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Summer Picnic - Episode 3





Summer Picnic - Episode 3

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Bella's Pov:

I walked restlessly up and down.

Gosh... I hate those kids.

I can't believe Alex he cancelled our get together because of his good for nothing children.

I picked up a glass of wine from the stool beside me and sipped in annoyance.

Anger burnt through me and I quickly threw the glass straight to the wall and it broke into pieces.

As Agnes rushed into the room.

"What's going on...? Oh my gosh Bella!" She screamed as she saw the glass broken into pieces.

I backed her as I picked up a packet of cigarette.

"What's wrong with you?" Agnes yelled at me.

I kept mute as I took out of the packet a stick of cigarette.

I made for the lighter on the stool and lighted the cigarette now in between my lips.

"You and I are meant to be together Alexander" I said as I blew the smoke straight into Agnes's face.

She scoffed.

"So this is about Mr Xander huh?" She laughed and clapped her hands in a gossip manner.

I only eyed her and kept mute... Smoking like my life depends on it.

"Wake up Bella... Mr Xander has kids for crying out loud" Agnes said as my eyes widened.

"And so what?" I shouted

"And so he doesn't feel a thing for you so stop forcing your damn self on him" Agnes said half yelling.

"Keep quiet Agnes! Shut up... He loves me and I will make him show it" I said

"You're being insensitive Bella... You've been on this guy's matter for closely two months now yet he doesn't show any atom of love for you and you are still pushing" Agnes said

"I love Alexander a lot Agnes you don't understand" I said as I broke down

"Goodness me! Bella that guy is just not interested like he doesn't care about you cos if he does, he wouldn't choose to be going on a picnic with his children first without even letting you know that he cancelled your appointment with him" Agnes said

"Those little riffraffs" I said under my breath.

"Cut it already Bella and face the fact" Agnes said

"Agnes just get out of my room right now" I said as I got up and walked towards the window backing her.

She's so annoying!

"Are you pushing me out of your room and..." She asked

"Just go away! Scram... Leave me" I yelled as she walked out of the room.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I turned around and looked at my ball gown and shoe hanged on the wall.

I was so prepared until that crazy Alexander turned me down.

I wiped off my tears.

I have to get rid of those stumbling block of a children.

They can't come in between us.

Are you still confused?

You don't know me right guys?

Alright... I'll tell you who I am.

My name is Bella Argus and am really rich if you must know.

Agnes happen to be my girlfriend and she shares the apartment with me.

Well I met the single father Alexander Cruz in a business trip.

Coincidentally, in a conference hall and believe me he's so handsome and I also learnt his a billionaire.

But that's not why am going after him.

He's so cute and adorable.

I don't care if he's a single father but I just know he's my spec.

And I will stop at nothing to have him all to myself.

Alexander's Pov:

Words refused to come out of my mouth as I stared at my little Sandy in shock.

I quickly took the phone from her.

"Uhmm... Bella? I don't know who that is" I lied as I started the car engine.

"Oh really daddy? But she called you by your name in the text message she just sent and her phone number was also saved as Bella" Sandy asked as my mouth glued.

Sweats dropped down from my face.

How can a child be so inquisitive?

"Oh! You mean Bella? She's a colleague!" I said as I faked a smile.

"And she just referred to us as..." She said as I cut her off..

"Baby would you like a stick of steak?" I asked immediately.

Her face curved to a smile.

"Sure daddy" she chuckled

I heaved a sigh of relief.

I hope that crazy annoying lady doesn't ruin in my picnic


It was such a long journey.

But finally we arrived

I drove into the compound and parked the car.

The kids were all asleep.

I watched them and smiled.

Sandy is a replica of my late wife.

But Nicky has her character.

so pesky but lovely.

I had to carry them into one of the rooms that was less dusty and dirty

They were sleeping when I walked downstairs to carry in our luggage.

I sneezed continuously due to the dust.

It's been a long time since we haven't been in the guesthouse.

Two years before my wife died.

Suddenly, my eyes caught with the picture hanged on the wall.

I walked closer and touched the picture.

I blinked hard to avoid shedding tears.

"Kristine..... I miss you so much" I said as I kissed the picture.

it was my late wife's.

I was still lost in thought when my phone beeped.

I paid no attention to it but then it rang aloud.

I quickly brought it out of my pocket.

it was the so annoying lady.


I quickly hung up and switched my phone off.


I just need to get some people to help me clean up so that I can pay them.

I picked my car keys from the table and walked out.


I drove around not knowing where exactly I was going.


There are no agencies here.

Cebu.... so boring!

Unlike in Manila.

I kept on driving....

Lots of plantations almost everywhere.

I was driving when I got distracted by the loud ringing of my other phone.

Oh my God!

My car swerved and swerved.

I knocked down someone.

I gasped in shock as I stepped on the car brakes......

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