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Morenikeji-Episode 20




Morenikeji-Episode 20

Written By Amah's Heart

I was standing outside and trying to zip up my cloth when he came.

"Why are you outside...?

He asked while looking at me confused

"I...I did not want to keep you waiting...

"No Keji, you can keep me waiting all day and I wouldn't mind. We're having a dinner date, a special one at that. so is very appropriate for you to take your time and get properly dressed.

Did he say a special one? What could be special about the dinner date?

I didn't say anything as I continued struggling to zip up my dress.

"Come here, let me help you with that.

I turned and he zipped me up.

"Keji, are you sure you are alright? You are shaking. What is it? You smell of sweat and you are not wearing your usual makeup, unlike you...your hair is not brushed? What is the rush... let's go back inside. You can put on some cologne to smell nice atleast and do what you need to do. I will wait as long as it takes for you to get dressed... properly.

"Don't worry Phil, I will brush my hair in the car and I'm not in the mood for makeup but I have some of my makeup stuff in my hand bag and also perfume oil. I can also do all that in the car. Let's go... please.

I started moving outside where he parked, he quietly followed me behind.

We got into the car and he turned on the ignition. I knew he was watching me closely as I brought out my hair brush and began brushing my hair.

"Are you sure that you are alright Keji?

He asked for the sixth time.

I flashed him a fake smile to let him know that I was fine but he doesn't look convinced.

Bayo thinks he can just badge into my life and try to ruin it again. Never!

Not now that heaven is smiling down on me through Philip, I won't let him or anyone spoil it.

I know I still have a heavy score to settle but I will sort out away.

I left two hundred and twenty three thousand in my piggy bank just for raining days. And incase of any emergency. Well locked and hidden under my bed where it won't be easily seen.

Part of the money Philip gave me. Bayo can't get to it.

If he succeed in getting up from the ground, he won't be able to unlock the kitchen or my room door where I kept my piggy bank.

Bayo is doomed, he will regret ever taking me for a ride...

"Keji.... Keji..

I looked up and realized the car was not moving.

We were parked beside the main road.

"...l ask you for the very last time... Keji what is eaten at you? What is the problem? Did I do anything wrong? Did I say or act in a way that you don't like?What happened...talk to me Keji.

"Nothing happened Phil. I'm just having a mood swings... women stuff. Is something I can handle but aside that I'm alright.

I said trying not to look him in the eyes.

"Are you on your period...I mean menstruation...

.flow? What do you mean by women stuff...? I don't understand?

"You won't understand. please, start the car let's go.

He looked at me for a while as I rob my perfume oil on my arm.

"Did you have your bath? I mean no offense, I'm just concerned. I really wanted today's dinner date to be very special one but I'm not feeling comfortable with your whole mood swings thingy or appearance. This wasn't what I wanted. Look, There's food oil on your both arm and I mentioned earlier that you smell of sweat?

I didn't reply. He gasped out, apologized for few seconds before starting the car.

He is right, I didn't bother to bath. I couldn't have in such a traumatizing state that I was.

I just needed to get out of the house.

Atleast the perfume oil will help kill the sweaty smell that he was perceiving.

Everything is looking all crazy, I can't handle any of this alone.

As much as I'm afraid of the aftermath I won't deny the fact that I need help.

"Stop... please stop the car.

He quickly halt.

He stared straight ahead with a frown.

"You are finally ready to talk. What is it Keji... talk to me.

"Is Bayo!

He turned and looked at me strangely.

"...this evening, I was about going into the bathroom when Bayo suddenly showed up. When I had a knock on the door, I thought you were the one...so I rushed to the door to open up with towel wrapped around my chest. He began to tell me how he was sacked, he no longer has anything and his wife took the kids and left...While he was still talking, I had my phone ringing continuesly, I rushed inside and you were the caller, as I was tal...

"Wai... Wait where's Bayo presently?

He asked impatiently.

"That's what I'm trying to explain to you. Please listen first.. while receiving your call, I didn't know that he followed me behind. I was fidgeting uneasily...I seriously didn't know what to say, do or to even react to the fact that Bayo was in my apartment and was going to my kitchen. After the call I rushed to my kitchen and there he was eating my food. It was the gut and effrontery that got me shocked. I asked him to leave but he continued talking rubbish that I should hear him out first. I quickly rushed to my room and wore this dress. I took an iron lying carelessly outside my door and went back to the kitchen. Getting there he was taking another food from my pot after finishing the first plate. Without thinking I hit him hard on his head and he screamed out in pain before slumping on the kitchen floor. I dropped the iron, locked the kitchen and ran off. I was afraid Phil, I didn't know how you will react or how to go about the whole thing. I just did the first thing that entered my head...I...I

I was still talking when he reversed his car.

He turned and started driving back home.

He picked up his phone and called a police DPO to send his men to my address because there's a situation on ground.

Philip drove back to my apartment with speed, he parked outside and rushed into my gate.

I followed, he stood at the door as I unlocked.

As we got inside, the house was turned upside down.

Bayo was nowhere to be found.

The kitchen door was broken down with the same iron I used in hitting him earlier.

Just then the sound of the main exit and entrance door opened by somebody and it was Bayo rushing out with bags in his hand.

While outside, he started speaking to Phil who was after him

"Look at my body, almost covered in my own blood. She wanted to kill me because I refused to go another round with her. Keji, said I'm the only one that touches her in a way she loves. That you don't know how to handle her in bed. Your manhood is like that of a little boy's own which is why she needed me to show her the real thing. ask her, she was on towel when I came, Keji dropped it to the floor, begging me to touch her. It was while I was at it that you called and she lied that it was the television, that there was nobody in the house. She even ended the call immediately. She promised to pay me if I go another round but I couldn't, I wanted to leave and she hit me with an iron, locked me up in the kitchen where I have gone to take water. Is not my fault that you can't perform well and she has to seek me out. Is not my fault that your manhood is small and she is never satisfied with you. I was only doing her bidding bu....

He was talking and moving back.

"Bayo you are an evil liar.... liar! Phil, he is lying. None of what he said is true. Everything I told you is the truth... Phil... Phil...

He didn't look at me or answer me instead he ran after Bayo but the criminal took off with speed.

Bayo rushed out of the gate and continue to running.

Phill took his phone and made call, probably to confirm the police present location.

I thought of my piggy bank and rushed inside, straight to my room to check if the money is intact.

My room was thorn apart, everything was in disarray.

It looks so unrecognizable.

I saw a broken Piggy bank lying carelessly, I rushed to it and it was empty.

Bayo has stolen my money, emptied my jewelry box and took other valuables.

As I was rushing out, I heard police siren blowing. Which means they are around and probably searching for Bayo.

Just in no time he was apprehended.

I recovered almost all he took from me.

My money inclusive.

Before they pushed him into the waiting police van in handcuffs, Philip gave him a resounding slap that rang like bell in my ears.

If not that Phil came back when he did, I could have lost everything. Bayo was trying to break the exit door lock and immediately he heard that we returned he hide.

After we came inside he tries to get away.

Now, I have a lots of score to settle with Phil

I don't know if he believed Bayo's lies or mine.

One of the police man came to me and said that I have to follow them to the station so that I can make a statement.

If I can't make it tonight then I can come the following day.

Phil was saying something to them outside.

It was already dark everywhere if not for the bulb light.

Phil came back with a police man to take a peep at apartment and as he stepped out I began to lock up my door.

The police man later joined his colleague and they drove off.

Phil was few feets away when my my landlady came out.

He paused by the gate watching what the woman wanted to do.

"Morenikeji, what is happening? with all the noise I have been hearing since today, hope none of my property is destroyed? Because if anything happens to the sensitive part of this building you will pay for damages. For every damaged thing, you will pay. I'm not ready for your"sorry story" if you can't keep your men clients in order and they go about destroying my things then it will be on you. You know I have never cared how you live your life here. If you like attend to five men in one night or twenty, I really don't care. All I'm after is my house. Because you pay your rent doesn't give you right to destroy my property.

"Madam landlady, I'm not in the mood for your own trouble. Leave me alone...and mind your business. I pay my rent here, I'm not owning you a dime. Whenever I decide to pack out and you notice any damage then you can charge me but until then...please let me be.

I started walking away and she followed me and continued talking. Phill was still standing and watching us.

"You think I don't know the kind of work you do but I don't care as far as my rent is paid on time. if you like sell yourself to all the whole Abuja men, that's your business. This one that police is involved means your cup is almost full. I know all that travel you used to do is to go and meet men. You live with men for months and only comes back ones in a while. It was ever since I started seeing this fine young man here that you stopped traveling like before....

She was pointing at Philip.

"... continue with your ashawo work don't go and marry. Exchanging men as you please...is none of my business, my own is that if you damage my property you will pay...

"Excuse me madam. How many men do you recently saw her with?. Please, do not lie.

Phill suddenly asked her to my greatest surprised.

"Me, I don't used to lie. Is whatever I see I say. This Morenikeji is very rude. Maybe is the fine that she fine That is entering her brain. She used to work before o but that was like two to three years ago. She later stopped working and traveled, Came back and left again. She goes sometimes for a weeks or months before returning. Then I saw her with the man that came this evening. That man stayed here for three to four days and they later traveled again and the next man I saw her with, is you. She is very unfortunate and disrespectful, becareful with her. Since this evening when that other man came again and all I have been hearing inside her apartment is gbas gbos... destroying things. I don't know who she is to you but what I'm after is for her to be careful with my building. She is free to sleep with anything in trouser bu...

"Enough madam. Keji, is not what you think of her. She is a hardworking lady. All those travel you see her making is for work where she has free accomodation, coming home everyday wasn't necessary. Keji is a very hardworking lady who legally makes her money with her hands and not by sleeping with multiple men like you thought. I'm only making this explanation to erase your polluted mindset towards her. if there's any damages at all on your property, we will take responsibility and pay. Have a goodnight.

I was shocked that Philip will defend me that way. I felt like jumping on him, wrapping my hands around him.

No man has ever defended me this way before and such act brought tears to my eyes.

He didn't speak to me as we left. He drove to the police station and I wrote the statement.

He was in his car waiting when I joined him.

As I got into the car. I decided to break the silent.

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"Phil, I'm very sorry for dragging you into my mess. I'm sorry for everything Phil...

He still didn't respond.

Instead of taking me back to my house, he speed on the express road, to his house instead.

We arrived at his place almost 1am in the midnight.

I was really confused on what to do or say as I stood waiting for his instructions.

"Go and tidy up yourself... if you are hungry get some food from the kitchen.

That's all he said.

I tried talking to him one more time hoping he will respond.



He didn't even allow me to talk when he said

"Keji please, I'm not in the mood to listen to whatever you have to say. Just go.

Since I don't know where exactly to go I started going back to my previous staff quarters.

When I looked back he was relaxing his head on the car steering.

He straightened and brought out a tiny red box and was staring at it with a disappointment in his appearance.

I wonder what it is. He didn't bother looking at me as his head remains bent.

I later got into my quarters. It looks new all of a sudden. Is almost six months I slept in it last.

I freshened up and went to bed. I wasn't in the mood for food.

I didn't even have appetite for it.

I wish Philip will scold me, shout at me, say something concerning what happened instead all the silent torture.

Why will Phil defend me from my landlady, risk himself in running after Bayo, took his time in driving me to the police station for statement and instead of taking me back to my apartment he brought me to his mansion but yet he wouldn't speak to me.

I couldn't sleep well, I had a swollen eyes the next morning.

I didn't even know what to do. I decided to resume duty in the kitchen.

I saw some well arranged clothes in the wardrobe and wore them.

I was afraid of Phil's parents, especially his Dad.

I was worried of what Ijeoma will say.

I was seriously worried sick

Maybe I'm back to square one where I started from.

Maybe I could have handled the whole thing differently, in a better way.

Maybe I should have told Phil immediately Bayo showed up. Maybe things wouldn't have escalated to this extent.

I was just afraid and confused in seeing Bayo and thought I can handle the whole situation by myself.

Bayo would have made away with my valuables and my money again if not for Philip.

I don't know Why I end up doing the wrong thing when I only want to do the right thing

Now, I'm back as a worker in Phil's house under Ijeoma's running mouth and annoying personality.

I met Stella that early morning, in the kitchen. She was shocked to see me and asked what happened.

I just briefed her on the whole last night saga. She asked me to go and apologies to the boss because his parents traveled out of the country yesterday and will stay for few more months before coming back.

I felt a bit relieved when I heard that Phil's parents traveled.

I was afraid of how to face them.

Philip mentioned that his parents will be traveling few days ago while we were conversing on the phone. But I didn't know that it was soon.

He probably told me when exact but I forgot.

I told Stella that I tried talking to him but he didn't want to listen.

Stella asked me to go and meet him. I should leave the kitchen before other staffs will start wondering what i was doing working in the kitchen again.

I told her that I just wanted to do something to engage my mind.

She asked me to remove my kitchen staff wear and just wear the apron.

I did and resumed helping her to make breakfast.

While we're still on it Ijeoma showed up.

"Trouble in paradise, some people's juju has finally fade off and they have returned to square one. Hahahaha. You see this life ee...the evil doers will always be exposed. The boss has dumped her again... Glory be to God...

Stella said I shouldn't reply her.

Ijeoma continued talking

"...I was wondering the kind of cloth that she used to cover the boss eyes. of all the umuoma (beautiful) Igbo ladies everywhere, of all the elegant, classic pretty Igbo ladies both home and abroad he ended up with a Yoruba ekwensu (devil) onye ofe mmanu that doesn't know how to cook or stay with one man. A cheap one at that. Just look at the boss, the bobo fine like fresh apple, sweet, rich and sophisticated. How can he end up with Keji, yes I'm calling your name because you are back to zero level. You are nothing without the boss who has obviously dumped your useless, cheap ass. Your power has failed and the boss can see clearly. If you like go and cook another stronger one it will still fail, just mark my word. It will fail and you will be exposed and disgraced. Ekwensu... You thought I will stoop low to serve you as madam na... you really want to hang your clothes where you don't belong. Look at you now... my God is so good. I'm celebrating this victory. God has disgraced my enemi.....

Somebody suddenly spoke from the door interrupting Ijeoma and startling everybody.

It was Phil, his eyes was focused on Ijeoma.

I was arranging the freshly toast bread in a tray, so that it can cool off.

Exactly what Ijeoma supposed to do but she was busy taunting me.

Phil didn't see me due to where I was

"Are you guys quarreling this early morning. Ijeoma I can hear your voice from upstairs...why? What is the noise about? I'm having breakfast with Keji, please hurry up with the arrangements. By the way, have you seen Keji this morning...

I was very surprised when he said he will be having breakfast with me.

Stella greeted him before pointing at where I was.

He looked at me and frowned.

"Wha... what are you doing Keji, please leave that thing for Ijeoma to finish up. Come...

He started walking away.

I looked at Stella, she smiled and winked at me.

She turned to a confused Ijeoma and said.

"Aunty radio FM go and resume your work. Don't forget to thank Keji for helping you out.

Ijeoma sluggishly went to continue from where I stopped.

I quickly followed Philip.

I don't know what the outcome with Phil will be, but I remain hopeful.

My happiness this morning is the look on Ijeoma's face when Phil said he will be having breakfast with me which means Ijeoma will be serving me again..

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