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The Killer's Bride Episode 10



Theme: His Weakness

The Killer's Bride Episode 10

@ Author Jedi

      Xander's POV

My sixth sense was on alert, as I stood in the middle of the room. My ears listening for foot steps, my eyes on the door. Chan poured himself a glass of wine, crossing his legs, sipping on the wine slowly as we wait. All of a sudden, there was a black out, my phone fell from my hand due to the shock, I wasn't expecting that. As I bent down to pick up my phone, someone or should I say mia kicked me right on my head, making me fall to the ground with a loud thud, groaned as my back hits the ground really hard.

I got back up with a little struggle, then stood in the room, my eyes trying to get use to the darkness in the room but I'm not use to fighting in the dark. I stood in the room with one of my leg infront of the other one, my eyes scanning the dark room. I wasn't able to see a thing, neither was I able to see Mia before she was able to kick me on my d!ck. "Arghhh." I yelled out , holding unto my life, "Now that's for kidnapping my mum." I heard her say, I tried adjusting my eyes to the darkness, but damn it was so hard. I decided I had to use my ears instead, that's one of the lessons my master taught me, but damn, she's too quiet, I can't even hear her coming.

"Why don't you put on the light and then let's fight." I said to her standing straight, looking around the room. "I don't think you actually considered doing that, when you came to my house and kidnapped my mum, did you?." She questioned, and then gave me an unexpected punch on my face, hitting my teeth really hard, damn, she hits like a man.

"And this is for what you said earlier on the phone." She growled at me, and gave me a kick on my back. I fell to the floor, my face coming in contact with the ground really hard. I groaned. I groaned in pain, getting back up on my feet, wiping away the few strands of blood running down my nostrils, at the same time spitting out blood from my mouth.

I took my stance again, gazing around the room, but the light came back on and Mia's mother was nowhere to be found in the room neither was Mia anywhere in the room. She's gone, f!ck.

"Well..... that was a great show." Chan said smiling, gulping down the remaining wine in the glass.

"You were wearing the night vision glasses, and you also had your phone in your hand and you couldn't even help me by turning on the torch or even giving me the glasses, what the heck Chan?." I questioned wide eyed, staring at Chan, who is supposed to be my friend and help me when I need his help.

"If I had helped you, then tell me, how would I have watched the fight that just happened between you and mia. How would I have witnessed the great Xander clark getting his a$$ kicked." He asked pouting like a baby. Is he for real, arghhhh, I can't believe him right now.

"Wow, what a great friend you are, now please leave my house." I ordered glaring at him. He got up from the couch, raising his head up as a peace sign, then said, "Goodnight bro, peace." He grinned at me then walked out of the room.

"Arghhhh." I yelled angrily kicking the nearest wall on my left really hard. I'm going to get you Mia, I'm going to get my revenge. This is not the end.

                    Mia pov

"I knew you were going to come for me dear, I knew my daughter would stop at nothing to rescue me. And that's why I told that overgrown baby that my daughter, is going to teach him a lesson but he paid no heed to my warnings." My mum said, a smile graced my lips, remembering how I dealt with that idiot in the dark. This will teach him a lesson not to mess with me, ever again.

"Of course I will always come to your rescue mum, they will never be me without you mum. Here, drink this." I said lovingly stretching a cup of green tea to my mum. My mum takes the cup of tea from me, and gulps down the whole thing, then hands the cup over to me, I take the cup from her and placed it on the bedside drawer. "I love you mum, and I promise to always be there whenever you need me."  

"I love you too my daughter." My mum spread her arms wide, and I smiled at her, then hugged her really tightly. If anything should have happened to my mum, Xander would have been a dead man by now.

Why do I suddenly feel like, I'm forgetting something or a certain someone. Oh my goodness, Sylvia, I locked her up in the basement. I separated from my mum immediately, cursing my self inwardly for forgetting my best friend in the basement. 

"Mum, I will be right back, I locked Sylvia in the basement, I have to go get her out of there." I informed my mum. "Okay." 

I rushed down to the basement, and got my friend out of the basement, really quickly, then I took her to my room.

"Wow, I can't believe all this happened, just yesterday and earlier this night. I sense a love story coming." Sylvia said excitedly, once I was done telling her everything that happened between me and Xander.

"There's no love story coming up, Sylvia. So stop please, stop sensing things that will never happen." 

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"Okay fine, I won't sense any love story but don't you think this whole thing is not over yet, like, I'm so sure Xander would fight back. He is going to get his revenge." Sylvia said thoughtfully.

"I know that, and that's why I will be ready, when he comes." I said smirking.


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