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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 6




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 6

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



"Father Sean!" I called as I stride in the church.

"Father Sean! Lucifer is here!" I called once more.

Father Sean rushes out of the confessional and head towards me, a big smile on his face.


He opens his arms for a hug, but I simply shake his hand.

"Father Sean, I came with some donations!"

"Bless you, my son"

I rolled my eyes but nods anyway.

"Father Sean, get back in the confessional, I wanna confess"

He frowns deeply and stares at me.... Like he couldn't believe his ears or something.

"Co.. confess?"

"Hmm" I nod.


"Get in!"

Not arguing further, he quickly rushed back and got in the confessional.

I knelt in front of the confessional, I picked a small cross nearby and kissed it. I bring it closer to my chest.

"Father, I have sinned. I did something very bad yesterday, I took an innocent life. But I know...... " I swallow my words as Chris whispered in my ear.

"Boss, the thief is heading towards the church!"

I quickly got up with a devilish smirk on my face... I really need to show someone why I'm called Lucifer.

"Father Sean, something came up and I must leave now"

"Oh... Can you just finish your confession first?"

"I'm afraid, there isn't no need for that... I'm about to commit an even bigger sin!" I told him.

I hear him sigh from inside the confessional.

"Luci... I don't think your mother will be happy with this path you've chosen!"

I fist my hands and clenched my jaw... I feel my eyes change colors.. if that is possible.

"Don't bring her up! You always do this that's why I don't come here often!"

"Luci, your mother was a very good woman and she was bringing you up in the way of the lord... How did you... "

"Father Sean, that's enough! In this life we are living... Power is all. With power everything is within your reach... People will quiver at the mention of your name!"

"But... "

"My family was good but that wasn't enough... It led to their deaths... but being bad is what has kept me going... It pays to be bad!"

Father Sean didn't say a word... But I can tell he's thinking.

"Farewell, father!" I turned to Chris. "Let's go get that thief!"

"Yes, boss!"


# Catherine.

"Thank you, sir!" I got off the taxi and paid the driver. "Keep the change!" I told him.

He smiled at me.

"That's so kind of you ma'am, thank you and God bless you!"

I simply nod and turned towards the church. I step in and head straight to the confessional.

I knelt down and I did the sign of the cross and kissed the cross in my hands, brought my hands together and closed my eyes.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I know I have been bad lately, I do not come to church regularly and I have fall behind on my tithe......... "

After confessing my sins, I dropped an envelope on the table... That's my donation. Then I head towards the exit.

Few meters away from the church, I heard a familiar voice growling.

*How dare you steal from me?!*

I heard a sound like someone was punched, then I heard someone coughing.. I frown.

Are they fighting?

*You actually have the guts to steal my containers!*

Hmm, that voice.... Where have I heard it? I wonder.

*It's... It's... It's not me.. I.. I...*

*Shut up! Who sent you?!*

There wasn't any sound.

*Speak!! Who sent you to steal my containers?!!*

Still no response.

*Then prepare to face your maker!*

I gasped loudly... Is he trying to kill someone?

I must intervene... Killing is a great sin and a life will also be wasted... I can't let that happen or God might send me to hell for it.

I begin to trace where the noise is coming from... I arrived at a quiet corner and gasped when I saw a badly beaten up man laying on the floor.

Without hesitation, I ran and stand in front of him. I raised my head and that was the greatest mistake of my life.

Red, angry eyes pierced my fragile soul... an unreadable expression on his face.

"Lucifer!!" I whispered softly.


# Mysterious_person .

Looking out my window, I fold my hands behind me. I watch as people walk down the streets of New York City.

Soon, I will have it all...I will be the Mafia King...I will be the one people are gonna tremble for at the mention of my name....soon!

"Boss, I got bad news about the containers" my right hand man report to me.

"What bad news?"

"Lucifer's men found and retrieved it back!"

I turned to face him instantly.

"What?! When did that happen?!"

"Few hours ago"

"Hours?! Hours!!" I pulled my hair angrily. "What about the fool we sent to steal the containers?"

"He's with Lucifer!"

That bastard, he couldn't even complete a simple task.

"Find way to kill him if Lucifer doesn't, before he spill anything!!"

"Yes, boss"


He nods and leaves. I clenched my jaw and fisted my hands by my side.

Lucifer......one day...very soon, I will bring you down and take everything you own from you!!


# Lucifer

I glared at the petite figure in front of me... Where the hell is she everywhere? And how the f**k did she know my name?

Hmm, she really wants to die so badly.

"Move!!" I growled lowly.

She shakes her head. She looks at the thief on the floor and her eyes watered... I don't understand why, but seeing her tearful eyes, my heart skipped a bit and I felt sour.

"Look how badly beaten up he is, he's had enough let him go" she said.


"No, let him go!"

This girl's got some nerves. She turned to the thief, she smiled at him.

"I'm here to protect you. I won't let him hurt you, ok?" She promised him.

Chris step forward and tries to push her aside, but she bites his arm very hard and he withdrew his hand. He glared at her and reach for his gun.

"Boss, should I finish her?"

I raised my hand and stop him, I furrow my brows and stared at her. I'm really surprised at how bold she is.... But why is she always everywhere I am punishing my offenders?

Is this coincidence? Or she has other motives?

"Le..le.. leave.. get... Leave here.." the thief told her but she refused.

"Don't worry, I said I will protect you!" She said firmly.

I chuckle at her statement. I observe her petite figure... She should be 5ft something.. how can a 5ft woman think of challenging a 6ft3 man?

"Protect him?" I asked.

"Yes! I won't let you hurt him anymore!"

I look down at the gun in my hand and back at her bare hands... She seems to just realized that I'm holding a gun.

She gasped loudly and her eyes grew wide. I smirked slyly.

"Protect him with what?"

"I.. I.. I.. have a... Weapon!"

She quickly dig in her bag and brought out a.... Pepper spray?!

I couldn't hold it in, I burst into a brief laughter, this girl is amusing.

"I'll fight you with this! Unless you let him go!"

"Do you even know what crime he committed?"

"I don't know... What did he do?"

"He stole from me!! He stole something very important from me"

She looked back at the thief but quickly turned to me.

"He stole from you doesn't mean you can kill him... You can hand him over to the cops and he will be dealt with"

This provoked him... Cops?! Where were they when my parents were killed?

I cock my gun and aimed it at her.

"I've had enough of your nonsense!! Move or I will shoot you!!"

She didn't move, she stood her ground.

"Killing is a sin... No human is allowed to take life!"

This girl is really something. Nobody talks to me in this regard and stands alive in front of me... Why is hers different?

Why am I letting her go against me? Why haven't I put a bullet in her head?

"Boss, this is the third time you've cross paths... Why not kill her already?" Chris asked.

Right, if it was someone else he or she would be dead by now.

"You can kill me but I won't let you kill him... He deserves a second chance to repent"

Interesting.... Really, interesting. I like interesting things, I own anything that is interesting... I must own her too... She must be mine!

"Boss, we should end her now!"

Though her pose is daring and fearless, but her eyes betrayed her. Fear is clearly written in her eyes.....

"Well, you can save him" I told her.

She smiled but quickly wipes it off and tries to put on a threatening look.

"How can I save him?" She asked.

"Easy... Be Mine!"

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