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Summer Picnic - Episode 5





Summer Picnic - Episode 5

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Sandy's Pov:

I yawned tiredly as I rolled from one side of the bed to another.

I rubbed my eyes.

I got up from the bed and stretched myself.

I looked at the other bed close to mine and it was empty.

"Where are they?" I asked myself.

Even baby Kira was not in her cot as well.

I was surprised.

I walked out of the room lost in thought.

I walked downstairs...

"MERRY CHRISTMAS Sandy" Nicky screamed as I covered my mouth with my palms.

Excitement filled my mind.

And at last Christmas is here again

The house was already decorated with ribbons and Christmas tree.

We jumped from one place to another.

Dad ordered for pizza.

Oh my gosh!

The picnic is so fun!

"Dad! What is this?" Nicholas asked anxiously as dad brought in a table covered with a blanket.

We glanced at each other in confusion.

"What's this?" Nicky blurted

I used to know everything but this time around, am clueless.

Baby Kira kicked her legs as she crawled to the table and stood up holding the table.

"Baby do you know what this is?" Dad smiled as he touched baby Kira's cheek.

"Nah..... Nah...." Baby Kira chuckled

We burst into laughter

"Did baby just say no? I can't believe this! Baby said nah" I exclaimed as everyone laughed.

She just talked.

But that was just a child talk though.

"Oh please daddy... I really want to know what's there?" Nicky asked anxiously.

"So none of my babies can guess what's here?" Dad said as we shook our heads in disagreement.

"Alright.. I'll unveil it" Dad said as he gradually removed the veil.

Our mouths widened in shock.

"Milk cake...." We screamed in unison.

We all jumped for joy.

You are surprised right?

Well Milk cake is actually our favorite and mom's favorite as well.

Dad promised us that for a long time.

"This is the best Christmas ever" We said happily.

We jumped on daddy making him fall as we pecked him.

He's the best dad in the whole wide world.

Marga's Pov:

"Marga! Crazy girl!!" Goldy screamed aloud.

I quickly sprang up and wiped my tears immediately.

She's going to beat me mercilessly if she sees me in tears... I mean my step mother.

I rushed in to answer the call.

Immediately I opened the door, I was welcomed with a bucket of iced water all over my body.

I freezed....

Tears welled down my cheeks.

As I heard Goldy's loud annoying laughter.

It was my step mother who bathed me with the cold water.

"Silly girl! You're nothing but a flirt" My step mother fired

Goldly rolled her eyes.

"You need to see the way Marga was all over the man mother! She smiled at him foolishly drooling... Cheap thing!" Goldy chipped in

"Am not surprised Marga.. I knew you were nothing but a flirtatious hoer" My step mother said.

Her words got to me so badly.

She just called me a "HOER"

I hope you know very well what that means.

She's treating me bad because my dear dad went out of town.

"Mother I was not flirting with him, he apologized and...." I tried saying but my mouth was shut again with a dirty slap landed on my eyes.

"Get your filthy gob shut! Shameless whore" My step mother yelled at me.

"Harlot! You kissed him and he even held your a*s... You are nothing but a cheap girl just like your late mother" Goldy said as anger burnt through me.

How dare her talk about my mom like that?

she doesn't even know her.

I couldn't control myself anymore.

I can bear all the insults and lies she's giving me.

But no! I can't bear her talking about my mom like that.

I pushed my step mother down.


I quickly kicked her roughly.

She landed her butt on the ground and yelled in pain.

I was so ready for any outcome.

I didn't stop there, I kicked her face leaving injuries on her face.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me out of the house.

I know that once they regain their balance then am in trouble.

I ran into the nearby bush and I kept running.

I can't let Goldy and my step mother Celine catch me.

I ran for a long time before I got to the next wide road.

I sat on a big rock resting cos I was very tired.

Suddenly, I heard a baby's cry.

Mr Alex's Pov:

The kids were all so happy.

There were a lot to drink and eat.

It was getting late and darkness was gradually enveloping the earth.

It's the Christmas day and the kids were enjoying themselves.

Just then, I saw baby Kira's sandal outside the door.

That was when I noticed her absence.

I looked around sharply but I didn't see the baby.

"WHERE'S THE BABY?" I screamed out....

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