust. I gulped down a little bit nervous, I have never been this close to a man before. His mouth crashed down on my lips, our lips merging together as on, the kiss started slow and passionate but soon, the intensity in which he used to kiss me, started reducing, after about a few seconds, he fell down besides me unconscious.

I ran my fingers along his handsome face with a smirk on my face, "You think you could win me didn't you, well I just showed you that I'm nothing like the girl you think I am."


I thought really hard on what to do, to stop Xander from having s*x with me, then an idea popped in my head. I'm going to drug him, I'm going to make him sleep but how am I going to go about it. At that minute I remembered my lipstick, it has some contents in it to make any body that kiss me, become unconscious, and this would be the perfect thing to use on Xander.

                  Xander POV

I opened my eyes with a groan, the light penetrating through my window, hitting my eyes. I use my hand to blind the light, sitting up on the bed, I looked besides me and Mia is nowhere to be found, where could she have gone to, and what the heck happened yesterday night, all I could remember was kissing Mia on the bed, and then every other thing was nothing but blank.

I heard my phone ring, I checked the bedside drawer, and there it was. I picked the phone and then swipe the green button to accept the call.

"Hello sir, the girl you kept in our custody is gone. We can't find her anywhere." Mickey, one of the guards in charge of watching Sylvia said in panic. Mia!

A knock comes on my door and I asked whoever was at the door to come in, at the same time I hung up on mickey. Kelvin, the man in charge of my island strolled in. "What is it, kelvin?." I ask.

"Sir, your jet is nowhere to be found on the island." Kelvin informed me, right then I knew it was only one person  responsible for it, Mia! But how can she even, be able to drive a jet?.


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