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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 9




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 9

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



After driving through a rocky path, he parked his car and open the door, I step out and look around.

There's a waterfall ahead of us.... the view is breathtaking. I had I not come here for a reason, I'd have love to snap some pictures.

I turned to Lucifer with my arms crossed across my chest, he's already staring at me with a gentle smile.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked him.

He leads me to a rock and helped me sit down, he sat next to me. He takes a deep breath and stared at the waterfall.

"Don't this place look familiar?" He asked.

I tilted my head and frown in confusion... then I shake my head.


His smile falters.

"Our families used to come here on picnics"

"Oh!" Was the only word I could uttered.

Honestly, I don't remember that.... Heck, most of my childhood memories are gone. I can only remember things from when I was 13..... And I don't know why.

"So.... I'm waiting. How did I become your wife?" I asked him.



I stared blankly at her... I'm a bit confused. Did she lost some of her memories? How come she doesn't remember this place?

She loves coming here most when we were kids..... something is wrong.

"So.... I'm waiting. How did I become your wife?" She asked, I can hear the urgency in her voice.

I sighed deeply, then I began.

"When we were kids, you always run after me saying you'd marry me and you love bullying any girl that tries to be friends with me. I'd always find ways to hide from you, but I don't know how you do it, you always find me.

There's isn't no way I could hide from you, so I became friends with you.

We were living fine, until one day, I heard our father's talking about a document... I didn't hear the whole story but I heard them said our marriage is the only way to keep it safe"


# Flashback .

# YoungLucifer .

My stomach has been growling loudly, I head downstairs but stopped midway when I heard my father talking with Mr Justin.

*It's a very important document, we can't let it fall in their hands!* That's my dad.

*What should we do then? We can't guarantee if we'd survive and protect the documents* Mr Justin said worriedly.

There was a brief silence, before dad finally spoke up.

*There's only one way*

*What way?*

*Get the kids married!*

*What?!* I guess Mr Justin was surprised.

Actually, I am surprised too... they, adults can't protect whatever documents, how can he think us, kids can do it.

*Getting them married is the only way.... We can pass on the documents to them, nobody will suspect it's them, after all they are kids. Nobody will think they have since they can't tell what it's about* dad explained.

*But they are too young to get married*

*Khalid is 15 years already, he can take care of Catherine. Besides, we are still alive, we are not yet dead*

*Alive?* Mr Justin scoffed. *We can't predict what might happen the next minute. Catherine is just 12, kids her age are at home with their parents and the only thing they worry about is how to come first in their class. I can't put this burden on her*

*Justin, I understand you but this is the only way. Trust me, Khalid will keep her safe*

There was a long silence, I guess Mr Justin is thinking about dad's suggestion.

After a long pause, he took a deep breath.

*Fine! But we can't hold a wedding party... It'll look suspicious and our enemy will figure out what we're trying to do* Mr Justin said.

*Yes. We'll just get the marriage certificate from the court and have them sign it*


# few_days_later .

Our parents gathered at the Justin's resident... Catherine and I sat opposite each other.

She kept winking at me, I simply rolled my eyes but smiled at her anyway. I know she troubles me a lot, but I've learned to love her the way she is.

Dad dropped some files on the table and looked at me with a smile, same with Mr Justin, he's smiling at Catherine.

*Cathy, remember you always love hanging out with Khalid and you once said you'll marry him* she blushed and nod. *Good, you two are getting married today... What do you say?*

She opened her mouth and stared at her father, surprise glittering in her eyes.

*Really?! We are getting married?!*

*Yes!* Mr Justin replied.

She jumped off her chair and jumped right in my arms, I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist to prevent her falling.

*Finally! Finally! Finally!* She exclaimed happily.

I sigh... If only she knew the reason we are getting married. I looked down at her happy face and I swear my heart accelerated... I could hear my heart beating too fast.

I feared it'll rip off my chest... that's when I realized I have loved her all along, I was only trying to deny it.

But now it's different, she's gonna be my wife in a moment.... No matter how dangerous this is, I'll protect her... I'll keep her safe and happy at all cost!

*Son, do you agree too?* Dad asked me.

I stared at Catherine once more, she's still smiling.... We're kids and we fell in love too early but maybe it's our fate.

Maybe we were destined to fall in love at an early age in this lifetime.

*Khalid, please say yes... I can't let another woman have Cathy as her daughter-in-law... Cathy is mine* Mom said.

I smiled and nod.

*Yes! I'll marry her!*

*Good! Very good!* Dad exclaimed happily.

He hands Catherine a pen and showed her where to sign.... Cathy signed it quickly, without hesitation.

*Wait for me... I have a gift for you* she whispered to me and rushed out.

I quickly signed my part too. Dad, take out another copy of the papers and hand them to Mr Justin. Then he hands me a file.

*Son, keep this file with you. A copy of your marriage certificate is also inside*

I nod. Looking outside, I realized it's been long since Catherine left, which makes me wonder why she isn't back yet.

*Dad, I'll go look for Cathy, she's taking too long*

Dad smiled. *Go get your wife*

They all look at me, some raising their brows, others winking. I couldn't stand it, so I rushed out.

*Cathy! Cathy!* I called but I got no response.

Then it occurred to me.... She might be in her mother's garden. I rushed there.

*Cathy! Catherine!* I called, still no response.

She isn't in the garden too. I frown... Is she isn't here where could she be?

I'd better go back and report this.... She might have run into some trouble. I quickly head back.

But I halt abruptly when I saw the building on fire.... I just left, how come there's a huge fire?

Then I heard voices from inside.... My parents' voice.... My mother-in-law and father-in-law's voice.... Shouting and calling for help. I rushed to the door and tried to open it but it's locked, it wouldn't open.

*Help! Someone help! There's a huge fire!* I called, but nobody came.

The Justin's resident have no guards, they're living a simple life.

*Neighbors! Help there's a huge fire! Help! Neighbors!* But none came to the rescue.

I watched the fire growing bigger and bigger, I couldn't do anything to stop it.... I listened to their screams and cries until there was none.... Silence.

# end_of_flashback .


Back to present.....

# Lucifer .

"That's how we got married.... That's how you became my wife" I told her.

She stares at me, sympathy in her eyes but she shakes her head.

"You are lying! I don't believe you!" She said.

"I'm not lying.... You are my wife, I have our marriage certificate with me"

She shakes her head and step away from me.


# Catherine.

"I don't believe you! Grandma told me I was involved in an accident and I went into coma for one year.... If I lost my family in a fire she'd have told me... If I got married she'd have told me"

This Lucifer is really a bad man... He's even lying just to get my sympathy. He's cunning!

"I don't lie. I don't know what happened to you after the incident, but I guess it led to your memory loss"

He is lying....if we knew each and we got married, why didn't he look for me all these years.

"Then after the fire why didn't you look for me?" I breath out.

"I thought you were inside....I thought you later came back and was also trapped in the fire"

"You are still lying.... Grandma was kind enough to welcome me in her home, she'd have told me if all this is true"

"Maybe she doesn't know... I can help you remember, give me a chance to help you remember. Come home with me" he takes my hand but I quickly snatched it from him.

I can't trust him... Andy told me to steer clear of him, now I understand why.

"I'll ask grandma about it... She'll tell me if what you said is true"

"Baby, I.... "

"Don't baby me! I'm not your baby and I don't believe you!"

"Baby, listen to..... "

I couldn't control myself, my hand found its way to his cheek and he stared at me with his harden eyes.

"I said I don't believe you! I don't wanna hear it!"

He clenched his jaw and his expression turned blank, void of any emotions.

"I don't wanna force you to come home with me. I'll give you two days to think about it.... If you don't come home willingly, I'll come get you by force!" He takes out a card from his pocket and shove it in my hand.

"That's our home address, two days is all you have to think!!" Then he marched towards his car, he got in and pressed the horn.

I quickly rushed to the car and got in too, then he drove off in silence.

I really have to stay away from him... He's a bad man!


# Andy .

"A pleasant surprise!" Grandma said when she sees me.

"Grandma, there's trouble!" I told her.

Since Don told me about Lucifer, I haven't be at rest. What if he recognizes Cat? What if he tells Cat about their relationship?

"Trouble? What could be troubling my grandson?"

"It's Lucifer! He went to Don's restaurant today and Cat served him" I told grandma.

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"Do you think, he already knows who she is?"

Grandma didn't reply, she looks like she's in deep thoughts.

"That guy is a pest, I've sent different assassins to kill him but he always kill them or narrowly escape!" I complained.

"We can't let them meet no more, we can't let Cat remember anything..... Are you still giving her the drugs?"


"Good! Make sure she takes it everyday... If possible we can increase the dosage!"


"Also, I have told you many times, buy a ring and propose to her already.... We can't let Lucifer take her away until we find out where those documents are"

Just then, my phone starts ringing. I checked and found out it's Cat calling.

"Grandma, it's Cat"

She frowned at me.

"Then answer it!"

I nod and answered the call.


"Andy, where are you? I'm so hungry!" I rolled my eyes... If it's not because of the drugs I'm adding to her food, I wouldn't waste my time cooking for her.

"I'll be there in 15"hi

"Ok, hurry up or I might die before you get back"

"Ok, ok!" I hanged up.

I keep my phone back in my pocket and turned to grandma.

"Grandma, I should get going... She wants me home now"

"Hmm, don't forget to increase the dosage... she must not remember"

I nod, kissed grandma on her cheeks and head out.

T. B. C.

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