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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 7




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 7

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


NB: Before you read.... please this episode might be a bit confusing, that's because I was too sleepy..I'm not feeling quite well. Please forgive any error you might come across.... enjoy!!


Ok, what did I just got myself into? I should be his? His slave or what?

I stared at him and subconsciously take two steps back, a sly smirk tug on the corner of his lips.

"Be Mine and I'll let him go!" He said firmly.

"I should be yours? How do you mean?"

"Be my woman for a month!"

"Your woman?!"

"Hmm.... or do you want to be my mother?!"

His woman?! My breath quickens and I feel sweating forming on my forehead.

I can't be his woman... I promised Andy I will steer clear of him and now he wants me to be his woman. No! I can't let it happen.

Maybe I can trick him and run away.

"Hmm, let him go first then we can talk about me becoming your woman slowly" I told him.

He looked at the man, then back at me... He studies me for some minutes, he look straight in my eyes and shake his head.

"You are thinking of something you'll regret" he said.

"Nope! I'm not thinking of anything...my head is empty!"

He narrowed his eyes.

"What's your name?!"


"Full name!!" He boomed.

"Catherine Debby Justin!" I blurt out before I could stop myself.

He smirk and step forward, he leans towards my ear and whisper.

"Catherine...you are one clever little thing and I love clever things. So, be my woman and I will let him go!"

"Let him go first, trust me I'm not gonna run away" I lied.

He paused and stood up right, he glared at the man behind me.

"Get lost!!" He growled at him.

The man got up quickly and I held his arm, I pulled him closer and whisper in his ear. "Wait for me in front of the church...I must take you to a hospital"

He didn't reply, he only said "Thank you!" And rushed off.

I turned back to Lucifer, he's staring at me cautiously.

"I've let him go, how about you? Be my woman?"

I smirked slyly and kicked him hard in the place where sun doesn't shine and I made the run for it.

I didn't look back to watch his reaction... I just kept running until I made it back to the church.

But unfortunately, I didn't see the wounded man... Maybe he's hurried off to a nearby hospital. I got myself a taxi and quickly gave my address to the driver and he speed off.

I'm not gonna go to the mall today... Who knows, I might see him there again.



I groan and grind my teeth against each other... Chris tries to run after her but I pulled him back.

"Boss, she's getting away!"

"Let her go! What's mine is mine! I'll see her again... Soon!"

The moment she said I should let that thief go, I knew she's planning something.

She thinks running away from me is easy.... Well, let's see how far she can run.

"Catherine Debby Justin!" I whisper her name to myself.

I found myself loving her name.... Her name sounds familiar... Could she be her?


"Yes, boss!"

"Find out everything about this girl and report back to me latest this evening!"

"Yes, boss!"

Run all you can little one... soon, there'll be no room for you to run.

"Let's go back to the penthouse!"




I got off the taxi and rushed into our apartment, I slumped onto a sofa and puff out air rapidly.

Today didn't go as I had planned it.... I didn't plan on running into him but I did... Why can't I seem to get rid of him.

Wait.... Does this mean God haven't forgiven my sins? Or was I not sincere enough when I was confessing?

"Here!" Andy's voice interrupted my thoughts.

He's handing me a glass of water, I took it and take large gulps quickly.

He sat next to me, a plate of fries in his hand.

"Are those for me?"

He nod and gives them to me, a big smile appear on my face.

"Where are you coming from?" He asked me.

"Church" I replied shortly.

"Church?! I also went there but I didn't see you.. father Sean said you left long before I came"

I paused and stared blankly at him... Wasn't he supposed to be at his company now? Wait.. don't tell me he saw me talking to Lucifer!

"Where did you go after leaving the church?"

Lying is a sin but I can't tell him the truth either... I guess having an encounter with Lucifer is really bad... I'm about to tell a lie, something I never do.


"Oh, I went to the mall but I found out I was short on cash, so I had to come back" I lied, surprisingly fluently.

He set his lips on a thin line and studies me... I guess he's trying to find out if I'm lying... Please don't catch me, don't catch me!

He sighed and take my hands in his.

"Ok! But don't forget what I told you.. be careful not to cross paths with Lucifer, he's a bad man, a very bad man"


"You know, good girls and bad men aren't a good combination, right?" I nod. "Good, so try your possible best to stay away from him"


He smiled and pulled me in for a hug, we stayed like that for a few minutes.


Later that evening...

# Lucifer .

I walk out of my bathroom in my bathrobe.. on my bed laid the slut I got myself today, she's completely naked, ready for me.

She wink at me and seductively bite her lower lip... I almost roll my eyes, I only need her to release some... But this b***h turning me off by trying to look sexy.

The door slams open and Chris rushed in, the sl*t tries to cover herself up with my sheets.

"Boss, I've got the info you need" he said and hands me a file.

I quickly open it and glance through.

"Her name really is Catherine Debby Justin, she's 22years old and works as a waitress at Don's takeouts. She's an orphan, she lost her parents at 13. She currently lives with her childhood friend, Andy Mars!"

So, it's really her... it's her! But how come? She was inside building when the fire happened...all of them were inside.. how did she survive it?


"Boss, is she the one? Your....wife?" Chris asked.


"Are you sure it's her?"

"I'm sure..she is her!"

"Then how come she doesn't know who you are?"

I frown.... that's right. She doesn't seem to know me...what happened after the fire? She's the answer to all my questions. I must get her back.... she's Mine!

"She's the answer!" I said.

Then something occurs to me... Andy Mars. Mars...that name sounds familiar, I heard it before.. somewhere but I don't seem to remember where.

"Wait...Andy Mars? A male?!"

"Yes, boss!"

I squeezed the file in my hand and throws it across the room.

"My wife living with another man?!" I growled.

"Easy, boss. You can't blame her, with all that's happened we don't know if she remembers the past or not. Maybe she doesn't even know she's already married... Besides, it all happened the day you signed the marriage certificate!"

"But.... "

"Boss, calm down... We don't know who your enemies are right now, we don't know who doesn't want your family and hers to come together yet. She's the answer... "

"Let's go get her! I can't let her stay there another night!" I gritt out.

"No, we'll get her tomorrow. If you show up suddenly, we might alert the enemy"

He's right...all these years I have been trying to find out what happened that day but couldn't find anything.

Now that I know my wife is alive... Finding out who's behind it won't be difficult, I must act wisely.

I turned to the sl*t.

"Get dressed and leave!"

"Awwwn.... don't be like that, I've been waiting for you, come on... I'll help you release some steams" she said in a dying chicken voice.

"I'm not in the mood! Leave!!"

"But I...."

I picked my gun from my nightstand and shot her straight in the head. Her body drop in a soft thud and her blood gush on my bed, staining my sheets.

"Get Trevor and Francis to clean this mess!"

"Yes, boss!"


The next morning......

I walked down the stairs towards the living room, some of my boys are gambling, while I can hear others banging their sl*ts in their rooms.

"Good morning, boss!" They greeted when I arrived at the living room.

I simply nod.

"Where's Chris?" I asked.

"Right here!" He answered from behind me.

I frown at him... He's already eating as early as this... It's just 7am.

"Isn't it too early for this?"

"Nope! I'm a growing man, I need food to grow"

"Growing man? At 26?"

"Yeah! Since we visited church yesterday, God gave me a vision, he said I'll grow a few inches today but I must eat to grow"

The boys laughed, I shake my head... Chris is just a natural glutton.

"Where are you going? You are dressed in suit... Which is very rare" he said.

"Oh, I'm gonna have breakfast at my wife's restaurant!"

"Wife?!" The boys exclaimed simultaneously, they left their gambling and rushed to me.

"You found her?!" Trevor ask.

"I thought she's dead?" Noah asked.

"I can't wait to see her" Francis chipped in.

"Guys, calm down. Boss only knew she's alive yesterday, we don't even know if it's really her.... "

"It's her!" I interrupted Chris.

He rolled his eyes and I smacked his head.

"Boss, are you bringing her home today?" Noah asked me.

I didn't reply him, I simply head towards the door.


# Catherine.

I changed into my waitress uniform and head towards Don's office... Andy dropped me off few minutes ago.


I saw Anita heading toward me with a very big smile, a little blush on her face.

"Hi, Anita"

"Cat, can you take table 9?"

"Hm, I just arrived, I haven't signed in yet.. I'm sorry I can't" I turn to head towards the office.

She held my hand and I stopped.

"He specifically asked you to serve him!" She said.

I frown.... Who could that be? I don't have regular customers apart from that elderly couple and their granddaughter.

"If I were you I wouldn't miss this opportunity"


"Yeah, opportunity to catch a rich guy... This guy looks like he's loaded and he's super handsome too, the kind any girl would drool over!"


Could he be more handsome than Andy or Lucifer?.... Wait, Lucifer?

Yeah, he's handsome... Just that he's a bad man!

"Cat, trust me, this guy's super handsome... I mean I don't think he's human.. maybe he's a Greek god, Hades?"

I roll my eyes...

"Don't exaggerate, I should go take his orders"

"Ok! Good luck!"

I nod and left.


When I got to table 9, the guy Anita told me about is sitting with his head faced down. He's dressed in a black suit and seems to be scrolling through his phone.

I cleared my throat and he raised his head up with a smirk. I gasped and take a step back.... How is this possible?

"Lu.. lu.. Lucifer?" I whisper.

"Hello, darling!" He said.

Oh no! I thought I've succeeded escaping him....how did he find my work place? Does this mean he knows where I live too?

What is happening? Is he gonna be my nightmare now?

T. B. C

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