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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 4




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 4

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine

Grandma and I stared at Andy... Grandma waiting for him to promise her, while me, I am waiting for him to say otherwise.

"Promise me" grandma finally said.

Andy glanced at me, he smiled and take my hand.

"I promise!" He said.

My eyes grow wide and I glared at him, he pulled me closer and whisper in my ear.

"Just play along, I'll explain later"

I glared at him a few seconds before I turned back to grandma, a forced smile on my lips.

"Grandma, let's not talk about marriage now. Today is your birthday, come let's dance" I told her.

Grandma might be old, but she's a very good dancer and she loves dancing a lot.

She quickly got up and drag me to the center of the living room.

"Are you sure you can keep up with me?" She asked me.

"Bring it on!"

She starts shaking her body and I begin to panic... I shouldn't have suggested a dance. I turned to Andy, he simply wink and give me a thumbs up.

Grandma grab my hand and shake my body.

"Why aren't you dancing?"

"I... I..."

Oh God! What did I get myself into? I watch grandma dancing to the 80s tone, some people of her age also came forward to join her.

I laughed at their moves... What was I expecting... they are in the 80s life right now.

Someone tapped my shoulder, I turn and shrieked and jumped into an open arm.


She wrapped her arms tightly around me, we jumped around in each other's arms. Soon we pulled away.

"Cat, I was hoping you'd come and you did!" She said.

"Of course, I must come, it's my grandma's birthday party after all"

"You look so beautiful!"

I roll my eyes and lead us to a chair.

"Oh, please. I'm nothing compared to you... You look like a goddess!"

She smiled and begin to look around... I instantly knew what.... or should I say, who she's looking for.

"Looking for Andy?" I asked her.

She blushed and faced down, playing with her fingers on her lap.

She is crazily in love with Andy since high school, but it has always been a one-sided love. I think Andy might be in love with someone else... or maybe he haven't found the one yet.

"He's over there!" I point towards Andy, he seems to be on his phone.

"Wow!" She awed... I laughed at her, though Andy is a hot guy and girls are crazy over him.

But me... Hmm, I guess I have bad taste in men, cause I don't find him attractive... at all.

"Look how handsome he is!!" She whispered softly.

I shudder and gag. I have been trying to match them since high school, but Andy never agrees... he'd always say... I don't like her or stop trying to be a match maker.

I should try today, who knows, I might succeed. I grab Grace's hand and got up.

"Let's go say hello to him!"

"Hello? What if he ignores me?"

"We can conclude that after saying hello" I didn't wait for her to protest, I pulled her towards Andy.

"Hey, Andy!" I called him.

He turned to me and keep his phone in his pocket, a small smile on his lips.

"Cat, are you hungry? Are you ready to eat something now?"

I shake my head.

"Guess who's here?"

He frown slightly.


I move aside and Grace step forward, she waved shyly at him. Andy frown more, he looked between Grace and I.

"This is......." He trails off waiting for me to complete it.

"Grace... She's Grace Henderson, she was in our class in 9th grade!"


Oh? What does he mean by oh? Grace put on a bright smile.

"A-andy... How have you been?"

"Good" he replied shortly.

"Great, I.... "

"Grace, right?" He cut her off. "I have something to attend to, please enjoy the party!"

He grabbed my hand and begin to pull me away. I turned to Grace with an apologitic smile and mouths.

"I'm sorry, I'll be right back"

She nods with a smile and continue to watch us as Andy drags me off.

He stopped in a quiet corner and lets go of my hand, he glared at me.

"What are you glaring at me for?"

"I thought I have told you to stop matching me and her together?"

"But why? She loves you!"

"But I don't love her! We can never be an item!"

"Listen, Andy, you two are a perfect match"

"We are not"

I sigh... Does this guy plan to stay single all his life? He's rich... Like he's building up his company and he's living fine... Why won't he find a woman already.

"Andy, why not give her a chance? And besides, grandma is on your neck about getting married... If you give her a chance, maybe it'll lead to a long lasting relationship.. you know, marriage"

"Marriage? I can't marry someone I don't love"

I paused and stared at him a few minutes.

"Someone you love? Who could that be? And when will you find her? Maybe in thirty years?"

"Don't be like that, you don't know if I have someone in mind already"

"Really? Who? Do I know her?"

He nods staring in my eyes.

"Tell me... What's her name, I wanna meet you"

"You know her name and you don't have to meet her... You've already met"

I frown. I know her name? We've already met?

"Come on, tell me, I wanna know!" I whined.

He pinched my nose and knocks my forehead gently.

"It's a secret!" He said with a smirk.

"There's no secrets between us"

"Oh, there's now... Go on and keep your friend company!" He gestures at her and leaves me standing there.

Who is Andy in love with? Hmm, I will force the truth out of him one way or the other... Hehehehe!


Soon, it's night time and the party is over. Grandma has long retired to her room to get some rest, but before she retired, she instructed Andy and I to spend the night since it's already late.

So, now I'm in my old room and I'm sitting on my bed. Andy is locking the windows, when he's done he came to towards me.

"We are leaving very early tomorrow morning, don't play with your phone too much and sleep early"

"Yes, sir!" I replied.

He leans forward and kisses my forehead gently.

"Good night, baby!"

I narrowed my eyes at him and wipe my forehead.

"When will you stop doing that? I'm not a baby"

"You are still my baby!"

I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"Whatever!" He chuckled softly.

"Good night!" He turned off the lights and step out, shutting the door behind him.

I set my alarm for 5am and lay back on the bed, I cover myself up and close my eyes waiting for sleep.


Walking down the isle, I look around and saw everyone's joyful expression. Grandma is smiling broadly at me, Grace's smiling and giving me thumbs up.

I look straight towards the altar... my would be husband is standing tall, in a domineering manner. But a blinding light is blocking his face, I can't see his face.

Maybe it's because I'm too far away, I'll see his face when I get close. In a twinkling of an eye, I arrived at the altar, but I still can't see his face.

I tilted my head to get a good view... but it's still the same thing.

"Do you, Miss Catherine Debby Justin take him, Mr.........................."

The priest's voice suddenly became mute, I could only see his mouth moving but I can't hear what he's saying.

"To be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, in failures and in success?"

I didn't heard my would-be husband's name and I didn't want to say a word, but my mouth acted on his own.

"I do!" I blurt out.

"Do you take Miss Catherine Debby Justin as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, in failures and in success?"

"I do!" I almost melted at his voice, so alluring and I swear I won't get tired listening to him speak all day.

"Lucifer, you may now kiss your bride!"

I stilled, Lucifer?! Lucifer!! Like the devil?!

He took off my veil and that's when I saw him... I saw his face clearly.... Him? How could it be?!

No! No! This must be a nightmare..... Noooo!


My eyes snap open and I sat up abruptly, my breath quickens. I feel something drop off my forehead and I realized I'm sweating profoundly.

I look around... I'm still at grandma's. Not in a chapel, or a church, or a wedding hall... I'm still at grandma's.

I take a deep breath and exhale softly... Thank God it was a dream, I thought I married a killer.

Looking at the wall clock, it's just 2am. I'd better get more sleep, tomorrow is an amazing day for me.

Also, I think I need to visit church tomorrow and pray for forgiveness of sin.....I don't wanna see that man ever again!

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